Unboxing Our Favorite Christmas Gifts this year

The holidays are fun for everyone with tons of shopping, Christmas parties, family time and the like, but we know not everyone has time to search for the perfect gift for all those on their list. Here at Daily Mom we want to help you chose a gift that is a step above the rest, guaranteed to please, and something you know is just perfect for the toddler, older child, or adult on your shopping list this season. We’ve done the legwork and unboxed some of the greatest gifts so you can actually SEE how they perform before you purchase. So, grab a cup of hot cocoa or coffee and check out the Daily Mom holiday unboxing…enjoy!

Unboxing with Flybar

If you’ve got kids, especially ones who love to be outdoors on your Christmas list this year there is literally no better place to shop than Flybar. From the daredevil to the trying tot, there is literally something to get every child (and adult) outside into the fresh air this holiday season!

Since the health benefits of being outside are all the rage, we know that rain or shine, sun or snow, we need more outdoor exercise and activity. With kids spending their weekdays stuck inside a classroom, the afternoons, evenings and weekends should be spent outdoors. Forget the tech and screens this year and give your kids a reason to WANT to go outside. This season with Flybar get outdoors and experience tons of fun and adventure all while learning and practicing gross motor skills, balance, coordination, and more!

Items we love include:

  • The My First Flybar Pogo Pals is the perfect beginner pogo option for toddlers and young children. With a rectangular foam base, a stretchy cord, and soft foam handles, your younger child can get out with the big kids all while practicing his or her large motor skills, balance and coordination.
  • Perfect for the gymnast or daredevil in your family, the Master Stilts are a wonderful gift for the child who loves trying new, seemingly difficult things. With a wide flat rubber foot, these adjustable stilts will let your child stand a head above the rest this season, literally!
  • Every kid needs a kick scooter and the Aero Scooter by Flybar is a trendy, cool option with a back wheel heel brake and neon green wheels that light up as they speed around.
  • Great for the experienced pogo-er, and even the beginning trickster, is the Pogo Trick Board. Different than a traditional pogo stick, this trick board requires practiced skill as your child must both grip the ball with their feet and bounce simultaneously.
  • For whole family fun, the Swurfer is a must have this holiday season! Everyone loves to swing and this stand-up swing is both invigorating and enjoyable for the smallest to the biggest on your list this year.
  • As with any outdoor adventure gear make sure to remember the helmets. Safety is always important with kids and Flybar knows this, so their helmet is durable, versatile, and comfy with a soft, padded interior for long-term use.

My First Pogo Pals | Master Stilts |Aero Scooter |Pogo Trick Board|The Swurfer |Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

Flybar | Facebook |Instagram |Twitter |Youtube

Unboxing with iPlay, iLearn

iPlay, iLearn was created by a teacher that was also a mother; her goal was to create fun, entertaining toys that taught lessons at the same time. iplay/ilearn focuses on skills such as collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving thus creating 21st-century skilled learners ready to embrace and take on the world. Safe to play with and containing no harmful chemicals, each toy is fun and educational at the same time.

Items we love include:

  • The Unicorn Kids Rolling Luggage Hard Shell Suitcase which promotes independent travel with its sturdy design and spinning wheels.
  • The Dinosaur Luggage which is fully lined with individual compartments for organized travel. These are constructed with mesh liners and zip elasticized pockets with rubber zippers that grip easily in small hands.
  • And the adorable hardshell suitcase in the Lion design. Each suitcase comes with an adorable hardshell backpack for extra storage space. Your little one will love storing their favorite carry on items here. 
  • The 76 total piece Engineering Construction Site Play Set with 7 vehicles! Explore the unlimited possibilities of fun with this set from digging, hauling, to rolling, and anywhere else your child’s imagination may take them. 
  • What kiddo doesn’t love serving up their favorite foods.  The Magnetic Cutting Food Set is safely made of wood with bright colors and magnetically connected for added fun. 
  • Giddy up with the Bouncy Horse Ride On Toy! Have fun and improve gross motor skills with the ride along toy.  See what adventures this hopping horse takes you on! 
  • The budding golfer in your family will love the Golf Toys Set.  Very light and portable take this golf set anywhere.  Work on improving hand-eye coordination and strengthen upper limbs, joints, and muscles. 
  • Bring all the construction dreams to reality with the sturdy Model Vehicle Toys Construction Site. Children strengthen their fine motor skills by moving and playing with the little levers, gears, and shovels.
  • The Foam Bowling Set engages your little one in fun active play while also working on letter recognition. The bowling set improves hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills. 

