The Ultimate Holiday Toy Guide of 2013

Get all of the little ones on your list a gift that stands out. Toys that will encourage your child to use their imagination, develop their motor development, and be nothing but absolute fun! Whether it be for a boy, girl, or something a little more gender neutral, we have compiled a toy guide for every child!

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Holiday and Christmas Gifts for Kids

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Floppy-Eared Dog Rattle from Plan Toys

Instead of investing in yet another plastic rattle for the baby on your list, we highly suggest this unique Floppy-eared Dog Rattle from Plan Toys. As the infant is working on their grasp, you can rest assured that when it does go in their mouth all PlanToys are made using chemical free, kiln-dried recycled rubberwood and designed with water based non-toxic colors as accent. They won’t be chewing on questionable chemicals, which baby’s parents will also love. As always, Plan Toys manufacturers utilize a minimal waste concept, as well as the company’s long-term commitment to social programs that promote child development.

The big wooden handle will allow the infant to grasp it easily, and the ears make a fun rattle sound when it is shaken. The Floppy-Eared Dog Rattle also boasts bright colors will also appeal and will instantly become a favorite toy this Christmas.


Floppy-Eared Dog Rattle


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Bumblebee Beeper by PlanToys

plan bee

For babies (and mamas) who like wooden toys, we recommend this Bumblebee Beeper by Plan Toys. This little bumblebee makes a beeping sound when his body is squeezed. He’s also got crinkly wings to engage your baby’s sense of sound. We love that the Bumblebee Beeper is made of natural, chemical-free rubberwood and painted with non-toxic water-based dyes. Removable wings also make for easy cleaning.



Bumblebee Beeper


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 Peek-a-boo Roller by PlanToys

plan roller

The Peek-a-boo Roller is another great wooden toy that we love from PlanToys. This wooden roller features colored pieces that peek in-and-out as it is rolled along. This toy is great for crawlers to chase around. It makes a clacking sound giving it great sensory appeal. The Peek-a-boo Roller is small and light enough to tote around for playtime anywhere you and baby happen to be! Great for little ones 6-12 months old. (Contains small parts, so use under adult supervision.)

plan toys roller


Peek-a-boo Roller


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Organic Plush Pudgie Puppy by HABA

Little babies will love the Pudgie Puppy plush animal by German toy company HABA. Pudgy he is indeed–and perfect for cuddling by little hands. With floppy ears, a big nose, a tail, and soft arms and legs, he’s the perfect size for young babies to clutch. Babies will also like the textured fabric of the Pudgie Puppy‘s head and ears. He’s also got a small pocket on his front which you can stick a favorite binky or object in to encourage your baby to work on grasping skills.

Moms will also love the Pudgie Puppy. He’s made from organic, high-quality cotton made from organic farming. He’s stuffed with polyester filling which makes cleaning him easy and also contains some beans to give him a little weight.


Pure Nature Organic Pudgie Puppy


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Playnest Gym and Farm by Galt

There are very few toys that you can get for an infant, and that also grow with the child, so they can play with it for many many months. The Playnest Gym and Farm by Galt is one of them, making it a truly great gift for any infant or baby this Christmas!


The Playnest is a fabric covered inflatable ring for baby to sit in or lay in. The soft fabric and the fact that the baby is contained in the ring make this a very safe toy. And it’s fun too! There are eight different toys to play with. Three toys hang from the cross bars that go above the Playnest. In the middle of the crossbars is a mirror for baby to look at him or herself. And the ring itself has four other toys for baby to manipulate once he or she is old enough to sit. The bright colors will stimulate the youngest of babies, while the toys and activities are great as the baby grows up.


Playnest by Galt


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6-12 Months


Activity Elephant by Mamas & Papas

Tired of toting around lots of different toys? Then this Christmas get your baby an Activity Elephant by Mamas & Papas! This plush pachyderm is really like a bunch of toys rolled into one. The Activity Elephant has crinkly ears and legs that squeak and chime. His trunk is bendable and has tags on the end which your baby will love grabbing at. Pulling the little bird perched on the back of the elephant activates a vibrating unit. Teething babies will find comfort in the yellow rubbery flower also attached to his back.

We love the look of the Activity Elephant, and your baby will too! This large elephant is made from an array of colorful and patterned fabrics to visually stimulate baby. Be sure Santa leaves this great toy for your baby under the tree this year!

