15 Beauty Hacks, Tips, & Tricks

Who doesn’t want to know time-saving beauty hacks and secrets? We’ve compiled a list of 15 tips and tricks to help you up your beauty game, save you time, and get you applying your makeup like the pros. 

1. Put your nail polish in the refrigerator for 15 minutes before you apply it; it will go on smoother.

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“High temperatures activate a nail formula’s solvents, which gives your polish that thick, melted consistency. Keeping it in a cool place will extend its shelf life and keep your lacquer smoother and easier to apply.”

2. Run a dryer sheet over your hair to get rid of static on days when the air is very dry.

“The minute the temperature dips and the air dries up, electrons, which are negatively-charged, fly off your hair, leaving your strands with positive charges that resist each other.” You can combat your static ridden hair by running a dryer sheet over your hair before you head out the door. Rub it over your pillow so you wake up with static free hair, and keep one in your coat pocket for on-the-go use.

3. Apply a layer of loose powder between mascara coats, it will make your lashes look thicker.

Apply a base coat of mascara on your lashes. Pick up baby powder or loose face powder with a q-tip or brush and carefully apply it to lashes — the base coat of mascara will give something for the powder to stick to. The powder will coat the lashes and give them a fuller look. Finish them off by applying a final layer of mascara over your now thicker lashes.

4. Warm up your eye lash curler slightly with a hair dryer; your lashes will hold a better curl.

15 Beauty Hacks, Tips, &Amp; Tricks 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Just as we apply heat to create curls in our hair, we can do the same for our eyelashes. Hold a hair dryer up to your lash curler for a few seconds to make it warm — not hot. A metal curler will heat up quickly, so pay attention and be sure to let it cool down if it does get too hot. You can test it on your arm to be sure it won’t be too hot for your eyelids.

5. Put your freshly painted nails under cold water to make the polish dry faster.

Submerge your nail polish in ice water for 3-5 seconds, and it will make your polish rock hard and dry instantly.

6. Store your Beauty Blender in a plastic Easter egg to keep it germ free.

A plastic Easter Egg is the perfect sized container to store your Beauty Blender. It’s the best way to keep it germ free and clean during travel in your beauty bag or purse. Be sure it’s completely dry before storing it so you don’t breed bacteria in the airtight egg.

7. Dust your eyelids with powder before applying eyeshadow, the colors will blend more easily.

15 Beauty Hacks, Tips, &Amp; Tricks 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

What’s easier — dusting flour off a wet or dry table? The flour will stick to the wet surface, whereas it will easily brush right off a dry surface. That’s a very loose analogy, but the same applies when you’re working with powder on your face. A dry surface will make powders more manageable and blendable. By soaking up any oils on your lids with powder, you’re creating a nice surface to apply and blend powders on top of. 

8. Take out the stopper on your tube products to prevent waste.

When you think you’re out of concealer, take out the stopper on the top of the tube to see how much more you can get out! You’d be amazed at how much product is left in a tube you think is otherwise empty. Use tweezers to grab onto the stopper and wiggle it out. You now have a bigger opening to put your wand in and scrape the sides to get more product.

9. Spray hairspray into your hands instead of directly into your hair; it will go on more evenly and make it look more natural.

Spraying hairspray directly onto your hair will sometimes apply too much product, making your hair look frizzy or feel “crispy” and hard. Try spraying it into your hands and then run your hands over your hair for a more natural look and even coverage. Wash the excess off your hands and you’re good to go!

10. Fix a broken compact by adding rubbing alcohol and gently pressing the powder back together.

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Add a bit of Isopropyl Alcohol to your broken makeup. Gently stir and press the product back together; let it dry for a day and it will be good as new! The alcohol will absorb completely so it does not affect or change the makeup.

11. Use clear bar soap to tame eyebrows if you’re out of eyebrow gel.

News flash: there’s a new use for clear bar soap and your brows will thank you for it! Use the soap (we recommend clear to avoid any white residue) to tame your brows just like eyebrow gel. Grab a spooly, dampen it and run it over the soap. Comb through your hairs, brushing them how you want them to stay. It will last all day — or until they get wet. It’s much more affordable and the soap will last you much longer than an eyebrow gel!

12.Warming up your eyeliner before applying it will make it go on more creamy.

Applying gentle heat to your eyeliner pencil will cause it to melt and become soft, which will make it apply more easily. Apply heat by holding your hair dryer or a lighter to the tip of your pencil for a few seconds. Be sure to let it cool and test it on your arm before running it over your lids. Be extra careful if you’re going for a crisp line — warm eyeliner will be much more easy to smoke out or smudge.

13. Wet your brush with water or a setting spray before adding shadow and the pigment will be richer.

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By wetting your brush, you are bringing out the pigmented nature of the shadow, so the color shows up more rich and shimmers become more intense. Sometimes applying the eyeshadow wet will make it a little less blendable, so be careful how much moisture you use — you only want your brush damp, not dripping.

14. Use tape to get a perfectly straight winged eyeliner.

Run a piece of tape over your hand to get it a little less sticky — you don’t want to pull your delicate skin near your eyes too hard. You can then stick the tape from the corner of your eye up to the end of your eyebrow. Make the angles symmetrical on both eyes by adjusting the tape until they are both even. Follow the tape as a guide with your liner to create your wing. Pull away the tape and you’ll be left with a crisp and perfect line!

15. Set your lipstick by pressing a tissue over your lips and dusting with translucent powder to lock in the color.

Pressing the tissue over your lips will pick up any excess color while still keeping your lips “stained” the color of your lipstick. While the tissue is still on your lips, apply translucent powder with a brush. The tissue will act as a barrier, giving a finer coverage of powder while still setting it in place. You can then leave it as-is for a long wearing, more matte color, or apply one more layer of lipstick to finish off your look.

Now you’re in the know with these time-saving beauty hacks, tips, and tricks! You’ll be applying your makeup like a pro in no time. Which ones will you start incorporating into your daily routine?

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