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As busy moms ourselves, we know you don’t have time to spend standing over the kitchen sink at the end of the day, scraping and scrubbing stuck-on grease and food particles off of your cookware and oven racks. While scrapers and Brillo pads can help remove this annoying grime quickly, it could leave permanent scratches on your cookware. And powerful commercial dish soaps can contain questionable chemicals that you don’t want to use on your family’s dishes. We have a natural solution to one of life’s grimiest problems. 

What You’ll Need:

Baking Soda has been used as a cleaning agent for years for everything from laundry to pet stains to bathroom and kitchen surfaces. Made simply of sodium bicarbonate, this natural product can be used safely on cookware and food surfaces.

What To Do:

1. Pour a generous coating of baking soda onto your cookware.

2. Pour water onto the baking soda. Blend into a thick paste, making sure to coat the entire surface.

3. Let sit overnight (8-12 hours). After sitting for this amount of time, you should have a thick, pasty coating on your cookware.

4. Rinse off paste and gently peal away dried grease with a scraper. The grease should be loose at this point, and very little scraping will be necessary.

Example of Before:

Example of After:

(results may vary)

Keep in mind, this might not completely loosen every spot of stuck-on-grease, but will work on the majority of average spots. This is a natural, safe way to loosen grease and save your cookware from scratches during the cleaning process.

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