Franky the Hanky Whale by TOMY

This Franky the Hanky Whale comes from TOMY’s Lamaze line of developmental toys. This colorful creature is great for babies 9 months and up who are working on motor skills. As first-time moms will learn, babies love pulling things out of other things, so this toy is sure to delight! Teach your little one to feed the tissues into Franky’s mouth and then pull them out the spout.

Franky‘s colorfully patterned body is made with soft fabrics of different textures and also features a crinkly tail and fins as well as tags near his spout. He comes with four tissues: one in red, blue, yellow, and green–great for teaching your little one colors when he’s ready.

Magic Play Tray by Baby’s Journey

The Magic Play Tray makes a great gift for both babies and toddlers. It’s the perfect on-the-go toy. The Magic Play Tray comes with a toy monkey, a lion and a parrot, a play tray, and a handy travel bag, so taking it with you is a breeze. It has suction cups on the bottom, so it adheres to any surface you put it on, making it perfect for use in the car or on a plane.

In the center of the Magic Play Tray is the “power zone” and when the animals are placed there, they come to life. The monkey lights up, the parrot flaps his wings and the lion roars. These actions which will interest and delight not only infants, but older babies and toddlers too!


Magic Play Tray


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A Soft Lovey Bear from Steiff

Pretty soon there’s a good chance your baby will develop an attachment to a special toy or “lovey” – something that will help to sooth them and become a constant companion. Surprise them this holiday season with a new teddy bear companion from the world’s premiere teddy bear manufacturer, Steiff. Steiff teddy bears are internationally renowned for their exceptional quality and will easily last throughout your baby’s childhood.

The Sleep Well Bear Comforter is the perfect mix between a soft, cuddly blanket and your child’s favorite teddy bear. It features a flat, blanket body made of the softest velour and cotton combo with furry hands and feet and that adorable teddy bear head that appeals to kids of all ages. This is the perfect toy for your little one to snuggle as they drift off into dreamland. Or, if you’re thinking a traditional teddy bear would be perfect for your little one, check out Steiff’s Happy Teddy Bear. We love Happy because he is the most cuddly, soft teddy bear imaginable made with safety eyes that won’t pose a hazard to your sweet babe. These truly are plush toys made to last a lifetime.


12-24 Months


One Step Ahead’s Sensory Interactive First Doll

We love toys that teach our little ones and encourage curiosity. Satisfy the curious little learner this Christmas with One Step Ahead’s Sensory Baby Interactive First Doll. This plush, diapered, friendly looking doll has 14 sensors, and when a baby squeezes it, it announces the body part. This doll builds vocabulary and sensory awareness by talking and teaching. Don’t leave this baby doll sitting too long! If ignored, the doll announces, “I’m bored!” This doll is for babies six months and up, and the perfect gift for a child exploring his or her world! Check out this innovative toy and others from One Step Ahead this Christmas.


Lil’ Chirpers Sorting Eggs by TOMY

These cute little half a dozen eggs are not your typical eggs at the grocery store, and they make an excellent Christmas present for your little ones (bet you can’t say that about the grocery store eggs). TOMY toys Lil’ Chirpers Sorting Eggs are a great way to help with baby’s developing mind as they will learn to sort colors and shapes by just playing with these fun colorful eggs. Once older you can work on emotions with your little one as each Chirper comes wearing a different expression, from excited to sad to happy to shocked.

Your little one will love cracking open the eggs to display a colorful looking chick to match the one on the shell, and then find the right shape to place the Lil’ Chirper in its corresponding carton spot. We also love that these little eggs make the cutest chirping sound when pressed down on their heads, no battery and no annoying beeping sounds. TOMY Toys Lil’ Chirpers Sorting Eggs make playtime enjoyable for the little crowd and the grown up crowd.

iLol First e-Reader by Kidz Delight at One Step Ahead

iLol e-Reader

Does your toddler jump up and run to you whenever you break out your Kindle? The iLol first e-Reader will free up your e-reader – maybe you can finally finish that novel you started months ago! The iLol first e-reader is a handheld tablet for your toddler that provides hours of entertainment providing colorful pictures, stories, rhymes and music.


