10 of the Best Holiday Movies You Probably Wouldn’t Think Of

We’ve all heard of “White Christmas,” and “Miracle on 34th Street.” But we aren’t here to talk about those. Oh, no. We are about to introduce you to 10 of the best holiday movies you probably wouldn’t think of. They may not be your normal go-to shows but they are sure to get you into the holiday spirit in an unconventional way.

Die Hard

10 Of The Best Holiday Movies You Probably Wouldn’T Think Of

True, Die Hard isn’t your classic holiday cheer kind of movie. That being said, the plot DOES happen during the Christmas season, AT a Christmas work party, and has several Christmasy one-liners that we can all appreciate year-round. The most popular of which you probably can recite even if you haven’t seen the movie.  “Yippie-Ki-Yay,” friends.

Jack Frost

10 Of The Best Holiday Movies You Probably Wouldn’T Think Of

This one is a bit of a mind boggler. It starts off with the tragic death of a young boy’s father. The plot becomes one of those where you find yourself saying, “Wow. I did NOT see that coming.” The boy befriends a magical snowman and SURPRISE! It turns out to be his dead father, reincarnated. We told you this one was a doozy.

Groundhog Day

10 Of The Best Holiday Movies You Probably Wouldn’T Think Of

While Groundhog Day isn’t technically about Christmas, the town it’s set in looks like it’s in an everlasting state of holiday cheer. If you had to relive the same day over and over but retained your memory, what would YOU do?

Groundhog Day doesn’t get its proper hype anyway so this definitely had to be on our list of best holiday movies.

Black Christmas

10 Of The Best Holiday Movies You Probably Wouldn’T Think Of

Need a horror flick to get you into the holiday spirit? Black Christmas fits the bill. Made over 40 years ago, this slasher flick has more than stood the test of time.

If watching a movie about a group of sorority sisters being terrifyingly harassed during the holidays by a prank caller sounds like a holly jolly Christmas event then this movie will become a fast favorite. With all the imagination in this film, there isn’t even a real need for gore. It’s creepy all on its own. When looking to watch the best holiday movies make sure you see the 1974 original version over the 2006 remake. Because we have to stay true to some tradition, right?

Better Off Dead

10 Of The Best Holiday Movies You Probably Wouldn’T Think Of

This hilariously quirky gem really is great year-round but it makes our list for best holiday movies because, you guessed it, it’s centered around Christmas time. Follow high school teenager Lane, who gets dumped by his girlfriend right before the holidays and goes into hysteria trying to win her back.

We dare you not to laugh in the glow of your Christmas tree while watching this with the family.

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Reindeer Games

10 Of The Best Holiday Movies You Probably Wouldn’T Think Of

A lengthy imprisonment might tempt you into robbing a casino and stealing identities too. All the best holiday movies have identity theft included, right?

Don’t worry parents, his thieving ways comes to bite him in the butt. When Rudy gets released on parole he assumes the identity of his now deceased cellmate and in doing so ends up getting entangled in a robbery. Unable to recoil now, he’s forced to rob a casino on the very Eve of Christmas Day.

You may want to put the eggnog down while you watch this one.

The 3 Godfathers

10 Of The Best Holiday Movies You Probably Wouldn’T Think Of

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned, black and white movie during the holiday season? In 3 Godfathers, 3 hustlers find themselves without their horses in the desert when they cross paths with a stranded woman. She dies while giving birth to a child. Not willing to leave the child to die, the trio vow to carry to child to the village of New Jerusalem.

See anything familiar about the story? It’s a really refreshing take for one of the best holiday movies of the season.

Edward Scissorhands

10 Of The Best Holiday Movies You Probably Wouldn’T Think Of

Okay fine, we will throw a comforting movie into our list of the best holiday movies. Although only a portion of the movie takes place during Christmas, the plot itself is full of festive and feel-good themes.

Poor Edward was created by a scientist who died before he could complete his creation. While he proves to be a talented artist and is extremely kind hearted, his scissor like hands continue to make him an outcast in the neighborhood.

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10 Of The Best Holiday Movies You Probably Wouldn’T Think Of

Who else remembers this classic film from the 80’s? This film may just be one of the best holiday movies ever made.

When a young man wanders through Chinatown and purchases the elusive “Mogwai,” he makes sure to NOT follow any of the directions given to him by the seller on how to care for the creature.

Unsurprisingly, his carelessness comes with consequences and soon it spawns and brings to life a hoard of small, destructive little monsters to terrorize the city on Christmas Day.

Eyes Wide Shut

10 Of The Best Holiday Movies You Probably Wouldn’T Think Of

Kids, cover your eyes! This movie is definitely not family friendly but it makes our list for one of the best holiday movies you haven’t thought of because every location has a Christmas look to it.

It’s mostly filled with certain R rated themes but it’s unquestionably a movie you didn’t expect to be on a holiday movie list.

When you’re looking to cozy up to the best holiday movies this year, try to think outside of the box. Christmas spirit can still be found even if it doesn’t involve Santa, elves, or make you feel all warm and fuzzy. Sometimes the best holiday movies have a little spunk to them. Enjoy this holiday season snuggled up with your loved ones, a bowl of popcorn, and some of the best holiday movies you probably haven’t thought of.

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10 Of The Best Holiday Movies You Probably Wouldn’T Think Of



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