Photo Shoot Props: 8 Creative Design Ideas

You have the key to unlocking the most adorbs photos of your kids. Whether you made it or bought it, your photo shoot prop is ready to be beautified for its close up. You are probably frantically searching for photo ideas for holidays, birthdays, and special occasions. It’s all good! Here are 8 design ideas for your photo shoot props. Now grab your camera, shutterbug!

Lemonade Stand

Photo Shoot Props: 8 Creative Design Ideas

The classic: A lemonade stand. It’s quite possible that no child makes it out of their childhood without begging or dreaming of running their own lemonade stand. It may sound like a lot of work and the warm summer days may be a lot to handle out there peddling that summertime nectar, but you may just get on board if you get to put this beauty on display. This is practically a billboard saying to the neighborhood, “I am a kickass mom”. Plus, your kids will adore you (for a day). Buy a few extra lemons to throw on a scale or in a basket for a pop of color.

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Farmers Market

Photo Shoot Props: 8 Creative Design Ideas

A farmers market photo shoot is precious. It’s full of colorful foods and adorbs farmer outfits. Fruity, frilly dresses and wellies with denim overalls will top this off. You are bound to have a few items in your kitchen to decorate this at no cost. An apron, colander, reusable shopping bag, and baskets are a few ideas.

Photo Shoot Props: 8 Creative Design Ideas

Don’t forget to stop by the local grocery store or farmers market to pick up some fresh fruits and veggies. If they have some spare berry boxes for free you can add them in for color. Not only will you get super “sweet” photos, but your grocery shopping will be done. Let your kids indulge in the fresh fruits and snack time will be a wrap. Win-win!

Flower Shop

Photo Shoot Props: 8 Creative Design Ideas

Ooo la la. This is an absolute must if you have a girly girl. A flower shop is a perfect springtime photo shoot. Add in a bunny and you can totally spin this to make an Easter photo shoot. If you are running behind on snapping photos, no worries! Summer offers beautiful flowers and backdrops. Take advantage of a local sunflower field to take your photo shoot props to the next level.

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Auto Body Shop

Photo Shoot Props: 8 Creative Design Ideas

An auto body shop is an all-time fav! You probably have everything you need sitting in the garage. Break out the gas and oil cans, grease rags, and Little Tikes Cozy Coupe to bring this one to life. You can probably find a Cozy Coupe on a buy/sell/trade website for cheap or invest in one from Amazon. It will be well worth your money! Your kids will love it and you can repurpose it for a tree farm photo shoot with your photo shoot props in the future. Not to mention the possibility of making it a badass whip by giving it a DIY makeover.

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Surf Shop

Photo Shoot Props: 8 Creative Design Ideas
Photo Shoot Props: 8 Creative Design Ideas
Photo Shoot Props: 8 Creative Design Ideas

Sweet summertime. Oh, how we love thee. You’ve got the beach umbrella out of hiding, the pool floats blown up, and stylish swimsuits ready to go. This photo op could not be easier. Just throw it all out there on your photo shoot prop and watch this colorful masterpiece come alive. After you have snapped your pics, pull out the sprinklers and have a blast!

Dessert Bar

Photo Shoot Props: 8 Creative Design Ideas

Your photoshoot props are going to be a hit! Don’t be surprised if everyone wants you to take this show on the road. Birthdays, parties, bar-b-ques, and get-togethers are great opportunities to set up your photo shoot props for friends and family to enjoy. You can entertain the kids, serve dessert, and catch some great memories on camera by including photo booth props. Hats, mustaches, and boas are just a few. WARNING: You’re going to be asked to take a gazillion photos.


Photo Shoot Props: 8 Creative Design Ideas
Photo Shoot Props: 8 Creative Design Ideas
Photo Shoot Props: 8 Creative Design Ideas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for photos. You have shopping to do and Christmas cards to make. In order to make Christmas cards happen, you’ve got to get your life together and make the kids look like someone Santa wants to visit. Save money and time by dressing your DIY photo shoot props with all the holiday decorations you keep couped up all year long. Wreaths, garlands, lights, stockings, ornaments, and bows are a few that you may have. Put those decorations to good use and let them shine in all their festive glory.

Bait And Tackle Shop

Photo Shoot Props: 8 Creative Design Ideas

Are your kids obsessed with fishing? This photo is an absolute must and would be a perfect Father’s Day gift idea. Get Dad to join in on the fun and make memories (and photos) that he will cherish forever. Once you have your photos, hang the “gone fishin” sign up and enjoy being outdoors.

You’ve put in the work to build or buy your photoshoot props and now it’s time to reap the benefits. There are endless possibilities for staging your photoshoot props for photos. An easy way to get candid photos is to add this to any party. Dress it for the occasion and watch the kids have a blast. Taking cute and creative photos has never been this easy.


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Photo Shoot Props: 8 Creative Design Ideas

Photo Credits: Amanda Armstrong



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Amanda Armstrong
Amanda Armstrong
Amanda resides in Raleigh, NC with her husband and two children. She has taken a break from being a pediatric/NICU nurse to be a stay-at-home mom and personal chauffeur to her rambunctious daughter and playful son. Amanda enjoys learning photography, antiquing, trout fishing, and decorating.

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