The Best Preschool Supply List For Toddlers On Their First Day of School

As summer winds down and the leaves start to change, it’s time to gear up for an exciting new season in preschool. Whether your little ones are returning or starting their first adventure in the classroom, having the right supplies is essential for a successful and enriching learning experience. From colorful art materials to interactive toys and educational tools, our preschool supply list for the fall has got you covered. Get ready to stock up on everything your child needs to explore, create, and grow in a stimulating environment that will ignite their imaginations and pave the way for a bright future.

Cute, Snuggly, Educational, & Fun: Preschool Supply List Must-Haves


Parents, as you gear up for your child’s transition to preschool or kindergarten, Lovevery Play Kits can be your secret weapon. These kits not only support your child’s early development but also seamlessly prepare them for the structured learning environment they’ll encounter in school. They’re perfect to add to your preschool supply list.

Lovevery Play Kits are carefully crafted to meet the developmental needs of children from birth to 5 years old. By engaging with these kits, your child can develop essential skills that will lay a strong foundation for their educational journey. These kits focus on cognitive, physical, and emotional growth, ensuring that your child is well-rounded and ready to tackle new challenges.

When it comes to preparing your child for school, Lovevery Play Kits excel at promoting cognitive development. The open-ended play materials, like building blocks and puzzles, encourage problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity. These skills are crucial for academic success and help your child adapt to new learning environments with confidence.

Lovevery Play Kits also prioritize fine motor development, which is vital for tasks like writing, cutting, and drawing. Through hands-on engagement with the manipulative toys in the kits, your child can enhance their hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and finger strength. These skills will prove invaluable when they start using a pencil or scissors in the classroom.

But it doesn’t end there. Lovevery Play Kits also nurture your child’s emotional growth. The activities and toys in the kits create opportunities for meaningful parent-child bonding, fostering a strong sense of security and connection. This emotional foundation will support your child as they navigate new social settings and build relationships with teachers and peers.

To make your journey even smoother, each Lovevery Play Kit comes with activity guides that offer valuable insights into your child’s development. These guides provide suggestions for interactive play that complements what they’ll be learning in school. Consider them your trusted companion, guiding you through the back-to-school transition and giving you ideas for stimulating activities.

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As you prepare your child for school, Lovevery Play Kits offer a seamless way to give their learning journey a head start at home. These kits provide engaging, age-appropriate activities that reinforce foundational skills and foster a genuine love for learning. By putting the Play Kits onto your preschool supply list and incorporating them into your daily routine, you can ensure that your child is well-prepared, confident, and excited to embrace the upcoming school year. Trust me, Lovevery Play Kits are a parent’s best friend in this exciting chapter of your child’s life.

Lovevery Play Kits
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As the school season approaches, Alphapals™ Rainbow Plush Letter Set is the perfect addition to your preschool supply list. This set is more than just a bag of letters; it’s a comfy seat full of wonder and play. The soft, fully-lined Alphabag includes 26 high-quality, large plush Alphapal letters stored inside. Each letter has durable stitching and includes the trademark signature embroidered smiley face, making each letter worry-free from loose pieces, happy, and cuddly. One of the best features is it’s machine washable for easy cleaning, which every parent and teacher would appreciate. This set is a fun way for your child to learn colors and the alphabet and combine letters to create words.

The set includes 1 Alphabag, 26 Alphapals letters in 7 colors, and is made of 100% Polyester. The modern, grey Alphabag is designed to blend in with your home decor and is fully lined to help keep its structure. The set can go with your child everywhere, from your living room to the playground – the perfect travel companion! It has a durable, reinforced stitched-loop handle and a large, sturdy zipper, making storing and toting your plush new Alphapals convenient, fun, and quick to clean up after play. Get your child excited for back-to-school season with the Rainbow Plush Letter Set by Alphapals™!