The 3D mini books on the front of the iLol first e-reader presents an audio version of a story or rhyme that goes along with the pictures in the pull-out pages. Press one of the bottom 3 buttons to play a song from your child’s music library! Using the slider at the bottom of the e-reader allows access to more stories and songs. Best of all, the foam filled bumper around the outside of the is removable for machine washing! Your toddler will never bother you for your e-reader again!

alphabet puzzle by B. Toys

Not Blogged_20000101_IMG_5818

A new toy by our loved B. Toys, Alpha B Tical is a great gift for toddlers with its chunky letters and colorful drawings. Suitable for kids aged 18 months and up this new alphabet puzzle set will help them learn their ABCs while developing fine motors skills and expanding their vocabulary with corresponding illustrations. Brightly colored letters can also be used for color sorting andm of course don’t forget, B. Toys trademark non primary colors that stand out so much in the crowd of blue, red, yellow and green plastic toys.



Alpha B Tical puzzle


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Knit Dolls from Blabla

Surprise your little love with one of the softest, snuggliest animals or dolls this holiday season. Blabla dolls are made from the softest 100% knit Peruvian cotton, stuffed to pillowy perfection. They come in a variety of colorful creatures, sure to become a favorite in your child’s eyes.

We are particularly fond of Theo The Cat with his bright chartreuse fur and cute, little bow-tie. All Blabla dolls come in two sizes, a 12 inch or 18 inch version, perfect for little hands to hold. Treat your little one to a new companion for bedtime snuggles while adding the perfect decorative touch to their bedroom.

Here are a few more of our favorites:

Dress Up Pirate by Manhattan Toy

It’s never too early to teach your little ones fine motor and developmental skills, such as tying a shoelace or buttoning their shirts. The Dress Up Pirate by Manhattan Toys makes learning and practicing these skills fun. This adorable plush doll, dressed as a pirate and accompanied by a parrot, disguises learning activities throughout his outfit. Your child will have fun tying his shoelace, buttoning his pocket, enclosing the snap on his jacket, zipping up his boot and using a hook and loop closure. And when your little one is finished practicing his skills, he will enjoy playing make believe with his new pirate friend.

Every child has a favorite toy that goes wherever he goes. Manhattan Toy’s Dress Up Pirate is sure to be the go-to-toy for yours. You can throw him in the diaper bag to ease boredom on outings, or use him as your child’s security doll as he drifts off to sleep at night. And if you have a little girl, be sure to check out Manhattan Toy’s Dress Up Princess. She has all of the same motor skill activities wrapped up in an adorable plush princess doll.


Dress Up Pirate


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Mon Bebe Doll by Corolle

If you are looking for a toy that your child will love this Christmas and one that will help your child’s development, look no further than Corolle dolls for your little one. Corolle dolls are designed in France and are the recipient of multiple awards. Each Corolle doll, whether it’s the Babicorolle or the Mon premier or the Les Cheries dolls, are all made with life like features, baby soft-skin, thanks to its unique baby soft vinyl that is safe and durable, and smell almost as good as a newborn baby with its delicate vanilla scent.

These dolls are the perfect toy to help promote pretend play in your little one, which aides in your child’s cognitive development and their senses just to name a few (to learn more check this out). Corolle dolls come in different sizes for different age groups, from newborn to 4+(Corolle dolls come in 5 different categories to grow with your baby) and come with wonderful accessories to help with their playtime. We are sure that most boys and girls will adore their Corlle Doll as they make the perfect playmates.

Corolle doll featured: Mon Bebe Classique, 14″ Sleeping Time Baby Doll


Corolle Dolls


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Doll Accessories by Corolle Mon Premier

Every toddler loves imaginative play, and why not gift them some doll accessories from Corolle Mon Premier to make it that much more fun and exciting for them? The Corolle Mon Premier Mealtime Set, Small Doll Cradle, and Doctor Set are the perfect accessories to gift the toddler and preschooler in your life. Whether the little kiddo in your life loves feeding a baby, tucking them in for naps, or listening to a pretend heartbeat, Corolle has an accessory that goes along perfectly with their special line of baby dolls that a boy, or girl is sure to appreciate. The cradle set comes with a well-made rocking cradle, a mattress pillow and an adorable fleece blanket; this is everything your little one will need to tuck in their favorite Corolle dolly for night-night. The mealtime set is complete with a bib, bowl and spoon, and a sippy cup. Share your love of food and nutrition with your little one, and encourage them to feed their baby yummy things.

As your toddler grows, introducing a positive experience with a doctor is so important, and there is no better way than through creative pretend play. The doctor set comes with a cloth bag, stethoscope with a real beating heart sound, ear and throat octoscope, make believe syringe, and medicine dropper.

