From day one, we should be reading to our children. Reading unlocks the doors to so many wonderful things in life. Reading out loud to your babies is important for brain development. Read to kids early and often as it helps with language development, literacy, social skills, and more. We all want the best for our kids and we know reading is the key to so much success later on in life. With the ever growing competition for our children’s attention from technology, how do we keep our kids interested in books? Everyone should see reading as a gift because that is truly what it is. What is better than snuggling up with your sweet kiddo with a good book, excited to see how the story ends together? If you want to instill that love of literature in your young children, Bookroo wants to help, and they even have a special discount just for Daily Mom readers.

Meet Bookroo

Bookroo is a subscription box for children from infancy through age six. This wonderful company is made up of a group of moms passionate about reading with their own kiddos. They took their love of reading and discovering new books and created Bookroo so that it would be easy for everyone to get their young children excited about reading.

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The mission of Bookroo “is to enable and empower parents to build their children’s book collections in an affordable and exciting way through curated monthly book deliveries. [They] believe in the power and impact of the written word in the life of a child, and believe it’s never too early to start reading to children!”

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Discovering new children’s books can be a challenge. Getting to a good bookstore to seek out new books isn’t always easy with kids in tow. You and your kids can get sick of reading the same stack of books over and over again so you move on and do other things. With a Bookroo subscription, your kids renew their excitement for books every month, and Bookroo does all the work for you, finding the newest and most creative books and delivering them right to your door. If your child is age 0-2, the Board Book Box is ideal and contains three board books every month. Children ages 2-6 will love the Picture Book Box that contains two pictures books each month.

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The Bookroo Box

The day your Bookroo Box arrives is always an exciting one. Your child will immediately recognize the Bookroo Box featuring their adorable baby kangaroo logo. Let your child take it from the mailbox and then rush inside to open it up!

When you open the box, what you find inside is delightful. Each book is individually wrapped in lovely wrapping paper. The books are an actual gift your child gets to open each month. The symbolism of the wrapping is just perfect. Your child learns that reading and books are literally a gift!

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Watch as your child tears through the paper and inspects each book. You will immediately read them all together, and just like that you will have two or three new books to add to your child’s personal library. It is so sweet to have this little gift in the mail. You and your child will look forward to your Bookroo Box every month.

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You will love each and every book, and Bookroo ensures this by thoroughly reviewing them all. In fact, all books are extensively reviewed by a panel of 12 families attending Stanford University and their combined 22 kids. These books are extra special because they aren’t titles that you have probably heard of. They find hidden gems and send them on to you.

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An Investment in Your Child

Now that you’ve heard about Bookroo and the experience of receiving a Bookroo Box in the mail, you are probably ready to start your own Bookroo subscription. Bookroo has an amazing offer for Daily Mom readers. Purchase your preferred subscription here and you will receive 20% off a three or six month subscription.

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All subscriptions renew automatically making it easy for the fun to continue month after month. If you want to take a break for a couple months or cancel, you are free to do so at any time. You can only get the 20% off through this special offer through Daily Mom, so be sure to use this link to start your Bookroo experience. This book subscription is already a fantastic deal on its own, but throw in the 20% off and it is a steal!

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Read, read, and then read some more. Keep expanding your child’s skills and love of reading with a Bookroo subscription. You will open up a whole new world every month when you open your mailbox and find your Bookroo Box.

Now that you are ready to read with your little one, here are 5 Effective Beginning Reading Strategies for Toddlers to make the most out of your time with your Bookroo books!

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