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Keeping active with young children can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. That said, if you hope to continue any sort of outdoor exercise, having all-terrain gear is an absolute necessity. There are a number of “jogging strollers” on the market, but Chicco’s Activ3 Jogging Stroller with its exclusive Control Console puts all-terrain mobility right at your fingertips! 

Today we’ll discover why parents (and babysitters) who enjoy an active lifestyle will enjoy this stylish everyday stroller and fitness jogger.

The Chicco Activ3 Jogging Stroller is the perfect multi-purpose stroller. It is an incredible blend of a trendy everyday stroller and an all-terrain jogger. Although you may be in the market for a jogging stroller, you’ll quickly find that this stroller becomes your go-to for everyday use.

Whether you’re running on pavement, taking a hike or headed to the boardwalk, you’ll find that this jogger transitions seamlessly. Designed to accommodate children from six months old through 50 lbs in the comfort of its premium, weatherproof fabrics, this stroller finally has everything your dynamic lifestyle needs.


One of the first things to mention is that the Activ3 includes a removable arm bar specifically designed to attach to Chicco KeyFit (and KeyFit 30) infant car seats  so that you can almost immediately take your mini me on the road with you. It also includes a full coverage extendable canopy (with tinted peek-a-boo windows that adjusts into forward position to completely cover your child), multi-position reclining seat (including a full recline) and adjustable 5-point harness that offer a comfortable and secure environment for your child as they enjoy your latest outdoor adventure.

The thing that is most obvious about the Activ3 is the wheels. These are NOT cheap plastic wheels. In fact, these are maintenance-free, rubber tires that will never go flat. Taken a step further, the adjustable, FlexCore suspension will allow you to choose between a soft ride for bumpy strolling or a more firm ride for jogging.Adjusting that suspension is as easy as a simple toe tap and you can quickly lock the front swivel with controls on the handlebar. It’s so easy, that it may even surprise you how much you use the wheel-lock feature to keep the stroller on a straight path.

In addition, we particularly love the large and convenient storage basket, removable parent tray and cup holders, and swiveling front wheel that make everyday use and maneuvering easy and enjoyable.  The lightweight and sporty aluminum frame folds down with one hand into a standing fold for the garage, or a flat fold for the car trunk. Additionally, quick release wheels offer maximum space saving.


One of the greatest features of this stroller is the Control Console. Not only can you adjust it with four height positions for a customized fit, but using the hand-activated parking break, you can prevent yourself from accidentally engaging the foot brakes while running. This comes in handy when jogging for a quick stop.

There are four positions that you can adjust the handle bar to. All of the control is right at your fingertips.

  1. Swivel Lock: Quickly lock/unlock the front swivel wheel as you continue strolling
  2. Park Brake: Easily lock/unlock rear stroller wheels without foot pedals that can get in the way of your stride
  3. Fold Lock: Easily unlock and fold the stroller with only one hand
  4. Handle Lock: Quickly lock/unlock handle position to adjust height for mom or dad

You will surely love and enjoy every minute of the Activ3 by Chicco. And we’re convinced that by the time you’ve experienced it, you won’t have a need for any other stroller.



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