Purchasing a Corolle doll is perfect for any child over the age of 18 months, and the Mon Premier doll and all the accessories are sized specifically with a younger child in mind at 12″. The dolls and the entire product line is designed in France, and is sure to win over any toddler’s heart.

Magnetic Blocks by tegu toys


These  amazing educational, developmental and creative toys are going to become kids’ and adults’ favorite for life. Playing with blocks is a natural progression for any toddler and the kind of game that truly works both the mind and the body. Tegu Toys reinvented the wooden block by using magnets in solid hardwood blocks stained with non-toxic stains. The wonder of Tegu Blocks is that they will grow with your child – a true gift for years. Starting at 12 months when babies become interested in building, the magnets in Tegu Blocks will help their creations stick together and be more sturdy when fine motor skills don’t allow for precision.


As your babies grow and develop their creative and imaginative side, magnetic blocks turn into a construction set, creating  robots and cards, animals and buildings. These sets come in natural colors or bright pastels and can be purchased in small sets of 8 blocks or 22-480 blocks. A great size for a toddler would be a 22 or 26 blocks set or a 40-52 block set for the preschool crowd.

2-4 years


Art In Motion Gear Set by One Step Ahead

Does your little one love creating pieces of art? Does he enjoy building puzzles and playing with interactive, imaginative toys? This Christmas, give him a gift that combines art and puzzles to create hours of educational, mind-provoking fun. Art In Motion Gear Set by One Step Ahead will do just that. Your child can place and interlock any combination of the 15 colorful gears on the wooden grid. Then he simply has to turn a single gear with its peg handle; and watch as the gears move, creating beautiful and fascinating art in motion. Or you can place one of the seven provided design cards on the grid, have your child interlock the appropriate gears and enjoy the fun images he creates – such as a car, butterfly or flower.

Art In Motion Gear Set is the perfect gift for the imaginative child who loves building and creating. Your little one will love watching his creations turn into moving art before his very eyes. Your child will want to bring this toy with him wherever he goes; and you won’t mind, knowing it is stimulating his mind and creativity.


Wooden Drum Set by Plan Toys

Looking for a musical toy this Christmas for your little one? How about a wooden drum set from Plan Toys. This little gem, Plan Toys wooden drum set, is the perfect toy to have little ones test out their musical talents without testing out the tolerance of mom and dad’s ears. Drumming and the act of drumming can be emotionally satisfying for little ones as well it can aid in the development of memory and making rhythms. Besides all those good points, we love the Plan Toys wooden drum set as it is the perfect size for little ones, can be folded or placed on a table to have them banging and drumming all day and due to its high quality material, it makes a great and realistic sound unlike other toy drums. It features two drums with different tones, a cymbal, a scraper as well as two wooden drum sticks that will definitely have your little one amused for hours and will expose them to the love of music.




Potty Time Elmo by Playskool

Do you have a toddler that’s almost ready to start potty training? Or perhaps one that does not seem interested at all? Potty Time Elmo is available to help! Your toddler will be wanting to sit on the potty all day long with this interactive Elmo toy! Potty Time Elmo comes with a sippy cup, potty chair, a potty training chart and motivational stickers!

Elmo will tell your little one when he’s thirsty and after he’s drinking that he needs to use the potty. Your child will see Elmo using the potty and realize that it’s safe and fun for him to use the potty too. If he doesn’t get to the potty on time, he will sing a song about how it’s okay to have an accident. Your child will celebrate and sing with Elmo when he makes it to the potty in time! Potty Time Elmo is soft and cuddly too!


B. Toys Bristle Block Stackadoos

Bristle Block Stackadoos by B. Toys are way more fun your average blocks. These beautiful, brightly-colored bristle blocks captivate kids’ attention and are the perfect Christmas present for both girls and boys.

Stackadoos easily connect to each other so kids can make as many different structures as they can dream up. They’re soft, and come in a variety of different shapes and sizes that are perfect for little hands. And, the attractive storage jar makes the Stackadoos easy to clean up, which moms will love!


Bristle Block Stackadoos


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Tickety-Tock Clock by Manhattan Toy

Who says educational toys can’t be fun? Tickety-Tock Clock by Manhattan Toy is the perfect combination of education and entertainment. This sturdy, colorful children’s learning clock is made of quality materials that will stand the test of time. Turn the hands on the clock to teach your little one about hours and minutes.