Alphapals™ Rainbow Plush Letter Set – Large
Alphapals™ | Facebook | Instagram

Rylee & Cru

If clothes are on your preschool supply list it’s time to update and reorganize your little girl’s wardrobe this fall with Rylee & Cru. You know when you need to do a drawer cleaning to get rid of those clothes that are too small or too stained! We’ve all been there so let’s start with the Quincy Mae Sleeveless Ruffle V Dress.

It features a sleeveless design that allows free movement, while the adorable ruffle V-neckline adds a touch of sweetness and elegance. It is crafted from fine organic cotton – ensuring comfort and breathability for your little one’s delicate skin. Moreover, the ditsy clay print and ruffles add a touch of whimsy, making the dress look adorable! Easy to care for, this Ruffle V dress Dress is a practical and adorable choice!

Next on our list is the Waffle Collar Tank Dress. It combines charming style with utmost comfort, making it a delightful choice for any baby. The ruffled collar, cute front buttons, and the captivating sky hue add a touch of magic to the outfit, making your little one look like a fairy-tale character. In addition, each size of the dress comes with coordinating bloomers – making diaper changes a breeze!

Flutter Dress + Bloomer – a tasteful investment in your little one’s wardrobe too. It is made of velvety soft fabric, making it ideal for summer, so the fun never stops! Plus, the flutter sleeves and back button closure lend a timeless charm to the dress, it also makes dressing and undressing super easy! Not to mention the apricot color, an eye-catching delight to complement the fall colors. Definitely put this one on your preschool supply list!

You cannot go wrong with the Pointelle Knit Set. The set includes both a sweater and a matching bloomer, making it a hassle-free choice for busy parents. It is a must-have ensemble that offers unparalleled warmth so your baby stays cozy even on the coldest of days. With its delicate pointelle knit design, this set is not only functional but also stylish — making other babies jealous! Plus, all these dresses are available at affordable prices and will make exceptional gifts.

Waffle Collar Tank Dress | Sky | Pointelle Knit Set | Lilac | Flutter Dress + Bloomer | Tulips | Sleeveless Ruffle V Dress | Ditsy Clay
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Daily Mom Parent Portal Preschool Supply List

Connetix offers a variety of beautiful magnetic tile sets that encourage open-ended play and help develop a child’s imagination and creativity, perfect for any preschool supply list. These tile sets are great for improving fine motor skills and development. Made using non-toxic ABS plastic that is BPA, lead, and Phthalate free, Connetix’s unique beveled design allows the tiles to be strong while creating beautiful clear refractions.

Featuring a unique bevel design, and durable and non-toxic materials, Connetix offers endless play possibilities. Children will enjoy clearer refractions, strong magnets, and vibrant colors as you create limitless structures – from castles and towers to animals and vehicles.

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These sets come in a variety of pieces amounts for endless creations. This educational toy helps children unlock their creativity and also get a better understanding of sharing with classmates, friends, or siblings. Connetix tiles are designed to grow with children as they learn and play becomes more complex. Whether it’s the teacher’s preschool supply list or yours, every kid will love these awesome toys.

100 Piece Creative Pack
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Ready, Set, Romper

Back-to-school time just got a whole lot easier for busy moms with Ready, Set, Romper’s Switch-A-Roo™ Reversible Opening Rompers! These are about to become a wardrobe staple your little one won’t want to miss out on so put them on your preschool supply list. The patent-pending design makes the transition from diaper changes to potty training fast and simple – no mess, no fuss. With 0-12 sizes, you can choose between a front or back-opening romper for access that helps you stay one step ahead of growth spurts.

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It’s made from soft, lightweight antibacterial bamboo fabric which means it helps keep your child’s sensitive skin from irritation and comfortable all day long. So this season, opt for clothing your kid will love as much as you can appreciate with Slip’s Switch-A-Roo™ Reversible Opening Romper – comfort meets convenience in an unbeatable fashion combination.

Finalize the look with the new bamboo headwraps that are hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, moisture-wicking, and provide natural UV protection. So you know your little one’s delicate skin (especially their head, hello bald babies!) is safe! Get the style in a wider headwrap for even more coverage and an extra stylish look. Your back-to-school, fashionable headband hunt ends here! Put them on your preschool supply list now.

