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Many Americans strive to purchase as many items as possible that display a “Made in USA” logo. However, with frequent shopping at big box stores it is easy for many products to get lost in the mix and assume they were made overseas. Buying goods that have been manufactured in The United States helps support jobs and economic growth. The following are common products, easy to find, frequently needed, and all of which are made in America.

Sterlite Corp

This company can serve many of your home organizational needs and manufactures in multiple locations around The United States. Sterlite manufactures popular laundry baskets and stack-able storage units.


All of the glassware made by Pyrex is manufactured in the USA, however, the plastic lids are not. These containers can be used in the oven, microwave, freezer, fridge, on-the-go, or at home making them a staple in any kitchen.

Anchor Hocking

Also known for their glassware Anchor Hocking is committed to not only manufacturing in the USA but also offering a multitude of products for the kitchen such as storage and baking dishes.

Fiestaware China

This bold dinnerware is a quick find at any department store. With a variety of prints, hues, and themes Fiestaware will bring character to any table setting.

Tervis Tumblers

These insulated plastic cups are perfect for travel when the practical lids are also purchased. Tervis tumblers have endless room for personalization but the best part about these cups, they are guaranteed for life.

Igloo coolers

The world’s largest manufacturer of coolers is completely made in America. Igloo now offers many types, styles, and colors making tailgating more stylish one cooler at a time.

For more extensive lists on products manufactured in The USA visit here or here.


  1. Hello! I just ran across this post. Thank you for bringing more attention to Made in USA products. I had no idea that Igloo was made in the USA! Norton’s U.S.A. in Illinois is also a great source of made in the USA products. They actually have some amazing Anchor Hocking pieces!


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