Top Gifts for the Beauty Queen for Valentines Day

Beauty is not in the face; Beauty is a light in the heart – Kahlil Gibran

A celebration of love and beauty, Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to treat your love to a day of relaxation and beauty. We’ve rounded up everything she needs from getting dolled up for a night out on the town to finally tossing out that five year old drugstore eye shadow. It’s gross; toss that stuff. Browse through our picks and show how much you pay attention to her beauty habits, or for ladies who’d rather shop for themselves, splurge on some new must-haves and tell them Cupid sent it your way.

HD Makeup by Starlooks

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Starlooks is a full line of amazing, professional quality HD cosmetics that deliver gorgeous results on all skin types and tones. With their wide selection of products from “Stark Naked” lip gloss to Glittery Black Cream Eye Shadow, there truly is something for everyone and every makeup style.


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The Perfecting Face and Eye Primer will help fill in fine lines and pores to give a smooth, flawless canvas to build makeup upon. After applying the Longwear Foundation, the Rose Gold Skin Perfecting Blush can be applied over the apples of the cheeks for a beautiful, natural looking flush. Add some Liquid Highlighter on cheek bones for a beautiful, radiant glow, or on the Cupid’s Bow for fuller looking lips. The best part about these gorgeous face products is the fact that they can be used on any skin type and tone.

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The “Concrete” Cream Liner/Eye Base is the perfect eye primer that will give eyeshadow something to grab onto, giving it ultimate staying power and preventing shadow from creasing. Their eye shadows can be used to create endless, unique makeup looks for any occasion. Their cream eye shadows are a favorite among beauty box featured items and can be used to glam up any look in seconds. Try Champagne for a highly reflective, metallic-looking, glitter eyeshadow to elevate any look for a night out. Create a bold winged liner with their eyeliners that range from Metallic Gold or Blue Liquid Liner to the Noir Longwear Eye Pencil to the Luxe Black Pen Liner so you can wear something for any occasion. Finish off a bold eye look with their Flora! Spectrum Mascara — the only Jade-toned, professional quality, long lasting mascara in the entire makeup industry.


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For ultra glossy to ultra matte lips, Starlooks has it all. Try the ultra-longwear matte lip paints in any of their four shades — Royalty, Nudist, Piquant, and Doll. These lip paints go on creamy, wear beautifully, and although they are matte, they don’t dry out the lips or flake off. For a more deep toned lip look, try the Velveteen Lip Crayons in a range of six colors. All of their lipstick colors pack a serious pigment punch and feel light on the lips. And let’s not forget that no lip is complete without a lip liner. The liner pencils glide on lips, making precision work a breeze. Top off your lip look with any of their glosses to make lips look feminine and full. These vanilla-scented glosses smell like heaven, and they aren’t too sticky on the lips.

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Keep in mind that some of these products are limited edition, so get your hands on them before they’re gone — these products are HOT and going fast!

Perfect gift for makeup artists or any makeup lover looking for high quality, professional results.

About Starlooks

Founder Marci Star had a deep desire to help people of all skin tones, sizes, and shapes see their inner beauty reflected on the outside, which is how and why Starlooks was born. In addition to helping others look and feel their best, they have an amazing mission to help others dream big — a portion of all proceeds go to the Downtown Women’s Center in Los Angeles, whose mission is to keep women safe and off LA’s Skid Row. These proceeds help them get an education, housing, and food so they can have a chance at a better life.


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If you really want to know what to buy your lady this Valentine’s Day, look no further than where she spends much of her time (or used to spend her time before children got involved). Women love to style their hair, but rarely have the time or energy to do anything with it. This holiday, give her the chance to do more with her hair than a messy bun or pony tail. Give the gift of TYME.

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The TYME Iron is a two in one, professional quality, titanium hair curler and hair straightening iron that comes with a convenient travel sleeve. No longer do you need a straightening iron, curling iron, and heated curlers. The TYME Iron’s unique design makes it easier to create sleek straight hair OR beautiful curls in less time and with less effort with a simple twist in the tool versus the wrist.

