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Photo Credit: The Art Of Making A Baby

I am envious of morning people. How my mother can be completely dressed, have a few chores done, and watched a bit of TV all before she leaves for work really blows my mind. Some of us have a hard time turning the coffee pot on and brushing our teeth in that time span. But there are a few things us, non-morning people, can do to get a little more out of these vital few hours of the day.

Wake Up Before The Kids

This can get hard since some little ones like to wake up at the crack of dawn, but try. Give yourself 10 minutes of alone time if you can. This will help you feel in control of the day, despite how hard those children try to be the boss.

Prep The Night Before

Cook your oatmeal overnight in the Crockpot, have your outfit picked out, and get diaper bags and briefcases gathered and ready to go by the door. Getting this tedious morning work out of the way leaves time for more enjoyable morning activities. Plus, if you wake up late the essential work is already out of the way and you only need to manage to throw yourself together and get out the door.

Knock Something Off Your To-Do List

Depending on whether or not you thrive in the morning this could be as simple as folding a load of laundry or getting the day’s hardest task out of the way first thing. Regardless, you get to start the day by checking off an item on the never-ending to-do list, and what feels better than that?


Most of us wish we had more time to read, but the further we get into our hectic days the harder it is to fit into our schedules. This one’s great because you don’t even need to get out of bed!


This could be a true meditation or a simple moment spent with your thoughts in the quiet (who can’t use more quiet time?). Prepare yourself for what’s to come, what has happened recently, and what you can do to better mentally prepare for any challenges you might face.


This one isn’t for all of us, since going to the gym in the morning might not work with your schedule. There is still something you can do though, get up and stretch. The key is to wake your body and therefore your mind up. You won’t be dragging your feet down the hallway if your legs are wide awake.