7 Realistic Motivation Tips for Entrepreneurs

Seems like everyone is an entrepreneur these days. From selling handmade items to providing services as a side hustle, everyone is starting their own business and making that money! But it’s easy to get started. It’s once the sparkle of the newness has subsided, that it’s hard to keep up the motivation. So if you’re looking for tips for entrepreneurs to keep the motivation going in business, we’ve got the list for you.

7 Realistic Motivation Tips For Entrepreneurs

Maintain A Healthy Routine

Routine is the number one way to keep on with all the tasks a business entails. From daily morning routine tips for entrepreneurs that include exercise and journalling, to general routines filled with planning your week and catching up on news, following the same order of events is key to staying motivated. Create your own routine by searching for other routine tips for entrepreneurs and planning out your needs for each day, then do it daily.

Time Block

Time-blocking tips for entrepreneurs are key to time organization. In your calendar, block off time chunks dedicated to certain tasks, for example checking emails, self-care and relaxing, social media posting, etc. They don’t need to be detailed, but they need to be focused.

Time blocking is a way to manage your daily time by dividing your day into “blocks” that are dedicated to a specific task. It may sound overwhelming and too detailed, but actually, it’s the opposite. Telling your time what you should be doing in a given hour or two keeps you from getting distracted, and puts your focus on the important items. Time blocking is one of those tips for entrepreneurs many don’t quite know about, and yet it’s incredibly helpful.

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Set Reminders

Even with all the scheduling, it’s easy to forget or get distracted. Tips for entrepreneurs like having reminders set keep us on track and motivated to stay on task. Although paper calendars have their use, and look cute on your office wall, having an app on your phone that alerts you when it’s time, or ALMOST time, to do something, is more valuable in the long run. Set reminders for the little tasks, or even just a reminder to stay motivated. Hey, every bit helps! You can even set a reminder to read up on your tips for entrepreneurs list!

Follow Other Entrepreneurs

Now, this one’s tricky. Following other entrepreneurs does NOT mean comparing your business to others for motivation. It’s simply surrounding yourself with others who are motivated, which in turn, helps you set goals and reach them. It keeps you aware of what you want in life and you’ll probably pick up a few other tips for entrepreneurs from them. It’s also a great way to connect and lean on them when you’re having trouble. Many other businesses love to help smaller ones. But the caveat is not comparing and feeling left behind or disappointed when you aren’t where they are. Every business is different, so keep that in mind.

7 Realistic Motivation Tips For Entrepreneurs

Make A List of SMART Goals

One of the best tips for entrepreneurs is to make SMART goals. A SMART goal is a Specific (what exactly are you trying to achieve?), Measurable (How will you know when you’ve achieved it?), Attainable (Is it genuinely possible to achieve it?), Relevant (Does it contribute to your business’ revenue growth?), and Time-Based goal (When do you want to achieve this by?). If you use that acronym when planning ahead, you’ll be more likely to reach your business dreams and succeed. Even better? Make the list and leave it where you see it every day – on your desk, on your mirror – so you can keep your eye on the prize.

Learn to Get Over the Bad Days

Bad days happen to everyone. Business owners and entrepreneurs aren’t exempt either. So one of the success tips for entrepreneurs that you should try to implement now is just to learn to get through the rough patches. Find something that works for you – writing down the issue, going for a walk, talking to someone – and then move on. Each day is new. Don’t let one bad day ruin a great week.

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7 Realistic Motivation Tips For Entrepreneurs

Get Good Sleep

Sleep is essential to life. Everyone should be prioritizing sleep. And no, it may not always show up on a list of tips for entrepreneurs, but it’s also essential to running a successful business. Sure, you’ll be working more than you’re used to when you run your own business, but you also need to prioritize and get more rest. Putting it as a priority makes sure it gets done, and then you’ll be rested for all the work during the day. You’ll be amazed at how much better and more focused your feel too.

Succeeding in business is all about staying motivated. With everyone starting a business these days, it’s a great idea to learn some tips for entrepreneurs that will help you stay motivated and on task. Put these 7 tips for entrepreneurs to work and see just how motivated you stay.

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7 Realistic Motivation Tips For Entrepreneurs



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