You can use the chalk board on the bottom portion of the Tickety-Tock Clock to write special times of the day for your child, or write times for them to display on the clock for you. Your child will love learning how to tell time and recognize numbers on her Tickety-Tock Clock. When she’s done, your little one can fold up the clock and use the convenient handle to carry it with her wherever she goes. She can take her clock with her on long car rides and practice her time on the go.

Chuggington Stack Track Rescue at Rocky Ridge Action Playset

All aboard! Check out this fantastic train set for ages 3 and up from Chuggington. The little conductor in your life will spend hours amusing himself or herself with this Chuggington StackTrack Rescue at Rocky Ridge Action Playset, based on the “Chug Patrol and the Rescue at Rocky Ridge” TV episode. This set boasts special deco High Performance Wilson and Koko, and can be arranged three different ways. Let imagination take over as your son or daughter changes up the tracks, plays with the tumbling boulder, crashes gates and maneuvers trains over steep hills long after the Christmas season! Tickets, please: the Chuggington Stack Track Rescue at Rocky Action Playset is leaving the station and will soon be under your Christmas tree!

Kids Safety Trampoline from One Step Ahead

It’s no secret that kids love to jump and bounce. Imagine a child’s happiness when he or she hops on the Kids Safety Trampoline from One Step Ahead this Christmas! This is an ideal gift for any active, energetic kiddo age 3 or older (the trampoline holds kids up to 80 pounds, so it can be used for many years!) The Kids Safety Trampoline is perfectly designed for little jumpers with safety in mind. The springs are covered, legs are screwed in so it’s very sturdy, and the handle bar is cushioned and ergonomically correct for easy holding. A star on the jumper let kids know just where to bounce!



4-6 years


The Mailmen by Toymail

Keep in touch with the kids you adore with the help of one of Toymail’s six adorable, quirky characters: Snort, Milsop, Fairfax, Rochester, Buck, or Bushwick. This newly launched gift option is perfect for the techie kiddo in your life. Keep the lines of communication open by having one of these animal character deliver  your voicemail via an app in its own special voice (or reader’s voice). Characters will snort, wheeze or whinny when a message is ready – how fun! Kids can respond to the sender with the press of a button on the character. Only those with the code to this toy are able to send mail to its owner; Toymail is secure! We’re swooning over the originality and innovation behind Toymail!




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Word Joggers for Categories by Super Duper Publications

Word Joggers is the perfect board game to get your kids this Christmas! It’s a fun take on traditional Bingo and it strengthens kids’ language processing skills while they’re playing. Kids will love everything about Word Joggers from the brightly colored disks to the big cards with pretty pictures of some of their favorite everyday objects, like animals and modes of transportation.

Word Joggers makes a great gift for children in many different age groups. It’s intended for children who are pre-kindergarten through grade 5, but can be adapted for an even younger crowd. The instruction booklet even comes with suggestions on how to use the game in a bunch of different ways!

B. Teepee by B. Toys

Kids love to have their own space, so this Christmas get them the coolest teepee around: the B. Teepee by B. Toys. Imagine their delight when they see the B. Teepee set up by the tree on Christmas morning! These brightly colored nylon teepees are the perfect hideaway for your little ones. They’re roomy enough for friends to come in & hang out too.

And, once they’re inside, they’ll be busy for hours. There is a lantern on the inside that creates a light show and shines star patterns all over the teepee, making kids feel like they can touch the sky! And, since these awesome teepees are made from lead-free and phthalate-free materials, moms and dads can rest easy knowing the hours their kids spend in the B. Toys B. Teepee are safe!


B. Tepee


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Dolls by Lottie Dolls

Do you know a little girl who is just crazy about dolls? Check out Lottie Dolls. At 7.5 inches tall with soft bodies and bendable legs they are the perfect size for small hands. Their wholesome appearance and many different hobbies will encourage young girls to explore new ideas and concepts with their Lottie Dolls. We love the Pony Flag Race doll and the Robot Girl to name a few. Lottie even offers accessories to encourage even more exploratory fun and imagination.

Busy Lizzie the Robot will help encourage your daughter to get into science and engineering. She comes with changeable arms, head pieces, and shoes (that even can be shared with your Lottie doll). Busy’s packaging includes great suggestions to get your little one interested in building a robot herself.

