Our Favorite Savory Beverage And Alcohol Gifts This Holiday Season

The wind may send chills down our spine and leave our noses red and cold, but our favorite alcohol gifts and drinks are sure to warm us up from the inside out this year! Whether our favorite is an icy egg nog or a homemade brew, we have something for everyone on your list. Keep reading to see Daily Mom’s top alcohol gifts and drink ideas for this holiday’s gifting season.

Kenefick Ranch

Our Favorite Savory Beverage And Alcohol Gifts This Holiday Season

Meet the new kid on the block, on the Kenefick Ranch Clone 6 block that is. From a humble small berry and the tiny crop comes a big player in the Cabernet Sauvignon family. The 2014 Kenefick Doctor’s Cuvée ranks one of the best wines for alcohol gifts for the wine connoisseur. From the choicest berries, hand-picked, this bottle has been barrel-aged no less than 24 months.

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Enjoy the Marzipan, lemon cur, and sweet honeysuckle notes in the aromatic 2018 Kenefick Ranch Grenache Blanc. One special (or two or three) person will enjoy some alcohol gifts that lend an underlying creamy note to this crisp white wine. As you toast in the holidays together, pair it with a wide variety of foods that tickle your tastebuds; from fish to mighty meats and heartily-spiced entrées, it’s sure to complement extremely well.

Be sure to drop this in a stocking, the 2015 Kenefick Ranch Merlot has glorious notes of spicy cedar topped with jamming raspberry and plum variations. Sit back and enjoy a glass as the silky tannins warm your mouth with fresh berries kissed with a light touch of vanilla bean to finish lingering on your palate. For anyone who might like things related to alcohol gifts, this is the one to choose. Gift a bottle to celebrate now, gift one for yourself to magically age in the cellar for another 8 – 12 years; trust us, you’ll want to do that!

Tiki Lovers

Our Favorite Savory Beverage And Alcohol Gifts This Holiday Season

The pandemic may have derailed your winter break in the Caribbean, but Tiki Lovers has just the cure for those homebound holiday blues. The rich and complex Tiki Lovers Dark Rum layers hints of vanilla, with dark fruit, molasses, and spice. Bottled at a hefty English proof of 57% ABV, this dark rum is perfect for adding an extra floater to your go-to Tiki drink.

Our Favorite Savory Beverage And Alcohol Gifts This Holiday Season

The Tiki Lovers White Rum is a delicious blend of aged and unaged Caribbean rums. Embrace this light and smooth distilled rum, with impressions of subtle banana and cooked fruits. Didn’t get to take that beach vacation this summer? Use this fantastic classic white rum to recreate your favorite Daiquiri, Rum & Cola, or Pina Colada and splurge at home instead.

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Wine Access

Our Favorite Savory Beverage And Alcohol Gifts This Holiday Season

What better way to put a huge smile on the face of a wine lover than with a box from Wine Access? With their Wine Club, a loved one will receive a box of perfectly curated wines by a Master Sommelier, a Master of Wine, and an International Wine Judge. Even if you’re gifting from afar, the gift recipient is sure to be getting delicious wines they’ll enjoy.

Or treat yourself to a great box of wine just in time for the holidays. The wines aren’t from specific areas or brands. Each bottle is from all over the world, only chosen by their delectable taste. Get tasting cards filled with incredible information about each wine, and exclusive video tasting notes with insights from industry experts. It’s a great way to spend time inside, sipping and enjoying a beautiful beverage or two. Cheers!

Our Favorite Savory Beverage And Alcohol Gifts This Holiday Season

Take a tropical holiday from the comfort of your cozy couch this winter with the Tiki Lovers Pineapple Rum. An extra level of fruity pineapple deliciousness gets added to already-amazing dark rum, to create this intensely flavored favorite. You’ll find no added pineapple “flavoring” here either. The sweet and seductive pressed pineapple (with water extracted for even more richness) is seriously the real deal on your list of alcohol gifts. Cheers to Tiki Lovers this holiday season!

