25 Unique & Cool Gadgets You Don’t Want To Ignore

Whether you’re looking for a quick gift, a cool knick-knack for yourself, or a must have gadget you just can’t ignore, we have collected 25 unique and cool gadgets you don’t want to ignore. No two people are alike so get away from the everyday, run-of-the-mill items everyone owns pick up something neat and trendy to showcase your personal style.

TriLuma Lamp

Dailymom Parent Portal Cool Gadgets Triluma Light

Need a lamp? This multicolored LED lamp is completely portable, unique, and functional! With pop-out lights, you can scare away the monsters under the bed or set the mood on the porch with friends. Whichever you choose, this is a cool gadget!

Trtl Pillow

Dailymom Parent Portal Cool Gadgets Trtl Scarf

It’s super soft so why not sleep anywhere? Now you can! Scientifically proven to hold up your head so you sleep instead of doing the rock-band head-nod. It’s cozy, supportive, and fashionable. Why not have the ultimate neck support look like a scarf?

JKR Vintage Windproof Ashtray

Dailymom Parent Portal Unique Gadgets Ashtray

Need a classy astray? But wait, even if you aren’t a smoker, this gem can morph into a coin holder or even a jewelry jar. This unique gadget is unlike any multi-use trinket out there. It is crafted of premium Zinc Alloy Metal while being nickel, lead, and cadmium free. Complete the look with a hand-stamped, perfect 3D pattern.

Wizsla Magnetic Wristband 

Dailymom Parent Portal Cool Gadgets Tool Wristband

This unique gadget is ideal for all sorts of professionals, hobbyists, DIYers, electricians, carpenters, mechanics, handymen, and those with a honey-do list. You’ll be able to securely hold your nails, bolts, drill bits, pins, and any small metal parts where you need them most accessible and available when you need them!

Disney Minnie Mouse Beaded Accent Lamp

Dailymom Parent Portal Unique Gadgets Minnie Lamp

Adorn your home with this tribute to Minnie Mouse. Made with translucent, acrylic beads, and a hand-assembled polished nickel frame you’ll love this subtle lamp. You’ll find that it is easy to pair with your current decor with the white polyester shade, a nice neutral color to brighten up your room.

Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge

Dailymom Parent Portal Unique Gadgets Wedge Glass

Enjoy your whiskey in an artful and unique way. Corkcicle provides the glass and silicone wedge to ‘drink up’ on your chilled favorite spirits without quickly watering them down as ice cubes may do. Be sure to buy two sets because who likes to enjoy a classy drink alone?

Atlas Pepper Mill

Dailymom Parent Portal Cool Gadgets Peppermll

Do you like to entertain? Sure, you could have the standard grocery store peppermill, but it isn’t very unique. This copper peppermill (available in more colors) is handmade and is made to maximize the pepper aroma and flavor. You’ll also have the flexibility of a fine to coarse grind. Durable and unique, it is built to last.


Dailymom Parent Portal Unique Gadgets Bedshelfie

This is the perfect bedside tray to hold your essentials when you don’t have a nightstand or when you are visiting family. The strong clamp requires no tools with this Scandinavian Minimalist Design. There are also (which you’ll appreciate) two wire slots for charging your devices. It is neat, effective, functional, and a cool gadget to have!

Orgone Pyramid

30 Interesting &Amp; Unique Finds You Don'T Want To Ignore

Now you can beautifully filter and balance the energy field in your home, office, vehicle, or anywhere you feel you need to neutralize electronic smog from cell phones, routers, wi-fi, and more. Infused with a combination of quartz crystal and other energy clearing crystals and stones to strengthen your energy by converting any low-frequency energy into a higher frequency that is more beneficial for life forms including yourself, pets, and plants.

Get Naked Art Print

30 Interesting &Amp; Unique Finds You Don'T Want To Ignore

Add a little humor and maybe even a hint to your significant other with this fun and entertaining art work. Now all you have to do is decide which room or even better…which rooms.

Madison Clock

30 Interesting &Amp; Unique Finds You Don'T Want To Ignore

Add a piece of timeless beauty to your dècor with fluid curves and a gorgeous copper face. This is a cool gadget for a modern and contemporary styled home or office.

