Preparing Your Kitchen for the Upcoming Holiday


Thanksgiving is coming up this week, and Christmas is just around the corner. Even if you don’t celebrate either of these two holidays there are plenty of opportunities to host lovely winter get togethers right in your home. However, with the pleasure of being the host comes the task of ensuring that your kitchen is as prepared as your heart is to welcome people into your home. The holidays are such a wonderful time of year to reflect on all the joy that the year has brought you, or celebrate that which hasn’t been perfect but can be improved upon next year. While you are making your shopping lists this year to ensure that you have all the requirements for entertaining, we have three brands that absolutely cannot be left off your list: Le Crueset, Silpat, and Charles Viancin. Dm Divider9

When you start thinking of everything you need to buy to make sure you have a well rounded and healthily stocked kitchen to host the holidays you likely think first of your grocery list. However, what about the supplies? If this isn’t your first time hosting then you know the endless amount of pots, pans, and roasters that will inevitably get used. If this is your first time hosting you will surely want to make sure you have everything you need, and even if it’s not it may prove to be the perfect time to replace some of those old and trusty supplies with a splash of new.

There is no need to stress. We have you covered with a few essentials for both cooking and baking along with some well priced fun additions to spice up your holiday table.

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Le Creuset

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The Supplies

Are you the type of person who can never say no to hosting a fun filled holiday get together at their house? If this describes you then you need to make sure you stock your kitchen with top of the line cookware; nothing else will do! And if you are in search of top of the line cookware then you need not look any further than Le Creuset.

There is no use wasting money on roasters and casserole dishes that need to be replaced year after year. A true investment will stand the test of time, and for a product that stands the test of time, enamel certainly stands out. Le Creuset’s enamel cast iron has long been recognized for its strength and durability.

All of these pieces are crafted individually in sand molds, then hand-inspected by French artisans to ensure top quality makes its way into your kitchen. In addition to the specific attention that goes into making them you can rest assured that you will be using a product that has the best heat retention. Cast iron distributes heat slowly and evenly over the entire piece of cookware. This makes it ideal for all forms of cooking, whether slow-cooking, roasting, searing, stir-frying, or baking. The smooth interior enamel of these pieces is almost a glass-like finish which helps to encourage caramelization, resists staining, and prevents sticking, to make cleanup easy.

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When you are investing in quality cookware you want to make sure you invest in the essentials first. So, when you are thinking about Thanksgiving, Christmas, or large dinner parties, a roaster should be at the top of your list. The Signature Roaster by Le Creuset will make a beautiful focal point in your holiday spread.

In addition to being easy on the eyes, this beauty has:

  • A low-profile design that is optimal for oven roasting
  • Even heat distribution and superior heat retention
  • Durable, nonreactive sand-colored interior enamel
  • Colorful, long-lasting exterior enamel that will resist chipping and cracking over the years

Don’t worry about struggling to take it in and out of the oven either! This roaster has signature loop handles perfect for your oven mitts.

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Preparing Your Kitchen For The Upcoming Holiday 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

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What holiday meal could be complete without a fantastic casserole dish? We certainly cannot think of any. Like their cast iron enamel products, Le Creuset has stoneware casserole dishes that will last for years to come. Whether you are roasting brussels sprouts or marinating meat for the grill, a covered casserole dish is a kitchen essential. This Heritage Covered Casserole Dish has unmatched thermal resistance, making it safe for the freezer, microwave, oven, broiler, and dishwasher. The stoneware it is crafted from maintains an even temperature to help prevent burning or scorching. The result is a golden brown crust with fully cooked ingredients throughout!

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Can somebody please pass the sauce? Whether you are looking for something to showcase this year’s gravy or hold in your grandmother’s special sauce, this Sauce Jar is perfect! Also made of stoneware, this keep your sauces warm and will never be a bulky eye sore on your table. The dense stoneware will block moisture absorption to prevent cracking and rippling, while the exterior enamel will resist chips and stains. You will never have to wonder what to put your sauce in. Also, since it doesn’t look like a gravy boat you won’t need to pack it away when the holidays are over.

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About Le Creuset

Le Creuset has been bringing joy to the art of cooking and eating with their cast iron enamel stoneware and classic styles since the design of their first flame-colored enameled cast iron cocotte in 1925. This was just the beginning, and since then they have been crafting high-quality products that have become a staple in both home and professional kitchens across the globe. They love having a role in bringing people together for meals and encouraging joy and special moments spent together.

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Baking Essentials by Silpat

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The Supplies

If you are hosting a holiday gathering you will undoubtedly be baking. And if you are baking then you will without a doubt need Silpats! If you haven’t heard of them then we can guarantee you will be jumping for joy when you try them. These non-stick baking mats will turn any cookie sheet into an instant non stick surface. They are perfect for baking, and can be used easily in place of parchment paper. With the Silpat there is no need for butter or grease. This original non-stick mat is made of the highest quality food grade silicone which will help provide even heat distribution to promote even baking. They come in many different sizes and are freezer, oven, and microwave safe.

Here at Daily Mom we love the Silpat! And what is better than a non-stick baking mat? One that ensures that we have a perfect and uniform batch of cookies every time, and the Perfect Cookie Mat does just that.

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About Silpat

Silpats are produced by Sasa Demarle Inc. which was founded in 1965 by M. Guy Demarle in Northern France. He was an experienced baker who was seeking a better way to make his breads with forms using non-stick silicone coatings. He went on to invent the first non-stick baguette baking trays and then to invent and create the original Silpat®. The Silpat® products are made in France and headquartered in Wavrin, France.

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Cooking and Entertaining Accessories by Charles Viancin

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The Supplies

All well thought out hosted events contain at least a few special touches! Special touches in the way of pretty and thoughtful accessories will always be remembered. Surely you know that the smallest of touches can leave the biggest impressions. The delicate designs of Charles Viancin are all inspired by nature. They offer one of a kind kitchen accessories to help jazz up anything from your wine glasses to your leftovers. Their Airtight Lids go right on top of everything from your unfinished glass of wine to the tupperware you cannot find a lid for. This will make storing dishes on the table while you are prepping a meal and cleaning up that much easier.

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In addition to their airtight lids, we have two other great accessories that really pop. Their Bottle Stoppers are made of silicone and perfect for topping any open bottle. They help preserve freshness and flavor while creating an airtight seal that prevents wine from oxidizing. In addition, their Drink Markers will liven up any drinking glass and ensure that your guests always know which one is theirs. They adhere easily and can be quickly rinsed after a party and used again.

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About Charles Viancin

Through fun and functional kitchen products, Charles Viancin has spent the last decade revitalizing the kitchenware market, with fun and functional products that are innovatively designed and responsibly made. He gathers inspiration from nature and the landscapes that surround us to help create products that are reflective and respective of nature. Charles Viancin offers a wide range of products with everything from silicone lids to cooking utensils and bottle stoppers.

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Remember, hosting the holidays is about being grateful for what you have and opening your home to those you love. Don’t become overwhelmed by all the tasks that come along with it. Embrace this magical time of year and enjoy those around you. Never be afraid to ask your guests for help, and we hope you enjoy some wonderful holiday meals. Be sure to tie it all together with decorative tablecloths and kitchen accessories to make your gathering perfect. All of the wonderful offerings today will surely last you for many get togethers to come.

Be sure to keep up with everything festive happening at Daily Mom, and let us in on all of your holiday happenings on social media with hashtag #holidayhappenings.
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