Switch-A-Roo™ Reversible Opening Twirl Shortie Romper in Flamingos | Headwrap in Flamingos | Headwrap in Prism | Switch-A-Roo ™ Reversible Opening Twirl Shortie Romper in Prism
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Get ready to elevate playtime to new dimensions! This unique Marble Run + Art Easel is not just about play; it’s a powerful educational tool too! As your child designs, builds, and tests their marble run, they develop essential problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and an understanding of cause and effect. It’s a thrilling way to learn, grow, and have a blast all at once.

Then on the other side, you have an art easel that has a reversible chalkboard and whiteboard. This is a great choice for parents looking to add a unique versatile addition to your preschool supply list and to your playroom that your child will be able to use again and again for their creative exploits.

Marble Run + Art Easel
KiwiCo | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest


Are you looking for the perfect back-to-school comfort buddy to put on your preschool supply list? Then you must check out the Weighted Stuffed Animal 2-in-1 Bundle by FluffyWeight! With two interchangeable covers, you can switch between an adorable cat and a dog whenever you’re ready for a change. Plus, with a backup cover on hand, it’s easy to keep your new best friend clean and fresh.

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Made with a premium, super-soft polyester plush removable outer cover and filled with 100% certified natural latex foam, this comfort buddy is more than just a cute plush toy. With 5.5 pounds of therapeutic snuggle power, it’s proven to calm meltdowns, ease anxiety, and make bedtime easier.

This award-winning plush is perfect for high-traffic areas like classrooms, this weighted stuffed animal bundle is a must-have for anyone looking for a little extra comfort and support. And with both animal-style covers being removable, mix-and-matchable, and machine-washable, you’ll always have a fresh and clean comfort buddy ready for snuggles whenever needed. So why wait? Put a Weighted Stuffed Animal 2-in-1 Bundle by FluffyWeight on your preschool supply list today and cuddle up to a soft, soothing, and forever snugly full-body hug!

FluffyWeight Weighted Stuffed Animal 2-in-1 Bundle
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Mabel’s Labels

As the new school year approaches, equip your little superheroes with the ultimate secret weapon: personalized labels for their precious school belongings with Mabel’s Labels. Say goodbye to lost lunchboxes, misplaced stationery, and vanishing water bottles! With the enchanting range of custom labels from Mabel’s Labels, your kids will stand out from the crowd while keeping their items safe and sound throughout their daily adventures.

The Ultimate School Combo has everything your little one will need for the year and probably some to spare. There are tons of options to personalize the labels, from color choice to font, you can add a personal design to match your little one’s style and make these labels unique just like your child’s personality. These labels are also waterproof, ensuring they withstand spills, rain, and anything else the day might throw their way. Rest assured that these labeled treasures will stay fabulous, even during messy lunchtimes!

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Basic Label

If you are needing fewer labels (like for preschoolers), you can go with the Basic Back to School Label Pack. This pack is sure to cover all the basic label needs for someone not needing as much as the combo back offers. All labels are waterproof, dishwasher safe, laundry safe, and made to be durable to withstand the school day. You’ll be guaranteed to keep your little one’s stuff out of the lost and found this year with Mabel’s Labels.

Ultimate School Como | Basic Back-to-School Label Pack
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With Clixo’s Rainbow Pack, you’re not just getting another toy for your child —you’re opening a world of endless possibilities. Watch as curiosity, creativity, and confidence flourish in the hands of the little architects and inventors using the bold and bright colors in the Rainbow Pack. These magnetic blocks are perfect for little hands to bend and manipulate without frustration.

This pack comes with 42 pieces and is also easy to pack away for a trip or car ride. But if you are looking for more blocks or have multiple kids, Clixo offers the Super Rainbow Pack with 60 individual pieces. So, make your little one’s day extra special by putting Clixo’s Rainbow Pack on your preschool supply list and witness the magic of imagination come to life!