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Cornet Barcelona

Our Favorite Savory Beverage And Alcohol Gifts This Holiday Season

Even non-wine drinkers will appreciate the beautiful craftsmanship of the Cornet Barcelona wine glasses. The Sagrada Stemless Wine Glass is an artisanal, one-of-a-kind drinking glass. Inspired by stain-glass windows, each glass is mouth-blown and hand-painted to produce unique pieces in every batch. The Sagrada collection continues in stemmed wine glasses, whiskey glasses, water pitchers and decanters as well.

Moersch Hospitality Group

Our Favorite Savory Beverage And Alcohol Gifts This Holiday Season

Get ready to enlighten your taste buds and bring some deliciousness to the holiday table. Moersch Hospitality Group produces cream wines (yes, you read that correctly) to delight your senses and bring in some holiday cheers with even more delights now available to add to your holiday desserts.

Available in three I-can’t-resist flavors, your guests are sure to be more than impressed! The Round Barn Black Walnut Cream will be a favorite to those who savor a distinct black walnut flavor with a long finish. Sit back and enjoy the velvety texture with notes of mocha, chocolate, toffee, and espresso. Or tickle your tummy with the Round Barn Mint Chocolate Cream. A sinful delight of mint chocolate cookie in a glass with a cool peppermint finish.

Got salted caramel on your mind? So do we with the Round Barn Salted Caramel Cream wine. A seductive combination of smooth caramel and salty goodness is sure to put you in the holiday spirit. We suggest adding in a splash in your morning (or evening) coffee, a playful cocktail, or neat, just as it is. You’re welcome!

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Our Favorite Savory Beverage And Alcohol Gifts This Holiday Season

Brunch’s favorite beverage has a new look with Ohza Mimosas. This drink, made with all-natural ingredients like real sparkling wine and fruit juice, has all the flavor but fewer calories and sugar than a standard mimosa.

And forget all the fancy glass and stemware. Just pop open a can or two when you’re craving a bubbly, fruity drink. The Cranberry Variety is the best way to try 3 different flavors – Cranberry Mimosa, Classic Mimosa, and Classic Bellini – and makes the perfect item for alcohol gifts.


Our Favorite Savory Beverage And Alcohol Gifts This Holiday Season

Is there a whiskey-lover on your gift list this year? With roots almost 170 years deep in the beating heart of 19th-century Ireland, Egan’s is the whiskey for them. Egan’s 10-Year-Old Single Malt Whiskey boasts subtle apple, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger aromas, while the palate offers notes of creamy vanilla, sweet malt, and honey-nut cereal. It’s an instant classic that your alcohol gifts recipient is sure to love.

Our Favorite Savory Beverage And Alcohol Gifts This Holiday Season

If you really want to impress that special someone, give the Centenary a try. Created to commemorate 100 years since the co-founder’s passing, this whiskey is meticulously crafted and delivers its own unique characteristics. Take a trip to Ireland without leaving your living room this winter, with Egan’s

Vahdam Teas

Our Favorite Savory Beverage And Alcohol Gifts This Holiday Season

We don’t believe food gifts will ever be under-appreciated. If one loves to drink and is a bit on the tea crack, then they’ll absolutely fall in love with Vahdam Teas. It’s the kind of gift that says, I want to spend time with you, let’s have some tea and chat.

In such a digital age, exasperated by COVID, getting together with a loved one over tea is needed now more than ever. With the Organic Wellness Detox Box, you’ll have plenty of afternoon delights with your besties! Choose from 4 turmeric-infused, foodie-approved herbals: Turmeric Moringa I, Turmeric Ginger I, Turmeric Spice I, and Turmeric Ashwagandha I.

Daily doses and daily face time are sure to improve your immunity, reduce stress, boost digestion and your metabolism, enhance your brain function, improve your heart health, and warm your body with every sip with powerful adaptogens. The deluxe set is sure to please your taste buds while unlocking a golden elixir of super health in every insulated Glitter – Borosilicate Glass Double Walled Teacups.

Our Favorite Savory Beverage And Alcohol Gifts This Holiday Season

Every tea should be served with poise and elegance. These gorgeous double-walled Borosilicate Glass Double Walled Teacups are 100% lead-free, holding just under 7 ounces each. Now you can maintain a lovely conversation while your beverage, hot or cold, remains just how you like it for a little bit longer. Feel free to use them in the microwave, dishwasher, and freezer as you please!

