7 Impressive Ways to Show Off Your Professional Photography Portraits

Many families invest a lot of money into getting professional photography portraits, but then they don’t know what to do with the images! Do you send them to the drugstore to make copies, or download the whole album to your computer and then forget about it? If this sounds like you, then know that you’re not alone.

7 Impressive Ways To Show Off Your Professional Photography Portraits

Most people update their Facebook profile picture with their new portraits. Some people post a carousel of a few favorite images on Instagram with some trendy song lyrics. But beyond that, many of us are lost.

When you spend money to get the best portrait photography, you should consider it an opportunity to show off your loved ones and the special moments you have together! Fill your home with this kind of positivity and joy!

The good news is that there is so much that you can do to display your professional portraits in your home! There are ideas for every style and every budget. This list can help you find clever and unique ways to put your family portraits to good use! Read on for inspiration!

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Frame Of Mind

7 Impressive Ways To Show Off Your Professional Photography Portraits

For a list about printing professional photography portraits, this first point may seem obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. Thinking of frames opens up a whole world of possibilities. Buy a big, bold statement frame that matches your design style and you’ll draw everyone’s eye to this piece of artwork. Neutrals and metallics are common right now. The internet is also full of collage options and tile prints that allow you to choose several of your favorite photos to highlight!

Budget-Friendly Option

Pick up cheap frames at a thrift store and use them as gifts for family during the holidays! Grandmas always want updated pictures of the grandkids! Plus, you can get your little ones involved by having them paint and decorate the old frames. Make it a fun and thoughtful craft project!

Gift It

7 Impressive Ways To Show Off Your Professional Photography Portraits

Speaking of gifts, there are a number of sites that will turn your photos into all kinds of unique gadgets that you can offer to loved ones as gifts! Personalization Mall, Personal Creations, Etsy, and Shutterfly are all great options. From mugs and blankets to lunch boxes and magnets, there are options for everyone!

Here are a few cool suggestions:

  1. Aprons for the foodies in your life.
  2. Candles for grandparents, in-laws, and teachers.
  3. Socks for the jokesters and comedians.
  4. Pillows for anyone who needs a snuggle.
  5. Holiday ornaments for stocking-stuffers.
  6. Phone cases for mom and dad.
  7. Little photo albums for new babies.
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Make Your Own Puzzles

7 Impressive Ways To Show Off Your Professional Photography Portraits

Puzzles are fun for the whole family and perfect for all ages! Even little ones can help! Getting your family photo printed on a puzzle is a way to keep those special memories alive through hands-on play. Plus, anything that’s practical and pretty is a double win!

Shutterfly has a great option for a large puzzle with more than 1000 pieces! If you want something smaller, try a kid-friendly wooden puzzles from Personal Creations.

Add Texture

7 Impressive Ways To Show Off Your Professional Photography Portraits

Getting photos printed on textured material is a great way to up your style game! Texture adds depth and dimensionality to a room. It can also add a bit of a story to the photograph; for example, if your family photos were taken in a forested area, then printing the final images on wood can enhance the moment that was captured and make you feel like you are right back there, in the woods, again. 

Shutterfly is a great place to shop for metal prints and wood prints. They are always offering discounts, so you will likely get your artwork at an affordable price.

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Book It

7 Impressive Ways To Show Off Your Professional Photography Portraits

Photo books offer a wonderful way to tell a story and preserve photos for a long time. This is especially true if your pictures are from a special trip or a milestone celebration. A photo book lets you add captions and context, like names and dates, and it’s an easy gift to pass on to children and grandchildren! Anything to keep those special memories alive!

Shutterfly has a wide selection of books in a variety of sizes. You can easily add your photos and text. You can also use options that are already designed for you, or you can get into Shutterfly’s editing tool and create layouts and designs yourself! The final products make beautiful coffee table books.

Add it to the Calendar

7 Impressive Ways To Show Off Your Professional Photography Portraits

A photo calendar is a wonderful way to enjoy your lovely images for an entire year! Each month when you flip the page, you’ll have another shot of your special memory right in front of you, another reminder of your love for each other. Calendars are obviously incredibly useful, and they make great gifts during the holiday season when everyone is preparing to start a new year.

Etsy has tons of creative options for photo calendars – just don’t go down a rabbit hole of beautiful things (or go right ahead – it’s up to you)!

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Save for Later

You invest a lot of money in professional photography portraits – make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck! Use your family’s photos for birthday invitations, graduation announcements, and other important moments. If you have any shots with professional portrait poses, consider using a nice close-up image for a work headshot. Your photos may not stay relevant forever as everyone grows up and changes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them for a variety of uses.

Even Christmas cards are fair game!

If you find yourself wanting to add a photo to your family holiday newsletter but you didn’t get images with Santa props and snow, it’s ok. You can use your most recent family photo, even if it’s from the beach. Your loved ones will enjoy your smiling faces, even if you’re not decked out in ugly Christmas sweaters. 

Make it Special

7 Impressive Ways To Show Off Your Professional Photography Portraits

Whatever you do with your images, the final product should be something you love. Professional family photography portraits are meant to capture moments in time, moments you want to treasure forever. Whatever you choose to do to display them should match the feel of your home and your own unique vibe. As long as your special family is celebrated, that is what matters.

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7 Impressive Ways To Show Off Your Professional Photography Portraits

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