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Today we acknowledge ourselves, the mothers of the world. It’s funny really, that it has become our turn to raise a generation, our turn to shape the world. We all know how much work it takes to get through a single day. That is what the kids and husbands are thanking us for today. But we need to acknowledge something else for ourselves. Our strength.

It takes an amazing amount of strength to be a mother. A type of will and perseverance we never imagined being capable of. We have the strength to do all that we do, and still manage the constant ache in our hearts. The aching in our hearts when our babies are sick, get picked on at school, or get hurt at soccer practice. The ache to take their place when they are hurting, and the aching need to cheer them on so loud the entire world can hear when they are doing well. The ache to show your love for them constantly.  The overwhelming desire to push pause and bottle up their sweetness. Sometimes we are even crazy enough to want to bottle the temper tantrums and attitude problems. We have the strength to deal with these emotions and still pull ourselves together to wipe noses and remember schedules. The ability to multitask with such feelings and duties is something only a mother could do.

So, today we acknowledge our ability to keep going on with life, even though everything in our bodies makes us want to grab our little ones and hide away from the world.

You are amazing for having a family, starting a family, or trying to conceive your first child. You are strong.

Happy Mother’s Day.


Photo Credit: Stacey Downey Photography

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