10 Festive Things To Do On New Year’s Eve During Quarantine

There is no better way to leave 2020 than with a kiss and a toast farewell while celebrating even the smallest of positive things. It is time to grab the bubbles, sparklers, glitter, and party activities for a celebration you will want to remember. Now is the time to start thinking about things to do on New Year’s Eve and how to make it a fun and special night in. 2020 started a new decade for us all, and while there has been a lot of bad things that have happened that are easy to focus on, let’s leave that all behind and start fresh in 2021.

If your New Year’s Eve is normally spent out around the town or at a large house party with all your friends and their children, there is always next year. Instead, opt for the night at home making new memories with your family and possibly your quaran”team” comrades. While holidays this year look different from a traditional perspective for many people, they are more important than ever. With a small amount of planning and a bottle of champagne, these 10 festive things to do on New Year’s Eve will create memories that will last a lifetime.

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10 Festive Things To Do On New Year’S Eve During Quarantine

10 Fun Things To Do On New Year’s Eve During Quarantine

1. Dress Code. This has been the year of comfy casual for sure and athleisure wear can’t stay on the shelves long enough. Dressing up may seem silly, but it also gives us all the fun feelings as if we were getting ready to celebrate out on the town. Take a shower, blow-dry your hair, and put on your favorite holiday dress attire. Who cares if the only ones to see you are your husband and little one(s). Make it as dressy or as casual as you would like with all the glitz and glam. However, if you want to keep it a comfy pajama party too, you totally should.

2. Dinner And A Movie. This should always be part of your list of things to do on New Year’s Eve when you want to just keep it simple. Because going out this year isn’t an option, bring dinner and a movie to your very own living room or even backyard. Dinner can be as festive or as simple as you would like. Closing out the year with good food, great company and some fun comedy or holiday movies is the perfect holiday ending.

If weather permits in your area, a backyard movie night with outdoor blankets, loungers, and a movie projector could be a fun change of scenery for the evening. If not, spread sleeping bags and pillows all over the living room, pop some popcorn for the little ones and champagne for the parents and see who might still be awake at the stroke of midnight.

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10 Festive Things To Do On New Year’S Eve During Quarantine

3. Decorate. Would it truly be New Year’s Eve without glitter, streamers, blow horns, and confetti? Adding some cheerful decorations to your home is a great way to start the festivities off right and an even better way to ring in the new year. Make sure to add in some over the top balloons or even a balloon wall that can be a great backdrop for photos.

4. Photo Booth. You’ve got the NYE decorations, now all you need are some photo booth props and you are set. If you really want to go all out, add some shiny wrapping paper to a wall or a fun and vibrant fabric print. There is also the option of hanging colored cellophane on a window for natural colored lighting. Make this extra enjoyable by using the photos to create a family collage or scrapbook of your amazing New Year’s Eve. Not all memories from 2020 have to be about heartbreak and loss. Find the simple moments to cherish and remember forever.

5. Celebrate A Different Culture. Exploring other cultural traditions or picking just one can provide fun additional things to do on New Year’s Eve. Not only is it learning what traditions look like around the world, but it also gives everyone a different perspective and appreciation for cultural holidays. Maybe it is as simple as watching the ball drop on the other side of the world, trying a new recipe, or picking a specific country and getting behind their tradition of welcoming the change of the calendar.

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10 Festive Things To Do On New Year’S Eve During Quarantine

6. Virtual Game Night. While getting together with all your family might be off the table this year, hosting a virtual game night is a great idea for things to do on New Year’s Eve. There are a lot of great Zoom options for games to keep everyone entertained and laughing all night long. Depending on how many households join and how long the party lasts, each house could pick a game of choice and everyone could play a shorter version of each. Playing games through any virtual platform is a great way to stay connected and also a little competitive for some friendly family fun.

8. Cocktails And Mocktails. Would New Year’s Eve even be a holiday if there wasn’t a celebratory drink? Looking for crafty things to do on New Year’s Eve, why not create festive cocktails and mocktails for the whole family. Out with the traditional champagne and sparkling grape juice and in with any creative flavors you can think of. Ringing in the new year with a craft cocktail (or mocktail) and toast to the new beginning of 2021 is a great way to kick off the new year with a positive mindset.

7. Get Outside. Being outside at any capacity in the winter is a true blessing. Whether you are snow skiing, hiking, taking a walk around the neighborhood, or just enjoying vitamin D, this time outdoors to breathe in the fresh air is just what the doctor ordered. Not to mention the release of serotonin in your body which helps to increase a positive mood setting your outlook for 2021 in the right direction.

10 Festive Things To Do On New Year’S Eve During Quarantine
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9. Noon Year’s Eve. Who says you have to wait until midnight to celebrate. If you have little ones or are just not a night owl this could be the real ticket for you. If you are dying to see people and want to get out of the house, plan to meet outside for a walk, set a playground date, or a park picnic. This could be a great time to reminisce about the year, set goals for the future, and say goodbye to 2020 with some of your closest friends and family.

10. Virtual Ball Drop. You can bet there will still be a ball drop this year and even though it will be virtual, this is a must for your things to do on New Year’s Eve. The event organizers, for this once a year tradition, are making sure that everyone stays safe while they provide a visually appealing show with new virtual enhancements to complement the amazing entertainment. This will be the first time, in over a century that the streets of Time’s square will be empty to ring in the new year, reported The NY Post Notes. However, with a little creativity and innovation, nothing will stand in the way of a fresh start to a new year.

Finding things to do on New Year’s Eve is easy-peasy if the focus is on what can be done versus focusing on all the things that can’t be done. Yes, it is a real bummer your annual NYE tradition looks different this year but with health and happiness in mind to kick off the new year, getting creative and planning the perfect day or evening should be quite simple. Cheers to the past, cheers to the present, and cheers to a safe and healthy start to 2021!


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10 Festive Things To Do On New Year’S Eve During Quarantine

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