Motorworks Race Pace Power Pack by Manhattan Toy

If your child loves cars and building things, Motorworks Race Pace Power Pack by Manhattan Toy will make a great addition under the Christmas tree this year. Motorworks is a series of toy vehicles, made from European beach wood, whose parts are interchangeable with other Motorworks vehicles. Your child will love piecing his Motorworks cars together and discovering how they’re made. The Motorworks collections are durable and made with quality materials and distinct details.

The Motorworks Race Pace Power Pack comes with two unique race cars and interchangeable accessories. Your child will spend hours building and changing his race cars. You can start with this pack and build his collection over time with other Motorworks vehicles and accessories.


Sesame Street Elmo Junction from Playskool

Preschoolers and Sesame Street go hand in hand, so this awesome train set from Playskool makes the perfect gift for young preschoolers who are eager to learn and ready to play. The colorful set includes the Elmo Train with rail car, Grover Car, Train station and all the pieces to make two circular tracks. As Elmo drives along the tracks, there are raised areas that trigger Elmo to sing fun and educational songs to introduce the alphabet and counting.

For even more fun, the 10 feet of track easily converts to a single track loop with an second level roadway to drive Grover’s taxi on. It also folds up easily for storage so there’s no need to take apart and put together each time your ambitious preschooler is ready to play.

Soccer and Hockey Trainer by Lakeshore Learning

If your child loves sports, or you want to begin introducing them to him, the Soccer and Hockey Trainer by Lakeshore Learning is the perfect gift for him this Christmas. Your child can practice precision soccer kicks with the Target Shot screen, or work on shots with the Rebound Trainer. Once his skills are developed, you can remove the screens and use the net to play regular games of soccer and hockey.

The Soccer and Hockey Trainer includes a net, practice screens, two plastic hockey sticks, a hockey puck, a soccer ball and a pump. This trainer set is all you will need to teach your child the basic skills of these two popular sports. You can help your child develop his skills while interacting and bonding with him through these cherished games.



Are you ready to impress the child in your life this holiday season with a toy that listens and responds to them and knows their name? Meet Ubooly, a magical, plush creature that is powered by your smartphone (iPhone, Android, or iPod). With over 20 interactive lessons designed by teachers, your child will go on adventures, learn new things, and laugh along with Ubooly.

One of the stand-out features of Ubooly is the parental customization option. You can easily login to the Ubooly Lab and add specific lessons that you want your child to experience or track your child’s progress. Is your preschooler struggling with their ABC’s? Let Ubooly help! Or, add lessons on counting, Spanish, math, grammar, or outer space to name a few. Not only does Ubooly provide hours of fun, but hours of fun education, too.

Want to see Ubooly in action? Check out this YouTube video.




Ubooly Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube


6-8 Years


Helicopter Assembly Set by HABA

Haba provides your child with the pieces and the rest of the work is up to them. They will love having the ability to assemble their own helicopter from 17 wooden pieces and glue. So many young children absolutely adore playing with transportation themed toys but, giving them a kit to build their own will help your gift stand out from the rest.

This gives the child something to concentrate on while developing some awesome fine motor abilities. Then, when the helicopter is complete it’s time for endless play!


Helicopter Assembly Set


HABA USA | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Youtube | Google+


Add-It-Up! Archery Set by Lakeshore

Get your child started in archery with this great youth archery set by Lakeshore. Made for ages 6 and up, we love the concept behind the Add-It-Up! Archery Set. Not only will kids have fun learning to use the bow and arrows, they will also be working on a critical skill–math!

The target has three rings with values in the single digits, tens, and hundreds, plus a bull’s-eye worth 1,000 points. Engage your child in math by encouraging him to add up his score as you play with him. The plastic bow shoots 22″ long suction cup arrows. The set comes with 4 arrows along with a quiver. Throw in an extra set of 4 arrows and get started making math fun!

Glimmer Glam Styler by Blingles 

Do you know a little girl who loves glitter and everything sparkly? She will adore the Blingles Glimmer Glam Styler! Decorate these 60 pre-cut stickers with colorful glitter using the rollers provided. If she’s looking for a little more glimmer, then she can add some jewels too! There’s also a tool to apply the gems and a brush to clean up the excess glitter afterwards!

After she’s done decorating her stickers, she can adhere them to her mp3 player, iPad case, school notebooks, a picture frame or any other surface she may want to bedazzle! Her imagination can take her anywhere – make your own template and use the excess glitter and jewels to decorate it!