Rainbow Pack
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Petite Revery

The Oversize Knit Sweater in Stone from Petite Reverie is the cutest sweater for the upcoming season! Whether you’re planning an outfit for picture day or a playdate, this adorable sweater will be your go-to!

The Oversize Knit Sweater has a relaxed fit and is made with soft, cozy fabric, making it the ideal piece for lounging at home or layering over a lighter top. The material is thick and warm, but the oversize design gives it a bit of breathability. You will love the trendy style, while your kiddo will love feeling comfortable.

The stone color adds a touch of sophistication and versatility, making it easy to pair with any bottoms in your closet. But, if you prefer another color, Petite Revery offers other options. You can pair it with jeans for a day at the pumpkin patch, or add khakis for a Sunday morning at church. Either way, the quality of this knitwear piece is exceptional, as expected from Petite Reverie.

Oversize Knit Sweater
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Daily Mom Parent Portal Preschool Supply List

Get ready for a laugh-out-loud family game night with Pigs on Trampolines by PlayMonster! This hilarious and fast-paced game is guaranteed to bring smiles and giggles to players of all ages.

The objective? Launch the adorable little pig figurines into the air and onto the trampoline, making them fly as high as possible. With its simple rules and silly premise, Pigs on Trampolines is perfect for both children and adults. Players take turns bouncing their pigs off the trampoline using a launcher. The goal is to make your pig reach the highest level marked on the scoring board. As you increase in levels, new challenges arise, adding an exciting twist to each round.

Make sure you have this game on hand for your next family game night! So put it on your preschool supply list today.

Pigs on Trampolines Games
PlayMonster | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Creativity for Kids

Every child loves the colorful world of Eric Carle! Now, your kiddo can step into that world with these fun activities and crafts for your preschool supply list!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Toy: Craft and Play Pictures is a set that is great for toddlers who love sensory activities. With pom-pom balls, your child can decorate the scenes from the book any way he or she likes! The best part is that nothing is permanent; the child can place and remove the pom-poms an infinite number of times! When it’s time to clean up, simply place the scenery boards and balls into the mesh bag included in the kit. It’s such a simple activity, but it can keep little hands busy and little minds engaged.

With the tote bag activity kit, your child can personalize his or her own bag using peel-and-stick fabric stickers. It’s a simple and clean craft, but it still provides lots of room for imagination and creativity. Your child can use the stickers to create a specific scene from the book or go in a completely new direction. The finished product is a cute tote perfect for trips to the library!

If your child liked the fabric stickers, he or she will love the translucent stickers and puffy stickers in this next activity kit! The window clings suncatcher set includes seven suncatchers based on designs from the beloved book, as well as easy-peel stickers in various colors and textures. Children can decorate the suncatchers as they wish, all without making a mess.

Which set would your kids like? If you have a hard time deciding, don’t worry – you have our permission to buy them all! The kits are priced affordably, and they allow for creativity and fine motor skill development. What a great way to keep them entertained (and learning)!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Toy: Craft and Play Pictures | The Very Hungry Caterpillar: My Book Tote | The Very Hungry Caterpillar: Sticker Suncatcher Kit
Creativity for Kids Store

Tommee Tippee

Grab a few sippy cups and sports bottles from Tommee Tippee for your child’s back to school gear! Perfect for school lunch or snacking at home and on the go, Tommee Tippee’s selection of cups and water bottles are perfect for little hands and safe for babies, toddlers, and kiddos alike. Whether your child is crawling, walking, or running full speed ahead, staying hydrated is of the utmost importance during this hot summer season.

Let Tommee Tippee help keep them hydrated while still on the move! Their insulated cups keep your kiddo’s drink cool while their leak-proof lids keep lunchboxes, diaper bags, and car seats clean. Featuring an ergonomic design ideal for tiny hands and bite resistant spouts so those tiny teethers don’t ruin their sippy cups, these cups feature BACSHIELD™ antimicrobial technology and INTELLIVALVE™, a unique anti-leak technology that both seals and regulates the flow of liquid for no spills and easy sipping. BPA, BPS, PVC, Phthalate and Nitrosamine free, Tommee Tippee’s cups are safe for your infants and toddlers as they transition from breast or bottle to cups.