Who said that learning isn’t fun? iPlay, iLearn creates toys that stimulate fun and the creative side of the brain as well as the orderly, educational side. The toys are smartly designed to improve fine and gross motor skills, imaginative play, critical thinking and more.

Unicorn Kids Rolling Luggage Hard Shell Suitcase |
Dinosaur Luggage |Lion Luggage|Engineering Construction Site Play |Magnetic Cutting Food Set|Bouncy Horse Ride On Toy|Golf Toys Set|Model Vehicle Toys Construction Site | Foam Bowling Set

iPlay, iLearn | Facebook

Unboxing with pediped

If you have kids with feet that like to grow faster than they can wear out their shoes, pediped should be your first and only stop for kid shoes. If you happen to be an aunt or uncle, the parents who receive these shoes this holiday season will never stop thanking you for the gift of pediped shoes! Whether or not you are going for baby toes wrapped in style and comfort or a full-fledged big kid-abled shoe, pediped won’t let you down.

We love the flex sizing system that literally seems to grow with your child’s feet. With this innovation in shoes, not only can you buy the shoes a 1/2 size larger, but the comfort your child feels now won’t have to wait 2-3 months to fit correctly.  Thankfully, your child will not only grow into their shoes, but they’ll last much longer in style with little wear and tear, along with the size that’s perfect for them.

Grip N’ Go Rosa Lavender | Grip N’ Go Dani | Flex Kenadi Boot| Flex Estella| Flex Naomi| Flex Force Sneaker Black | Flex Adrian Sneaker| Flex Force Blue/Silver | Flex Logan Navy| Flex Highlander BlackOrganic Cotton Tights

pediped | Facebook | Instagram| Twitter| PinterestYouTube

Unboxing with ECCO

For over 50 years ECCO has been bringing the world ergonomic, stylish, and comfortable shoes. Still family owned this shoe company strives for craftsmanship and uniqueness. This shows true with their wonderful variety of styles and quality shoes to choose from.

ECCO has both men and women’s styles we love including: 



ECCO’s Fluidform technology creates ergonomically advanced soles, making a pair of these shoes or boots perfect for anyone on your list. ECCO also has a good variety of accessories such as wallets, clutches, laptop bags, belts, totes, and handbags. 


ECCO | Facebook |Instagram|Youtube

Unboxing with Rakuten Kobo

The holiday season is the perfect time of year to enjoy some downtime and catch up on reading all your favorite books. This year you can help the book lover in your life enjoy more of their favorite pastime with the Kobo Forma eReader.

Readers understand the challenges associated with keeping a full library of their favorite authors close at hand. Books take up space, are heavy to move, and when you travel can take up precious cargo room. Thanks to the magic of eReaders, book lovers can now keep hundreds of books on hand, no matter where they are in the world. The Kobo Forma eReader is a lightweight and portable solution for the most enthusiastic reader.

Ergonomically designed, the Kobo Forma easily transitions from landscape to portrait view with an 8″ HD Carta E Ink screen. Similar to reading a traditional print book, E Ink ensures no additional strain on your eyes as you escape into a new world of adventure. The Kobo Forma was built to withstand drops of up to 9 feet and sturdy enough to survive daily carry in a handbag or backpack.

For those who love to travel or even enjoy kicking back in the tub with a favorite book, the Kobo Forma is completely waterproof for up to 60 minutes. While reading underwater would never be recommended there is no need to worry about wet fingers ruining the pages of your favorite novel.

Available in two storage capacity sizes; 8 gb or 32 gb, readers can enjoy hundreds of books at their fingertips. There is truly no better gift this holiday season.

The speciality designed Kobo Forma SleepCover protects your eReader when you are on the road. Constructed with soft leather, the cover allows for hand-held or hands-free free reading and can be used as a stand for the device. This is a must have accessory for completing your gift. Together with the Forma you’ll be winning the competition for this year’s most useful gift! 

Kobo Forma | Kobo Forma SleepCover

Rakuten Kobo | Facebook | Twitter | Medium | YouTube | Pinterest Instagram


Everyone deserves to have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday season, so cut out the stress of shopping for the impossible and grab a gift from our list here for a pleasant and peaceful Christmas!

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