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All your family gathered around, a bustling fire in the living room and the blissful smells of the season. Once you see it in your head your thoughts go to your Christmas centerpiece for the table. You want it to envelope the feeling, the warmth, all of it. That nice little nip in the crisp air makes it so easy to imagine, doesn’t it? Well, guess who has some gorgeous ideas to inspire you? Your friends at Daily Mom, of course!

5 Festive Styles To Inspire Your Christmas Centerpiece For The Table

Isn’t it interesting how much purpose a Christmas centerpiece for the table can hold? It can be large, it can be simple, it can be fun, it can even be bold. Regardless of the style you choose, the purpose is the same. It’s meant to be the focal point, the gathering spot, the place where everyone sits and reflects. It’s a simple job but a significant one. Which style will serve you and your loved ones?


Of course we have to start with the traditional style. Your Christmas centerpiece for the table can easily get you into the holiday spirit with the familiar pops of red and green. Candy striped red and white patterns are very universally known as the Christmas design and who could forget plaid? Drape a beautiful tartan design on your table to set the tone and add those traditional sprigs of greenery generously! You’ll be singing carols in no time!


Going straight to the opposite we land on the modern style! Take a quick 180 with us and throw out all the traditional holly berries. Adding deep, dramatic blacks and contrasting colors shows off a contemporary style that’s bold and refreshing. Bring in the stripes as well for a subtle hint but keep it black to stay stylish. Christmas centerpiece for the table in a modern take? Nailed it! Going modern will definitely give off a Vogue or editorial vibe and have everyone feeling like celebrities while they gather.


Feeling a little guilty for not inviting Mother Nature? No problem! A Christmas centerpiece for the table adorned with natural elements can bring a lively and fresh feeling to your dinner. Add pops of color with fruits, nuts, or even a gorgeously wild arrangement of young paperwhites about to bloom. Imagine how special it would be for those paperwhites to open up on Christmas day? We’re getting excited just thinking about it! Forget snow on Christmas, we’re looking forward to those flowers! Besides, being on Mother Nature’s good side is never a bad idea.


Sometimes less is more. What was it that Don Draper said in Mad Men? Make it simple but significant.

Taking a simpler approach doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Keep your Christmas centerpiece for the table minimal, thoughtful, and chic. Think clean lines, uncomplicated color palettes, and easily accessible pieces. Think you don’t have any? Think again. Grab a few pinecones and tree clippings from your backyard, snag a few ornaments from the tree–no one said it had to be shiny and new. The best part about going minimalistic is it’s really hard to overthink it. Bonus, you won’t have to store it and it’s much less waste!

Out of the Box

True, when thinking of Christmas colors you don’t typically think of purple, magenta, or teal. Green? Yes. Red? That’s a given. Even colors like gold and silver are well known. But don’t let that stop you from thinking outside the box if you’re looking to wow them with your Christmas centerpiece for the table. Jewel tones are meant to signify royalty and who is more royally amazing in your mind than your family? Try draping your table in luxurious, vibrant, and rich colors for the holidays!

Taking a unique stance on your Christmas centerpiece for the table will definitely set you apart and show off your individuality. Shy? You? No way. We say go for it!


Speaking of those sparkly golds and silvers, if you do decide to use them for your Christmas centerpiece for the table, we suggest going for that luxury feel. Let your table drip with those metals, go nuts with the shine, and just let out your inner EXTRA. The holidays aren’t the time to hide your light under a bushel. Besides, if we may be allowed to state the obvious symbolism here, the most treasured item you have, worth more than any silver or gold, will all be gathered in one place for you to appreciate. Cheesy? Perhaps. But you know it got you right in the feels for a moment!


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Admit it. The holidays aren’t the holidays without a little bit of whimsy. Why not add it to your table? Add those pastels and jewel tones without hesitation. Throw fake snow around like glitter. (Along with the glitter, of course. That obviously belongs there too.) A Christmas centerpiece for the table doesn’t have to be grown up. It can be just as youthful and joyful as you know you are at heart.

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Christmas centerpieces for the table can take form in so many different styles, themes or even colors! The most important thing to remember is that you’re creating the focal point for your favorite people to congregate. Go lush, go simple–the choice is up to you. Just don’t forget that what really matters is that you’re together. Assemble your centerpiece with the intention of celebrating and embracing the people who you truly treasure. They are the real gifts every holiday. Make sure you give them a place to bask in the remembrance of it.

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7 Festive Styles To Inspire Your Christmas Centerpiece For The Table

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