Our Favorite Savory Beverage And Alcohol Gifts This Holiday Season

Don’t forget to drop the Turmeric Ashwagandha Latte Mix into a stocking. As a healing and restorative Ayurvedic, this is one of those food gifts that make anyone melt back into a plush chair in pure, healthful bliss. Sit back and get ready to enjoy the bitter comfort of turmeric with subtle notes of Ashwagandha, ginger, and a hint of fresh mint. Don’t worry, that spicy kick is a bit of black pepper, doing the trick and getting all of those ancient healing herbs into your body.

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Our Favorite Savory Beverage And Alcohol Gifts This Holiday Season

When you need a boost of energy but want to avoid the chemicals, preservatives, and sweeteners that traditional energy drinks are usually full of, the Organic Energy Variety Pack from Ethan’s is a great gift. This is a 12-pack of energy shots that features three delicious flavors including tart cherry ginger, pomegranate blueberry, and pineapply aloe. Made from 100% organic ingredients, this gluten-free energy shot is a nutritious liquid that allows your brain to focus and feel more refreshed.

Big Hammer Wines

Our Favorite Savory Beverage And Alcohol Gifts This Holiday Season

A refreshing glass of rosé to toast in the holidays sounds just about right. Whether you are looking for alcohol gifts or you need a bottle to bring to dinner, one of the 2019 Rosé All Day French Rosé 6pk bottles will do just nicely. Even though rosé’s are usually paired and best for summertime, we’re breaking the rules a bit. You see, COVID took away our summertime fun with gatherings with friends, so we’re doing it now, during the holiday.

With aromatic notes of watermelon and strawberry, we can bring summertime to us anytime of year. It’s crisp and fresh with a long fruity finish and that’s probably what we could all use right about now! So, add this 100% Grenache in Languedoc Roussilon gem to your alcohol gifts’ list and celebrate a summer-like holiday season with your loved ones.

Don Q

Our Favorite Savory Beverage And Alcohol Gifts This Holiday Season

The older the drink, the better the alcohol gift. At least it is with Don Q‘s Reserva 7. A magnificent aged Puerto Rico rum crafted with a curated blend of rums aged for a minimum (that’s minimum, people) of 7 years in American white oak barrels. Can you see where we are going with this? We’re talking, character, rich flavors, and an ideal choice for your holiday gatherings. Grab some inspiration with these recipes and you’ll be the talk of the party in a VERY good way!

Our Favorite Savory Beverage And Alcohol Gifts This Holiday Season

For a clear rum to add to your bar, the Don Q Cristal is unlike many clear rums on the market. By using a multiple distillation process, you’ll enjoy a cleaner and refined flavor profile that is so delicate, each sip pleasantly smooth. Like the former, it too is aged anywhere from 1.5 to 5 years in American White Oak barrels for that smoothness we all appreciate.

If you don’t have any vodka around for those drinkers in your life, try this, they’ll be pleasantly surprised and won’t even notice you switched on them. Thoroughly enjoy each toast and celebration by choosing this for your alcohol gifts this holiday season; responsibly of course!

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Spa Girl Cocktail

Our Favorite Savory Beverage And Alcohol Gifts This Holiday Season

You don’t have to be a girlie-girl to enjoy this sassy gift set. If you are looking for alcohol gifts for your lady, the Spa Girl Spritzer Gift Set: The Ultimate Threesome is a winner set. It’s crazy-insane delicious and pretty much done-for-you when it comes to whipping up a festive drink without needing bar mixing notes right in front of you. A refreshing cocktail is just a shake away.

The whole Gift Set Includes: 750 ML bottle of Spa Girl Cucumber, Peach or Pear Vodka, 375 ML bottle of St-Germain, Elderflower Liqueur, a recipe card, and a Crystal Cocktail Carafe packaged in a keepsake box.

Cheers, this has got to be one of the easiest alcohol gifts where all you have to do (to really impress her) is combine all of the ingredients directly into the crystal cocktail carafe and pour over ice into glass. Add in some garnish for that holiday touch too, she’ll love that.