Blingles Glimmer Glam Styler


Blingles | Facebook


My Little Pony Equestria Doll from Hasbro

Equestria Girls are Hasbro’s newest addition to the My Little Pony Family. If you have a young girl on your gift list this season, make them smile with the hottest new character toy on the market. Let your little girl explore a fun sense of fashion and the friendship building themes encouraged by My Little Pony.

Your little girl will enjoy the bright and fun details that go into the Equestria dolls from Hasbro. Each comes with an outfit change, including shoes and a fun hair accessory. Joints in the arms and legs make the dolls flexible for even more imaginative play. Rarity is shown above, but you can find all 6 Equestria Characters on Hasbro’s Website.

FurReal Friends: Daisy Plays-With-Me Kitty from Hasbro

If your child is begging you for a real pet, but you aren’t quite ready to make that commitment, then Daisy Plays-With-Me Kitty is the gift for you! Surprise your little animal lover with a toy kitten that interacts with them and actually acts like a real cat!

This adorable electronic, but cuddly kitty comes with her own toy for playtime. Wave it in front of her and she will react by jumping up on her back legs or pouncing forward. Daisy Plays-With-Me Kitty also loves a good snuggle. Pet her soft fur and listen to her purr and knead her paws on your lap. Or, if you’re ready for some entertainment, she’ll sing a silly meow melody with a simple squeeze of her paw.

Want to see FurReal Friends: Daisy Plays-With-Me Kitty in action? Check out this video.


FurReal Friends: Daisy Plays-With-Me Kitty


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Littlest Pet Shop Magic Motion Playground from Hasbro

Do you have a little animal lover on your gift list? Check out this new playground set from Littlest Pet Shop. The Magic Motion Playground from Hasbro features an exercise wheel and spinning carousel for your new hedgehog friend to enjoy along with any other Little Pet Shop characters you already have collected.

In this fun set, the hedgehog can really “run” on his wheel. Just spin the wheel and watch his legs move along. The carousel has “pet powered” motion as well. Simply wind it up and either press the button on top or place the hedgehog on the paw print and watch as his other LPS friends spin around in the swing attachments.


Littlest Pet Shop Magic Motion Playground


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Dolls by A Girl for All Time

Does the little girl in your life love to dress up her dolls? Maybe she loves to play dress up herself and enjoys reading stories of brave girls from distant lands and historic time periods. If the little princess in your life enjoys dressing up herself and her dolls she will love Matilda, from A Girl for All Time!

The three A Girl For All Time Dolls are 16 inch dolls with movable joints and high quality vinyl bodies. Matilda, from the Tudor era, comes with time period undergarments, a velvet Tudor dress, headpiece, stockings and shoes. Amelia, from the Victorian era, has blond hair, blue eyes and comes dressed in a historic Victorian blue cotton dress, ruffled pantalets, undershirt, boots and a straw hat. Lastly, Clementine, with her red hair cut into a bob and green eyes, is from the 1940s during the war era. She comes in a 1940s style green cotton dress with a daisy pattern with a belt and cream buckle, period underwear, ankle socks, sturdy shoes, and a felt, wide brimmed hat.

No matter what era your little princess loves, she will find a beautiful friend in her A Girl for All Time doll which have earned titles such the three time winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio ‘Platinum’ award, Dolls Magazine ‘Industry Choice: Award of Excellence 2013’, Creative Child’s Gold Seal, Toy Talk’s ‘Best Doll’ 2011 & 2012, and named ‘100 of the Best Educational Toys.’ Enjoy watching your daughter learn to expand her imagination through play this holiday season!


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Battroborg from Tomy

Put yourself on the nice list by gifting the newest battle toy from Tomy, Battroborg. This is the next step in robot games. Battroborgs are motion controlled robots that you control with your fists. Moving around the nun-chuck style controllers will make your robot follow your every command in the battle arena. Battroborg uses an advanced radio technology making it possible for up to 20 robots to battle at the same time! So collect as many as you can and have a Battroborg party!

The Battroborg 3-in-1 arena includes: 2 battle robots, 2 controllers, 4 training drones, an arena with movable ropes and a sticker sheet to help personalize the fun. The battle arena offers different ways to play with three different game modes, giving lots of options to keep entertained. With Combat mode play against your other robot opponent in the battle arena. Utilize the training drones with the Battle Bootcamp Mode to hone your skills and perfect your battle game. Play in Autodrone mode when you want the experience of playing against another robot but don’t have a human opponent to operate it.

