3 Brilliant Reasons A Keter Shed Will Drastically Improve Your Spring

Springtime inspires us to open the windows and soak in the sunshine. A cluttered yard filled with things that should be organized can inspire us to quickly shut the windows and pretend that mess doesn’t exist. If you want to drastically change the way your spring swings into action this season, then a Keter Shed along with other storage solutions from Keter must top your list. Not only does Keter offer superb tools for organizing the things that keep your home looking and feeling fresh, but Keter also offers inspiration, a variety of attractive choices and color palettes, and storage utilities that can fit any home’s space and style.

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If your home desperately needs some storage solutions that keep your home looking and feeling fresh and clean, then the variety of storage solutions offered by Keter are the best option to make sure your spring organization is quickly accomplished so you can start enjoying your season.

A Keter Shed Is Strong And Stylish

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Regardless of the size of your yard, disorganized clutter can make it feel like a small space where spending free time is not ideal. Whether you need to store your expensive lawn care equipment, your portable fire pit, or even gear for the beach, Keter offers storage solutions that will leave you satisfied and eager to get outdoors. The Keter Cortina 9×7 Storage Shed is the stylish, durable solution you’ve been waiting for. The stylish windows make this shed stand out from other sheds and create an eye-catching space in your yard. This shed isn’t too small, and it’s not too large. It’s perfect for keeping bikes out of the sun or pool floats dry until the party starts.

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The construction of this shed is a breath of fresh air. Steel-reinforced walls and roof grant us peace of mind because this shed can handle its weight! The floor is strong enough to easily store your riding mower, and the roof can withstand snow loads of up to 30 PSF. Finally, a shed that can withstand the rigors of daily living without adding the stress of maintenance and repairs to our already-full plates. If snow isn’t an issue, but you have plenty of rain to consider, then you’ll be pleased to learn that this shed provides ample airflow that prevents moisture buildup. This will keep your gear safe and dry and your shed sturdy for years to come.

Installation is Easy

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Don’t let the idea of a huge construction project keep you from creating the storage space of your dreams. This Keter shed is easy to install! Find an area of your yard where a concrete base (or wooden base) can be constructed on level ground. Once your location is prepared, the shed is ready to go up. Before construction, make sure you leave enough room between the wall and your site so that you can work around your shed. With two people, an electric screwdriver, and this kit, your shed will go from “in the box” to finish in just an afternoon.

A Keter Shed Is An Organizer’s Dream Come True

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Whether you enjoy organizing your home or not, everyone can agree that organization makes our lives easier and more enjoyable. When everything has a place, our homes seem to settle a bit and that promotes relaxation and true enjoyment of the springtime activities you have planned for everyone in the home.

If you step into the room of your home that needs the most organizational attention and look around at the items that need their own space, and if they pertain to activities that occur outside, then those items would be perfectly matched to your new Keter shed. Items that can safely be stored in your Keter shed can include (but are not limited to):

  • Lawn Equipment (Even a large riding lawnmower)
  • Soft Lawn Furniture (cushions, wicker furniture, hammocks)
  • Pool Floats and Chemicals
  • Ski and Sledding Equipment
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Bicycles and other toys

If you’re not sure how to get started with your Keter shed organization, there are so many tips available to help you get started! For example, reusing old bookshelves can give you stacking options while hanging hooks can help you store things overhead. Floating shelves save space and create a less-cluttered feel while keeping your belongings off the floor. Adjustable shelving can be useful to store tools that come in all shapes and sizes. Whatever your organizing needs, a Keter shed can withstand the pressure and keep your yard looking and feeling clear and beautiful.

Keter Helps You Reclaim Your Space

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Whether it’s your garage, yard, pool deck, or even apartment patio, once the clutter is involved, it can feel like you’re losing control of your space. Reclaim your space and let the Keter Shed do the organizing for you. With durable and strong, double-wall construction crafted with innovative wood composite Evotech panels, this shed looks and feels like real, solid wood and is strong enough to shelter everything for which you need to find a home. No more stacking bins in the garage or tripping over containers, take them out to your Keter Shed and reclaim your space.

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Smaller storage solutions can be just as beautiful, sturdy, and necessary as larger ones. This is why the Cortina 150 Gallon Deck Box is an absolute dream. Need a place to put the pool noodles, or a cushion for the outdoor chaise lounge? This deck box is the perfect solution! It’s also multifunctional because if you find you need extra seating without much notice, this deck box can double as a seat.

After you play, fill this deck box to the brim, because she can handle it. Her sturdy construction and ultra-strong engineering are designed with you and your family’s storage needs in mind. Worried about fading in the sun? This deck box uses UV-protected Evotech resin. This means that this deck box will withstand the elements all year round without fading or disintegrating, and year after year, your deck will look beautiful and organized with your Keter gear.

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You work hard all year long. When it’s time to finally get outside and start living life, the last thing you need is to find solutions to store the things you love to have. This season, whether it’s one of the beautiful options for a Keter shed, or another storage solution like the 150 Gallon Deck Box, Keter is here to keep your spring organized and beautiful. Keter provides beautiful, high-quality storage solutions that not only make your life easier but your home a more beautiful place to live.

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