Sportee Insulated Sports Bottle | Superstar Insulated Sipper Training Cup
Tommee Tippee | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

Coral & Blue Paper Co.

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Back to school is the perfect time to work on your little one’s handwriting and with the notes and cards made just for them from Coral & Blue Paper Co. there is no better time than the present. Help your child improve their handwriting skills while also teaching them lessons in etiquette and more when they send cards, notes, and thank you’s to their favorite people. In this digital age, the art of note writing has gone out the window and yet it is essential that your child learn these useful skills.

With Coral & Blue Paper Co. you can find child-friendly cards that come in 12 packs made for boys and girls, including envelopes. All cards also feature elementary lines for spacing and writing assistance; choose from thank you cards, birthday cards, and holiday cards, as well as multi-packs with a variety of designs that you, your child, and the recipient will love.

The Boys Collection
Coral & Blue Paper Co. | Facebook | Instagram


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As your little ones head back to school, or preschool, bedtime routines become even more important than usual. From long days to early wake-ups, your kiddos need to catch those zzz’s nightly in order to perform and prevent meltdowns during the day. With Warmies, you can help your kids get a good night’s sleep with their soothing microwavable stuffed animals made to keep your kids comfy and cozy as they drift off to dreamland. With a variety of Warmies to choose from, our littles love the variety of animals and mythical friends that keep them snug all night. Warmies stuffed animals are perfectly plush, fully microwavable, weighted, and scented with real dried French lavender, for a positive sensory bedtime experience.

But don’t forget about mom, or your teens, who may need the benefits Warmies offers as well! Whether mom needs a bit of warmth to get cozy and destress after a long day of work and evening extracurriculars with the kids, or your teen suffers from cramps or sports-related aches and pains, Warmies plush can help. From neck wraps to heating pads, booties, eye masks, and more, Warmies’ microwavable plush is perfect for soothing a variety of aches and pains as well as offering soft, warm comfort during all seasons.

Axolotl Warmies | Marshmallow Lavender Warmies Neck Wrap | Pink Warmies Heart Heat Pad
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Pretend play is a huge part of an educational environment and back to school is the best time to set up your at-home classroom or playroom for the kids. With Schleich Toys you can let your little one enter the land of pretend with dragons and lava creatures or horses and dinos, no matter what type of character or creatures delight your child, with Schleich you are guaranteed to get heavy-duty, high-quality figurines that will last, no matter your child’s favorite type of play.

Newly popular, the Axolotl discovery set is a great addition to your preschool supply list for boys or girls! Part of Schleich’s Bayala play world, this set includes 3 glittering Axolotls and won the 2023 Toy Insider Top Summer Toy Award! Perfect for pretend play, or for teaching your little one’s about salamanders and reptiles, and piquing their interest in a variety of creatures, these axolotls will be loved by your littles.

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Perfect for play for your older kiddos, another must-have is the Shadow Master Robot with Mini Creature. This multifunctional beast moves and rotates while the arrows in his quiver can be launched during an attack. Large and in charge this Master Robot will dominate any day of make believe play.

Axolotl Discovery Set | Shadow Master Robot with Mini Creature
Schleich | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

Having the right essentials in mind for your preschool supply list this fall season is fundamental for creating a stimulating and engaging learning environment. From the latest kids’ fashion to fun family games, these supplies not only foster creativity and exploration but also teach valuable skills such as fine motor development and problem-solving. So, as the fall season approaches, let’s make sure our preschools are stocked with these essential supplies to set our little ones up for success. Put them on your preschool supply list today and give them the tools they need to flourish in this new academic year!

Check out Daily Mom’s School section for everything you need to prepare your preschoolers for the upcoming year!



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