Want to check out Battroborg in action? Check out this YouTube video.




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Country Stable and Horse of the Year by Breyer 

Every little girls loves horses. Breyer horses are a classic Christmas gift, maybe you even remember receiving them as a child yourself. Indulge your little ones in a traditional gift that can be enjoyed for many years with the Country Stable. So many fun features like the slide out wash stall with built in hose, two stables large enough to hold three horses, a hinged roof that can be opened to the hay loft from both sides, tack hooks to hang all your accessories on, and a four section fence for a roomy paddock off the back.

Breyer horses have a reputation for quality. And are built to be collected and enjoyed for many years. Start a fun tradition by gifting the Horse of the Year this holiday. Each year, Breyer comes out with a limited edition collectible horse. The horse for 2013 is a Morab breed named Mariah. She is realistically built to exactly 1:12 the size of a real horse her breed.

DiscoRobo from Tosy

 Impress the child in your life this holiday season with DiscoRobo from Tosy, an interactive robot that dances along with the beat. DiscoRobo dances along with any music, from your radio or phone to your own voice and clapping hands. With sophisticated movements and facial expressions, he can move in many entertaining ways.

Add even more fun and interaction with a smart app that runs on Android, iOS, and Google systems. Using the touch screen to move the robot on your device you can teach DiscoRobo cool new dance moves. Each DiscoRobo also comes with an accessory to help him with even more impressive dance moves than you imagined!




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Nerf Vortex Revonix 360 by Hasbro

The Vortex Revonix 360 Nerf gun by Hasbro is the perfect gift to get kids away from the TV and outdoors having fun instead! The Revonix 360 is a new Nerf gun, just released in Fall 2013 and is a successor to the Pyragon. Kids that are new to the world of Nerf will appreciate the lightweight but durable plastic that the gun is made of as well as comfy grips and smooth racking.

Nerf enthusiasts will note a number of great features: A high capacity of 30 long-range soft foam discs (white and orange, which makes them easy to find); a range of up to 70 feet, the longest firing Vortex gun; Slam Fire (continuous shooting when the trigger is held and the handle is pumped); and a jam door for disc release. The drum spins freely for easy and quick reloading on the fly. The Revonix 360 also has attachment points for shoulder straps.

Both newbies and seasoned players alike will love the sleek look of the Revonix 360. The white body of the gun features vibrant orange flame accents while the barrel and grips are a contrasting charcoal gray. The Nerf Vortex Revonix 360 is a great gift for kids ages 8+, but you may want to get Dad ones as well so he can play along too (and so he’s not jealous!).

Rebelle Guardian Crossbow by Nerf

Do you know a tomboy who loves to play with toys traditionally reserved for boys? Have a little girl on your list who needs to defend herself against a hoard of brothers? Nerf’s new Rebelle collection brings a whole new meaning to the term “girl power”. We love the Guardian Crossbow with its beautiful and girly design and its ability to rapid fire up to 6 darts.

With the ability to shoot up to 75 feet (competing with the “boys” N-Strike Elite guns), Nerf really knows how to go the distance with the Guardian Crossbow. Practice aim and get some fresh air with this outdoor toy, featuring an auto-rotating launcher to shoot one dart at a time or up to 6 in rapid succession. Coming with the Nerf accessory rail, this crossbow is ready to add your favorite Nerf scope, ammo holders, or other goodies sold separately. Because the Guardian front loads, it can also fire standard suction cup darts in addition to the Elite darts.

Remote Controlled Extreme Hero Flying Iron Man by RC Brands

Do you know a thrill seeker who would love a new innovative toy? How about one that features a beloved super hero? Check out this amazing Flying Iron Man from RC Brands. The first flying Iron Man is sure to impress. At an amazing 19 inches long, Iron Man has the ability to soar and dive on your command. Made from a light weight yet durable foam material allows him to go up to 300 feet in the air.

Iron Man is powered by twin propellers and a rechargeable lithium battery. His controller is designed with children in mind, making such a sophisticated toy simple for younger children (ages 8 and up) to enjoy. RC Brands makes learning how to fly Iron Man as simple as possible with great instructions. You can even check out their video tutorial to learn how to execute all of Iron Man’s amazing tricks.


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