Unlike conventional curling methods with a curling iron, curling wand, and regular flat iron, the TYME Iron creates beautiful curls while minimizing the amount of heat and tension necessary to set the curl. Whether you want a loose, beachy wavy or tight curly ringlets, just glide the TYME Iron from the root to the tip of the hair to create the look you want.

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Here are a few tips from our experience with TYME that you may find helpful to pass along to your girl.

  1. Guidelines and Gold Bars: The guideline bars are the brown bars on the wand that will lead to the curl versus the gold plates that lead to flat ironing your hair. If you want to curl your hair, be sure that the guidelines are closest to your scalp (or vice versa).
  2. Watch the videos: While you may think you know how to curl your hair with a flat iron, we strongly encourage that you watch the videos to get the look you’re going after. You’ll never know that you need to “vroom” your iron like you’d turn a handle or that you need to move toward the mirror while you’re curling unless you watch the videos first.
  3. Turning the rod: Speaking of which, turning the rod really is the trick and takes a little practice.

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Perfect gift for ladies with long or short hair who want an easier way to add curl to their hair.

About TYME

Created by Jacynda Smith, the CEO and inventor of the TYME Iron, TYME was made to help women create many styles of beautiful curls in less “tyme,” but with the flexibility to also straighten. It effectively replaces many different sizes of curling irons as well as your current flat iron, simplifying your hot tool collection into one single tool!




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Fragrance by PHLUR

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Sit back and think about the perfume that you or your loved one wears on a daily basis. It’s probably riddled with tons of questionable ingredients masked under the “fragrance” label, and you probably bought it by selecting and sampling it via your favorite big box store. There’s nothing wrong with that shopping experience, but what if you could get a fragrance that’s better for you and the environment? PHLUR fragrance is that different perfume we’ve all been waiting for, starting from scent inspiration to production to purchase.

The inaugural line of products was created with a unique balance of premium ingredients and environmentally responsible practices. With an immersive digital experience, each scent is explored through visual narratives that represent the inspiration and feeling of the fragrance. Since the line was specifically designed for skin and not strips of paper, PHLUR has introduced a novel sampling process that lets customers audition the scents in their everyday lives, the way it should be.

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The first step of the PHLUR experience is to visit their website and choose which photos speak to you the most. Are you a woman who identifies as outgoing? Does the thought of hitting the town for a girl’s night and dancing the night away excite you? Siano may be the scent for you. You can even explore the playlist that goes hand in hand with that scent.

“Siano’s brilliance comes in part from Brazilian orange oil. Our partner, Symrise, extracts that oil from orange skins using a technique powered entirely by renewable ethanol from locally-grown sugar cane. Better for the planet, better for you.”

Does a rejuvenating walk through Central Park get you going? Olmstead & Vaux is named after the park’s architects, and is a citrus burst in a fragrance and is a steady and relaxing scent. Do you love blasting Mumford and Sons? You’ll probably love Olmstead & Vaux as much as we did. And, for every bottle bought, PHLUR donates $5 to the Central Park Conservatory.

All of PHLUR’s scents are gender neutral, however, Siano typically appeals to more feminine and floral scent lovers, while Olmstead & Vaux can easily be worn on male or female, as the scent’s tones will become more masculine or feminine, depending on who is wearing it.

Does the thought of purchasing perfume based solely on a visual experience make you nervous? PHLUR offers an awesome way to try two of your favorite scents for $10, and when you choose your favorite, that $10 is applied via a credit towards your favorite full sized bottle.

Top Gifts For The Beauty Queen For Valentines Day 12 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Perfect gift for people looking to cut the B.S. out of their perfume.