Magnifying Glass

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal- Cool Gadgets - Magnifying Glass

This isn’t child’s play, this is a magnifying glass styled for the sophisticated. Crafted from exotic woods like cherry, lacewood, and maple, it is silky smooth with a high quality glass for all your magnifying needs.

Acorn Jewelry


No matter what ear it is, no matter what is trending, vintage is always in and this vintage style acorn necklace and earrings set is trending. Made with copper shade simulated pearls from Swarovski Crystal and accented by antiqued silver plated brass acorn bead caps with beautiful detailing you’ll be sure to show off a little extra flair.

Pickleweeds Hedgehog Family

30 Interesting &Amp; Unique Gadgets You Don'T Want To Ignore

These lovable critters are so adorable, how can you not love this cool set? Detailed clothing, jointed arms and legs, and with heads that turn, this may not be a “cool gadget”, but it sure does hit our list of a cool playset to add to the village.

Smart Mask Treatment Device

30 Interesting &Amp; Unique Gadgets You Don'T Want To Ignore

Short on time but big on beauty-care? In just 90 seconds you can have an advanced facial mask treatment with LED light therapy. Boost the essential active ingredients to firm and ensure glowing and youthful skin with this cool gadget for self-care.

Travel Shoe Bag


Finally! A bag tailored to just your shoes! This cool gadget is a must-have for travelers who want to keep their foot-wear separated but not double bagged in a recycled supermarket bag. Now you can properly protect your shoes from being crushed, scratched, or scuffed during the duration of your travel. 

Avwoo Shower Speaker

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-Cool-Gadgets - Shower-Speaker

Take your shower debut to a whole new level! Whether you are on the road or rocking it out with the colorful lights in your own shower disco, you can be sure you will get a big sound for the best listening and singing experience wherever you are.

Dog Training Collar


Your furry friend will love this cool gadget. No more shock for their training days. Perfect for rainy days and water training modes as it is still 100% effective. Train the easy and furry-friendly way.

Portable Movie Theater

30 Interesting &Amp; Unique Gadgets You Don'T Want To Ignore

Now you can create your own movie theater experience wherever you are. Not only can you stream from your favorite sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Youtube, it also comes with built-in Disney e-books, videos, and stories. Enjoy your screen-time anywhere without the blue light normally emitted by tablets and TVs.

Cubii Jr: Desk Elliptical

25 Interesting &Amp; Unique Gadgets You Don'T Want To Ignore

Who says burning an extra 150 calories per hour was a bad thing…while sitting? This cool gadget gives you 8 resistance levels to max out your workout while being whisper-quiet so you get in your reps for the day without anyone even noticing. It is no sweat being discreet and fits wherever you are, no gym required.

Electrical Wine Bottle Opener

25 Interesting &Amp; Unique Gadgets You Don'T Want To Ignore

Elegant, stylish, and efficient. No more delays when it is time to open up your favorite bottle of wine. Stainless steel, attractive, and rechargeable, it is the best accessory for your home entertainment.

Smart LED Light Bulb

25 Interesting &Amp; Unique Gadgets You Don'T Want To Ignore

Throw some color in the room. With Alexa you can control the dimming soft white light and wide range of colors to set the mood however you wish. Schedule your colors, set the mood, and let your imagination do the rest with this cool gadget from Lifx.

Subway Wall Hook

25 Interesting &Amp; Unique Gadgets You Don'T Want To Ignore

Fun, function, and definitely a cool gadget for your wall décor this wall hook is inspired by the subway system. Each colorful hook can hold up to 5 lbs, perfect for the end-of-day hangups.

 UV Flashlight Black Light

25 Interesting &Amp; Unique Gadgets You Don'T Want To Ignore

What is that smell? Sometimes you have to find the unfavorable spots in your home that are not favorable. Using this black light, you can illuminate stains and spots that you normally do not see with the naked eye.

Kinetic Educational Spring Toy

25 Interesting &Amp; Unique Gadgets You Don'T Want To Ignore

Got stress?  Use this “slinky for your arm” to help with stress and anxiety relief. Try rolling it down from one arm to their other arm in one motion. Have fun with this cool gadget and get some relief from the day’s problems.


These 25 cool gadgets can entertain, create convenience, or simply be a gag gift for your best friend. Either way, step out of the box and try something different with a few of these gadgets. You never know, you just may get hooked on one!

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