Mirrorless Cameras: Top 6 Reasons You Should Make the Switch this Summer

As the world of digital photography continues to evolve, the new Canon M50 Mark II is leading the way toward the future of photography with its powerful mirrorless camera experience at a surprisingly affordable cost. The introduction of this new camera from Canon is an exciting development for photographers looking to unlock the full potential of their image quality. As a beginner-friendly model, this camera offers the perfect opportunity for photographers of any skill level to unlock the mirrorless camera experience. But what is a mirrorless camera and how does it differ from a DSLR? Today we’ll discuss 6 reasons why you may want to switch to a Canon mirrorless camera.

What is a mirrorless camera?

Mirrorless Cameras: Top 6 Reasons You Should Make The Switch This Summer

Mirrorless cameras, sometimes referred to mirrorless system cameras (MSCs), are a type of camera that works without a reflex mirror. Unlike a DSLR, where the photographer has to look through the viewfinder to adjust the settings, with a mirrorless camera, light passes through the lens directly to the digital sensor, which then displays your image on the camera’s LCD screen, allowing the photographer to adjust their settings and preview their image before it’s shot. Instead of using a physical mirror like a DSLR, mirrorless cameras use electronic viewfinders (EVFs) to see the image before it’s taken.

This makes it easier for beginners to take control of their photography without having to worry about manually adjusting the settings or looking through a small viewfinder (even though we still quite enjoy this experience). However, mirrorless cameras are like DSLRs in that they can often produce very high-quality images. The biggest difference is that a mirrorless camera’s lack of a mirror makes it smaller than a traditional DSLR. This makes mirrorless cameras an attractive option for those looking for a smaller, lightweight camera with advanced features, although if we’re completely honest, the size difference does take a little getting used to.

Mirrorless Cameras: Top 6 Reasons You Should Make The Switch This Summer
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What are the advantages of a mirrorless camera?

With the advancement of technology, mirrorless cameras have become increasingly popular as a viable alternative to their DSLR counterparts. We’re not quite ready to give up our trusty DSLR, but if you’ve been shooting with a DSLR for any length of time, you may have been holding out on making a move over to mirrorless cameras because you’ve somehow convinced yourself that the image quality produced by a DSLR is somehow superior to any other type of camera. We’ve found that not be the case at all.

In fact, mirrorless cameras are becoming more and more accessible for photographers of all levels with many professionals making the switch to mirrorless because there is no difference in image quality. Canon’s recent release of the M50 Mark II is a testament to this. So, what exactly are the advantages of a mirrorless camera over a DSLR, and why should you consider making the switch (or simply adding it to your already stocked arsenal of cameras)?

Lighter and More Compact

For one, a mirrorless camera is generally lighter and more compact than a DSLR. The compact design is perfect for taking on the go and capturing stunning images without the bulk of a DSLR.

Mirrorless Cameras: Top 6 Reasons You Should Make The Switch This Summer

That said, we’ve met many a photographer who claims that bringing out their big camera and taking in the whole experience is part of their process. If that’s you, then maybe mirrorless cameras aren’t on your radar. On the other hand, we also know plenty of moms that have been quite satisfied with the quality of their smartphone photos.

Again, mirrorless may not be for you either. But for those of us who still love the experience of a large format camera including the sound of a camera focusing as you press down on the shutter, but are getting old and tired of carrying around a heavy camera all the time, the lighter weight and more compact body of a mirrorless camera is a complete game changer for everyday use.

We’ve been lugging our DSLR around (as seen on the above right) in the spare space of our pocketbook for years in an attempt to always be ready to capture the moment. As such, we’ve heard it all. From “Is it really necessary to take your camera with you everywhere?” to “Can’t you just take pictures with your phone?” While it might be easier to just whip out our cell phone for the sake of preservation, we find that it’s simply not the same. If you fancy yourself to be a photographer, using your smartphone still seems like a cop-out.

Up until now, we never felt like we had full control over our images unless we were shooting with a DSLR. Having the ability to choose your focal points and manipulate every aspect of a picture is what makes a photographer’s heart sing. A mirrorless camera provides all the feels of a DSLR without the weight, including the ability to shoot RAW. This makes them great for travel and everyday use; particularly if you enjoy the process of editing your images, reliving the memories, and making your vision come to life.

