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Halloween Safety 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families“Trick or treat!?” You’ll hear that again and again as you parade your little goblin or ladybug around the block. Don’t be tricked! Daily Mom has advice that will keep your Halloween as sweet as the candy your kiddo just collected. From helpful safety tips that you may not have thought of to fantastic Halloween-friendly products that we love, we have some “treats” for you!

Avoid costume flops

Sure, that Batman mask completes the look, but can your mini-Batman see through it, or is he tripping over every bump in the sidewalk? Can your little princess walk in her super-long gown and matching dress up shoes? As cute (or spooky) as some Halloween costumes may be, be sure that your child can see through it, can safely move around it in, and is comfortable wearing it. No one wants to trip and fall when he or she can be collecting candy, or have a melt-down because his or her superhero cape is itchy! Have your son or daughter try on his or her costume about a week before Halloween, and this way you can be sure that your little one is not only safe, but also comfortable. If he or she isn’t and you can see the costume’s limitations, you have time to modify or replace it.

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Light it up

If you and your little pumpkin will be out in the dark, consider a kid-friendly flashlight. You and your child will be able to see better at dusk and after sunset, and having a light helps you to avoid collisions with other trick or treaters, including their potentially painful strollers or wagons, not to mention the danger of motorists navigating through the neighborhood on Halloween night. Be visible, and be safe! We’re big fans of the Pajanimals Submarine Flashlight.

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Check the candy

If your child has a food allergy, you’re already planning on going through your child’s bag to be sure that anything with a trigger ingredient is removed and swapped out with something safe for your little one. Daily Mom suggests that ALL candy be checked, regardless of a child having an allergy or not. Remove obvious hazards based on age; a two year old should not be eating a jawbreaker that he or she could potentially choke on, and a young child should not be chewing gum, as he or she will not understand that it’s not meant to be swallowed. Check candy for signs of being opened, and toss it if anything looks strange to you.

Trick or treaters of all ages can get in on the fun this Halloween. Offer your little pumpkin a safe treat in the form of a festive pacifier. He or she will be too busy enjoying it to want to snatch a twizzler from big sister or brother’s loot, and safer for it, since pacifier use has been linked to reducing the risk of SIDS. We love these adorable Halloween themed BPA free pacifiers from MAM!

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Dental Care

Keep those teeth pearly white! Have your child visit the dentist before Halloween and get sealants (if he or she is old enough) in place to prevent cavities. After your trick-or-treater is all tuckered out, be sure to spend some extra time being sure that his or her teeth and thoroughly cleaned as soon as possible after the candy-fest is complete. Leave no gummy bear or KitKat bar behind, and try to avoid your child eating super-sticky candy, such as taffy. A thorough brushing is in order on Halloween night. An option that we love that’s just as fun as candy are FireFly’s line of kid-friendly themed toothbrushes. From Superman and Angry Birds to Hello Kitty and Strawberry Shortcake, Firefly carries an array of battery operated, light up and manual toothbrushes sure to make every little pumpkin smile.


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For more information on keeping your child safe year round, check out our article Teaching Your Child About Stranger Danger!



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