PHLUR was invented to eliminate all the unnecessary junk from perfume, and every single scent is proudly cruelty-free, and free of allergens, parabens, phthalates, unnecessary stabilizers, and animal products. It is also made and sprayed in the good old U.S.A. They believe in using the best, locally sourced ingredients as well as giving back to their community and making products that take a stand for something. They exclude ingredients that damage the raw eco-system. They hold themselves and their partners with high standards, and think that you deserve to have a better fragrance, too. You can read more about all their conscious choices here – it’s quite impressive!


Siano | Olmstead & Vaux


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Pure Wave Cordless Massager by Pado

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Go ahead and make your Valentine the best masseur you’ve ever had! It’s like having a massage therapist at your finger tips with the Pure-Wave Body & Facial Massager. While the chocolates are melting in your mouth, let this pro massager melt away the kinks, knots, muscle spasms, tight joints, and any cramps that keep you from fully de-stressing the day away.

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The Pure Wave Cordless Massager features three different massage sticks to address different areas of the body and unique styles of massage. Choose from soft, medium, or firm application with the percussion motor design, which can be specifically adjusted to your desired intensity.

Top Gifts For The Beauty Queen For Valentines Day 15 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Top Gifts For The Beauty Queen For Valentines Day 16 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

How can you resist the experience of the most powerful and soothing cordless massager on the market? The Pure Wave cordless massagers are lightweight and powerful, yet gentle. The variable speed controller allows you to dial in the perfect intensity whilst six different massage heads allows you to select the firmness and style of your massage.

Top Gifts For The Beauty Queen For Valentines Day 17 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Perfect gift for having a home massage therapist right at your fingertips.

About Pado

PADO has set out to enhance people’s lives by bringing them enjoyment through high quality lifestyle products. They are based in the United States, and have a long, healthy history in manufacturing and retail. Pure Wave is a registered trademark of PADO. Their corporate office is in Valencia, California, while their warehouse is nestled in Valencia and Kentucky. Your order ships from one of these two warehouses depending on your location. For Amazon orders, they use Amazon fulfillment centers to let customers take advantage of PRIME shipping, where in some cases you can receive your item the same day.

Moschino FRESH Couture by Fragrance Net

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Who doesn’t love to receive a new bottle of perfume for Valentine’s Day? And when that bottle of perfume looks strikingly similar to a bottle of household cleaner, it’s certain to get a little extra attention by both the gift giver and receiver.

Top Gifts For The Beauty Queen For Valentines Day 19 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Despite first appearances, this bottle of what looks to be a household spray cleaner is in fact U.S. fashion designer Jeremy Scott’’s latest fragrance creation for Moschino. Inspired to create Fresh Couture Eau de Toilette after exploring the concept of juxtaposing an everyday, mundane vessel with a luxurious and precious fragrance, FRESH pushes the boundaries of conventional fragrance packaging.

A surprising and ironic product, Fresh Couture fragrance plays with fresh and joyful accents that will freshen up Mom’s usual poo and puke scented clothing. Its sparkling top notes of mandarin and bergamot are enriched with exotic ylang-ylang. Juicy raspberry provides contrast to the floral heart of velvety white peony and osmanthus. The base underscores the refined and modern character of the perfume with accords of clear woods, white patchouli, and ambrox.

Top Gifts For The Beauty Queen For Valentines Day 20 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Perfect gift for any woman who wants to smell as “fresh” as her house feels after a day of cleaning.

About FragranceNet has been trusted online since 1997. Carrying 15,000 genuine, brand name fragrances, skincare, makeup, hair care, aromatherapy, and candles all at discount prices, they have shipped over 10 million packages and have sold over $1 billion in beauty products. They also offer free shipping in the U.S. with a minimum order.

C.E.O. Protect + Repair Moisturizer by Sunday Riley Modern Skincare


Top Gifts For The Beauty Queen For Valentines Day 21 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Give the woman in your life the gift of glowing skin this Valentine’s Day with the C.E.O. Protect + Repair Moisturizer by Sunday Riley. “C.E.O.” represents the Vitamins C & E and the antiOxidants found in this fast absorbing formula. It delivers great hydration while protecting and repairing the visible effects of aging (without the icky greasiness that some moisturizers leave behind).