Improved Autofocus and Facial Recognition

Mirrorless Cameras: Top 6 Reasons You Should Make The Switch This Summer

Speaking of focal points, mirrorless cameras also offer improved autofocus capabilities (including facial recognition) and faster shooting speeds, thanks to their lack of a mirror-based optical viewfinder. Cameras such as Canon’s M50 Mark II have a 24.1 Megapixel APS-C CMOS image sensor, so you’ll be able to capture beautiful photos with outstanding detail and clarity no different than you’ve been able to do with your DSLR and at an even higher quality than your smartphone. Note that this doesn’t necessarily mean that the photos you take will be of any better quality than images you’ve been able to take with your DSLR, but the technology available in mirrorless cameras is capable of producing high-quality shots with crystal clear focus.

While most serious photographers still like the ability to manually select their focus points, we’ve found that the facial recognition technology provided by mirrorless cameras is quite promising. The autofocus of Canon’s M50 Mark II locks onto the subject faster, and eye detection is improved so it recognizes the eyes and faces further away (even cat faces). Similarly, we’ve noticed that because mirrorless cameras do such a good job of detecting faces, they also seem to accurately determine the right white balance for an image. What you get is added versatility and stability to keep the subject(s) in focus and as the center of attention with little white balance adjustment needed during post-processing.

Mirrorless Cameras: Top 6 Reasons You Should Make The Switch This Summer

Video Recording Capabilities

The M50 Mark II offers 4K video recording capabilities, as well as full HD slow motion modes that are ideal for content creators like vloggers, influencers, and more. By turning your mirrorless camera into a webcam, you can experience professional image quality during your video conferences. You can also catch up with friends and family even when you are traveling with the use of the EOS Webcam Utility Software.

Use the movie self-timer feature to start rolling when you’re ready, not when you’re reaching for the button; and use the camera’s “eye detection” during video recording with Movie Servo AF, in addition to Dual Pixel CMOS AF to keep you looking pin-sharp even if you move, so you can be your natural self while in front of the camera.

Real-Time Sharing and Remote Shooting

Mirrorless Cameras: Top 6 Reasons You Should Make The Switch This Summer

The M50 Mark II also offers excellent connectivity options, which make it easier for users to share their photos and videos. Content creators and vloggers will love that you can livestream your content with built-in Wi-Fi, and/or use EOS Webcam Utility software as an easy webcam alternative. When a different angle is needed, you can shoot vertically in addition to horizontally, and the camera even offers clean HDMI output for high-resolution, high-frame-rate streaming.

When it comes to content, whether stills or video, the EOS M50 Mark II goes far beyond letting you just scratch the surface of your vision. Real-time sharing and remote shooting capabilities are also available using the Canon Connect App, giving photographers even more control over their shots. We’ve found this is particularly useful when Mom wants to get IN the picture. Just set up your shot with a timer and press the shutter on the app. You don’t even have to look at the camera, just get in the picture. Your kids will love it!

Mirrorless Cameras: Top 6 Reasons You Should Make The Switch This Summer

Flexibility with Lenses

Mirrorless cameras allow the seamless use of existing (DSLR) lenses by using simple mount adapters to expand the camera’s optical array rather than forcing users to use mirrorless-specific lenses. This includes the ability to use mounting lenses from other lens systems, classic rangefinder lenses, and lenses from obsolete or obscure systems.

With the Canon M50 Mark II, we’ve been able to use Canon’s EOS M Mount Adaptor with our current compound of Canon DSLR lenses. It is fully compatible with all lens functions, including image stabilization and autofocus, and has no effect on focal length or image quality. However, since the Canon M50 Mark II is classified as a “cropped-censor” camera, with a 1.6 crop as compared to full-frame cameras, you may notice that your photos will have a tighter field of view, so keep that in mind when choosing lenses. In the case of using an 85mm lens with the M50 Mark II, we actually enjoyed the effect.

Mirrorless Cameras: Top 6 Reasons You Should Make The Switch This Summer


One of the greatest advances to Canon’s mirrorless camera is the balance you’ll add back into your life.

