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The BOB Motion is the only everyday stroller by BOB. The reason for that is because it has everything you need for an everyday stroller. Nothing more, nothing less. Read on to learn why this is a Daily Mom favorite.

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Unlike many strollers, the cargo basket under the BOB Motion stroller is easily accessible. You can fit everything you need for a day out or even a full diaper bag in this compartment. In addition to this cargo basket, there is an additional bag attached to the back of the stroller. We all have the habit of hanging the heavy diaper bag on the back of the stroller to keep things accessible. Now, you can put the items you will need to reach quickly in the bag and grab them as you need. A stroller with a built in diaper bag? We are officially hooked on the BOB Motion.

Handle For Everyone

The handlebar on the BOB Motion easily adjusts into multiple positions, making it accessible to even the shortest pushers. Also, the  handlebars can lock in any position between those pictured. This makes it easily customizable for any pusher out there!


This lightweight, aluminum frame has some amazing features. The motion will quickly fold by a quick pull of one strap located on the seat, requiring only one hand. A simple lock on the side keeps the stroller folded.
We also love the step brakes on the back two tires. No need to bend down to lock the wheels when it can be down with a quick tap of the toe. This single brake will lock both back tires. The front wheels also individually lock for added security.
The canopy can position into two spots, giving you the perfect amount of coverage for those sunny days in the park. Directly above these back brakes is where the suspension system is located.
Suspension systems are typically seen only on jogging strollers, but that is what makes BOB so great. BOB knows that while you may not be going on a jog, you still need something to smooth the ride of bumpy sidewalks. So, when you child is relaxed, or maybe even napping, the BOB Motion stroller will keep them comfortable.
We really love the cloth padded leg rest. Your toddler’s legs will be cushioned through all the temper tantrum induced leg kicking.

Sleek Size and Design

Our most favorite feature of the BOB Motion stroller is it’s sleek size and design. The overall width is 21.8″, making it a great fit for shopping down tight aisles at the mall or for sharing the bike path at the park. It also means it will fit in the trunk of most compact cars.
If the orange is too bright for your taste, don’t worry. The BOB Motion is also available in blue and black, so it will fit the styles of every family.
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Do you love the BOB Motion as much as we do?


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