Top Gifts For The Beauty Queen For Valentines Day 22 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families


Blended with protective, anti-pollution agents and lime pearl extract, C.E.O. visibly brightens your skin while supporting natural collagen and fighting signs of environmental skin damage. It’s been shown to help with sensitivity, dehydration, dullness, uneven tone, and premature lines and wrinkles.


The C.E.O. Protect and Repair Moisturizer has a scientifically advanced formula that does not include parabens, sulfates, phthalates, or other controversial ingredients. The beauty queen in your life will love the way this moisturizer makes her look and feel!

Top Gifts For The Beauty Queen For Valentines Day 23 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Perfect gift for the woman who wants to stay looking as young and refreshed as she feels.

About Sunday Riley

Sunday Riley is the mother to five (3 kids and 2 dogs) and is the Formulator and CEO of Sunday Riley Modern Skincare, a high-performance skincare line, focused on fast results and long-term payoff. After obtaining a degree in chemistry, she worked in cosmetic labs and eventually launched her own line in 2009. According to The Wall Street Journal, “Her ethos is to buy the purest, A-grade raw materials and to make sure they’re formulated in a way that’s effective. While her products don’t qualify as ‘all-natural’, she describes her method as ‘clean technology’.”

Electric Toothbrush by Goby

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So when you think of the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, maybe a toothbrush doesn’t quickly come to mind. However, a high quality electric toothbrush is one of those things that people often won’t buy for themselves, making it in fact the perfect gift. It is something that will be used every single day, multiple times a day. Forget the days of boring and unattractive toothbrushes, because Goby is here to brighten up your bathroom counter with an exciting and affordable new brush.

Top Gifts For The Beauty Queen For Valentines Day 25 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Goby toothbrushes are designed to give a maximum clean with minimal effort. The rotationally oscillating brush heads have been proven to clean better than any other type of brush. It features a built in timer so that you always get the dentist recommended two minute brush, and it even beeps every 30 seconds letting you know to switch quadrants in your mouth.

And since not all bristles are created equal, you can rest assured that Goby’s soft premium bristles are polished to perfection and then examined at a microscopic level to ensure consistent end-rounding for superior performance. They aren’t too sharp and will not irritate your gums.

There is one simple button to turn the brush on and off and switch between the standard cleaning mode and the sensitive one. The downfall of electric toothbrushes can be replacing your brush head, but with Goby it lights up to alert you at the three month mark. You can even simply set your brush heads on automatic delivery!

Top Gifts For The Beauty Queen For Valentines Day 26 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Top Gifts For The Beauty Queen For Valentines Day 27 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Perfect gift for anybody who loves a clean and beautiful smile!

About Goby

Founded by two friends who were frustrated with the current offerings for oral care, Goby came to be. One of the founders, Ben, was fed up with trips to the dentist that were far from enjoyable. After one such trip he begrudgingly bought an expensive electric toothbrush. Though the toothbrush began to improve his oral care routine, he quickly found out that maintaining the brush with new and expensive brush heads for an already pricey brush was a lot on the wallet. Claire, the other founder, felt similar. They set out to design an economical option that would be attainable and affordable for most people. They strive to be a company that will provide you with the cleanest mouth at a no-hassle price. Goby is also on a mission to make great oral care accessible to all. By partnering with the manufacturer and selling direct to the consumer they can offer products at a fair price. They also partner with NYU College of Dentistry’s Global Student Outreach Program, donating a percentage of all sales to help provide dental services to people both here and around the world.




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Don’t forget to stay up to date with Daily Mom this Valentine’s Day. We have several amazing gift guides, so you are sure to find the perfect gift for all your loved ones. Also, make sure you check us out on social media so you don’t miss any of the fun.

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