Earlier, we shared that we spent years lugging our DSLR camera around in an attempt to capture all of life’s greatest moments. What we didn’t tell you is that this habit started with a personal project (Project 365) designed to improve our photography skills while also capturing all the little moments of our growing family. If you’ve never done such a project, we highly encourage it.

However, somewhere along the way, the lines got a little blurred. As moms, we pride ourselves on being able to document every first, every smile, every event, and so on. We’ve become pros at snapping and sharing for the entire world to see, but often at the cost of not being fully present with our families. At some point, our kids started telling us that they didn’t want their pictures taken anymore (at least not without a lot of bribery). Then we looked back at our photo albums and realized that we were hardly in the pictures. Over time, we stopped bringing out the camera at all.

Mirrorless Cameras: Top 6 Reasons You Should Make The Switch This Summer
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We realized that constantly having our cameras attached to us for the sake of creating memories wasn’t the same as actually creating memories, and it was time to rethink our approach. Take the picture, encourage a smile to document special occasions and have that camera ready just in case the moment presents itself, but don’t get so caught up in taking a slew of pictures to post to social media that you forget the reason you’re there to begin with. If you’ve gotten over yourself and found joy in the latest and greatest smartphones that seemingly have better cameras, good for you, but that just hasn’t been the case for us.

That said, you likely won’t find us without at least our mirrorless camera on us at all times. Not only is it a habit, but having a mirrorless camera has re-sparked the love we had for photography so many years ago. For those of us that have clung to our “big girl cameras” for fear that anything less just wouldn’t be good enough, mirrorless cameras have completely changed our perspective for the better. We’re finding that carrying our Canon M50 Mark II in our backpack or handbag is so much easier and more practical than carrying along our DSLR when it comes to capturing those everyday moments and being present with our families.

Mirrorless Cameras: Top 6 Reasons You Should Make The Switch This Summer

And, because mirrorless cameras are so lightweight and easy to use, chances are that when the time comes, we’ll be able to use the Canon M50 Mark II with our kids and teach them how to take photographs for themselves on something other than a “device.”

With that said, mirrorless system cameras combine the advantages of both DSLRs and point-and-shoots, providing lens interchangeability, ultra-high image quality, and the entire high-end feature array of middle- and upper-tier DSLRs within a smaller, lighter, handier format that we’re thrilled to incorporate into our lives.

What is the best mirrorless camera on the market if you’re on a budget?

The Canon M50 Mark II is a great beginner model, offering a range of features that will help you get the most out of your photography experience. The Canon M50 Mark II takes all the features that made the original M50 a winner and adds some extra features to make this a standout camera. Image quality is improved over the original M50, with a new 24.1 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor. Its maximum burst shooting rate of 10 fps has been increased to 14 fps, and its autofocus has improved significantly. It also includes 4K and full HD video recording, allowing users to capture crystal-clear footage.

Mirrorless Cameras: Top 6 Reasons You Should Make The Switch This Summer

All of this adds up to a great overall mirrorless camera package at a very reasonable cost. The Canon M50 Mark II also offers interchangeable lenses, allowing you to customize your camera’s optics. This wide selection of lenses allows users to explore different styles and looks when capturing their images. With all of these features combined, the Canon M50 Mark II is a great way to get started with a mirrorless camera experience at an affordable price.

Canon M50 Mark II Kit
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For photographers looking for more advanced features or professional quality, there are plenty of other mirrorless models available. But for those just starting out and looking to unlock the mirrorless camera experience, or long-time DSLR users looking to simplify their lives a bit, the M50 Mark II is the perfect option. By merging the traditional DSLR technology with the more modern mirrorless design, Canon has made it easy to take stunning photos without having to break the bank.

Canon’s M50 Mark II has superior image quality, lighter weight, faster shooting speeds, incredible autofocus, and a wide range of features, making it a great choice for anyone looking to make the switch to mirrorless cameras. With its affordable price tag, it’s no wonder the M50 Mark II is quickly becoming the go-to choice for photographers of all skill levels who are looking to make the switch to mirrorless.




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Mirrorless Cameras: Top 6 Reasons You Should Make The Switch This Summer



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