Clek Car Seats – the Best Choice for Families

Whether spending your days zipping up and down the cobblestone streets of Europe or heading out on the long, country roads across the United States, Clek car seats are the best choice for families around the world. Featuring unmatched safety, quality, and durability, the car seats from Clek are ideal for children from birth on up making them a worthwhile investment that will truly last. From the moment we become parents our children’s safety becomes our paramount concern – someone once said that “making the decision to have a child is momentous, it is to decide to forever have your heart go walking around outside your body”, and there is no greater truth.

Clek Car Seats – The Best Choice For Families

With options ranging from infant carriers to booster seats, Clek car seats fit comfortably three across making them a great choice for families with any number of children. So often car seats take up literally all the space in the backseat of a vehicle leaving no room for other passengers, additional car seats, and even making the ability to safety install car seats in compact cars a serious chore. Clek car seats solve all of these problems with their ingenious design, superb engineering and best-in-class safety features. When it comes to car seats, Clek has introduced revolutionary safety technology to the industry making your child’s well-being their top priority. Here are 3 of Daily Mom’s favorite Clek car seats.

Clek Car Seats – the all new liing

Clek Car Seats – The Best Choice For Families

Just joining the Clek car seat family is the all new liing infant car seat. Designed by Clek’s innovative engineers, the liing is simple to install in every seat in every vehicle providing the perfect fit and the ideal angle. New parents will breathe a sigh of relief over the installation process of the liing. Unlike other infant seats where parents struggle for hours trying to find the correct fit, the liing base with its rigid-latch system makes installation effortless and requires only mere moments of your time. Where latch installation is unavailable, in older vehicles or a middle seat, the liing base provides a belt-tensioning system within the base to securely and correctly install the base with a vehicle seat belt.

The liing infant carrier weighs in at only 9lbs. making it one of the lightest on the market. With an interior crafted of luxurious eco-friendly fabrics this infant car seat offers the softest and snuggliest seat yet for babies.

Liing Features and Specifications Include:

  • Infants weighing 4 – 35lbs., and up to 32 inches long
  • Rigid Latch System
  • Belt-Tensioning System
  • Metal load leg within the base preventing rotation and reducing collision impact by 40%
  • 7 recline positions for achieving the optimal seating angle
  • Lightweight carrier, at only 9 lbs., with a quick release for removing from a stroller or car seat base
  • Compatible with several stroller brands using the Maxi-Cosi car seat adapter
  • European belt path for installation without a base
  • Aircraft approved
  • SPF 100+ extra-large, adjustable sun canopy providing almost full coverage from the sun with a mesh peekaboo window for air flow and visability
  • 2 piece energy absorbing shell for maximum impact protection
  • 2 stage original infant insert elevating baby’s bottom and supporting baby’s head for a snug seat

Clek Car Seats – the foonf

Clek Car Seats – The Best Choice For Families

The foonf convertible Clek car seat is ideal for families with more than one child, or those parents cruising in a compact car. This convertible seat features all the best-in-class safety features Clek is known for, including a steel anti-rebound bar, energy absorbing foam layers and an adjustable structural headrest. With the ability for extended rear-facing up to 50 lbs., before forward facing up to 65 lbs., this carseat will ensure your child’s safety longer.

Clek Car Seats – The Best Choice For Families

With a variety of cozy, soft and safe materials to choose from, your child will ride safe and secure while also experiencing the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

Foonf Features and Specifications Include:

  • Extended rear facing from 14 – 50lbs. and up to 43 inches, with the infant thingy from 5lbs. and up
  • Forward facing from 22 – 65lbs. and up to 49 inches
  • Available in 4 GREENguard select performance fabrics for the ultimate comfort of the child and protection from stains, odor, mold and bacteria
  • Deep Side Wings and advanced energy absorbing foam protection
  • Steel anti-rebound bar ideal for a snug installation
  • Rigid latch system for simple, quick and hassle-free installation
  • Steel structure making this the most protective seat on the market

Clek Car Seats – the olli

Clek Car Seats – The Best Choice For Families

Parents all know just how fast our children grow up, but that doesn’t make their safety and security any less of a concern to parents around the globe. Here to keep them safe, even when it’s not ‘cool’ to ride in a car seat is the olli. Designed for those hard to please 6-12 year old kids, the olli is a belt-positioning backless booster that still features the Clek car seat rigid latch system for premium installation and safety. With a carrying strap and a quick release feature, the olli is meant to go with you – from car to cab take the olli on all your adventures.

Olli Features and Specifications Include:

  • Children 4+ years weighing 40 – 120lbs. measuring 40 – 57 inches tall
  • Comfort Cube construction so the olli feels like the seats of your car with an added layer of cushioning to keep kids comfy and content on car rides near and far
  • Rigid Latch installation for the perfect fit every time
  • Weighs in at only 5lbs. for easy portability
  • Available in a variety of materials, including GREENguard certified for protection from stains, odors, mold and bacteria

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As parents we all just want what is best for our children – best in safety, best in comfort, and best in performance. High quality baby and children’s gear is worth its weight in gold if it keep our little ones happy, healthy and safe, while simultaneously keeping us on the move and hassle-free. Clek car seats have been an industry leader around the world with their revolutionary technology, engineering and design making sure that everyone’s babies are their top priority when in the car and on the go. Clek knows parents have enough to worry about without constantly being concerned over continued vehicle safety, or even the small things such as twisted car seat straps. Wanting to ensure everyone enjoys a smooth, safe and comfortable ride, Clek worries about the car seat mechanics so that as a parent you don’t have to. Get on the go, secure in your most precious cargo’s safety with Clek.

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Clek Car Seats – The Best Choice For Families

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Clek makes the safest, most reliable carseats making me feel confident in the knowledge that my kids are safe when we're on the go.Clek Car Seats - the Best Choice for Families