Numi Organic Tea

Our Favorite Savory Beverage And Alcohol Gifts This Holiday Season

Surprise and delight the tea-lover on your holiday shopping list with Numi Organic Tea. The Wander With Purpose Set is a meaningful selection for those in search of gifts with authenticity and purpose. Like an Advent calendar, interior flaps within the box offer a peek into the lives of the people who make the tea. With 30 tea bags total, your recipient will enjoy five of each flavor: Rooibos Chai, Aged Earl Grey, Chocolate Pu-erh, Turmeric Three Roots, Chamomile Lemon, and Jasmine Green. Stay toasty and warm this winter with Numi Organic Tea.

Empower Cocktails

Our Favorite Savory Beverage And Alcohol Gifts This Holiday Season

This holiday consider gifting the powerful women in your life the Empower Cosmopolitan Martini by Empower Cocktails. Made with sweet potato vodka that comes straight from a family-owned farm in Northern California, triple sec, white cranberry, and lime, all you need is a martini glass and lime garnish for a refreshing but not too sweet cocktail. Or use it in a delicious cocktail like an Empower Spritz made with Aperol, sparkling rosé, and club soda.

You can feel extra good about gifting Empower Cocktails because Empower is a platform that aims to uplift women of all backgrounds. They partner with several non-profits that champion women such as the Voss Foundation, Dress for Success Boston, Kicked it in Heels, and the Metro-Manhattan Community Foundation to name a few. So if you are looking for alcohol gifts for that cocktail-loving person in your life, the Empower Cosmopolitan Martini is the perfect choice for alcohol gifts this season.

Tussock Jumper Wines

Our Favorite Savory Beverage And Alcohol Gifts This Holiday Season

It’s the time of year to eat, drink, and be merry. Spread some holiday cheer, with Tussock Jumper Wines. There’s nothing better than cozying up by the fire with a bold glass of red. With its dark fruit flavors of blackberry, blueberry, and black raspberry, Tussock Jumper’s Malbec is the perfect accompaniment to your late-night snuggle fest.

Our Favorite Savory Beverage And Alcohol Gifts This Holiday Season

If you prefer a white wine with a taste on the lighter side, pick up a bottle or two of Sauvignon Blanc. (One to keep and one for giving holiday alcohol gifts!) This dry and balanced beauty is filled with melon, black currant and ripe tropical fruit. Daydream about tropical vacations and warmer days with Tussock Jumper Wines

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Zombie Coffee & Donuts

Our Favorite Savory Beverage And Alcohol Gifts This Holiday Season

Whether you’re a longtime lover of this Athens, Georgia staple, or are looking for a different coffee brand, Zombie Coffee & Donuts is sure not to disappoint. A bag of their freshly roasted whole bean or ground coffee is a great gift or stocking stuffer for those who just love a good cup ‘o Joe. Get it in light roast, medium, or dark roast (night shift), espresso, or decaf, and packed just the way you, or your gift recipient, likes.


Our Favorite Savory Beverage And Alcohol Gifts This Holiday Season

Do you know what pairs best with family gatherings around the holidays? Premium cocktails by buzzbox. No seriously. These delicious cocktails can be served over ice or enjoyed straight from the box. There is no need to worry about delicately packing buzzbox premium cocktails or “breaking” the no glass rules. Simply place them in your bag, purse, or beach tote and be on your way.

There is no need for a bartender or fancy glassware, the refreshing and tasty premium cocktails by buzzbox tag along wherever you go. The top-quality spirits, real fruit juices, and all-natural ingredients are sure to hit the spot. buzzbox has the hook-up with all your favorite cocktail flavors including Perfect Margarita, Classic Greyhound, Long Island, Classic Cosmo, Cuban Mojito, Bloody Mary, Whiskey Lemonade, Vodka Lemonade, and Hurricane. These cocktails will keep you warm and toasty all winter long.

This season may feel cold, but with these beverage and alcohol gifts in-hand, your loved ones are sure to feel warm from the inside out. Whether you are gifting a relative, planning a soiree, or grabbing a hostess gift, one or two of these alcohol gifts are sure to please this holiday season. This winter, give the gift of a shared experience, a memory, and a delicious treat with our favorites this year.

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Our Favorite Savory Beverage And Alcohol Gifts This Holiday Season



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