Comfortable and Cozy Spring Lounge and Activewear for Women and Men

The weather is finally warming up and it’s time to update our wardrobes once again! Finding lounge and activewear for women and men can be a bit overwhelming in the Spring. You’ll want to find items that are both comfortable, cozy and will last you through the season! Luckily, there are so many great pieces of lounge and activewear for women and men that will not only last, but you’ll love to wear! From pajamas to jeans, this season will be one of the most comfortable ones this year.


Comfortable And Cozy Spring Lounge And Activewear For Women And Men

This spring, frumpy is not sexy or classy, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up comfort for a luxury wardrobe by Anatomie. Take the Anda Zip-Up Collard Tank Top – it’s travel and activity-friendly and it still gives you a lovely slim-fit silhouette with designer seaming throughout the top (making you look longer and slimmer).

Comfortable And Cozy Spring Lounge And Activewear For Women And Men

The Anda Zip-Up Collard Tank Top features a two-way zip-front closer, giving you some variety of wear. The bold collar with subtle stripe detailing is just enough to get you noticed. You’ll appreciate Anatomie’s signature wrinkle-resistant fabrics (thinking of those busy moms) so you can literally grab it, zip it, and off you go looking exceptionally well-put-together!

If there was any pant that would instantly become your favorite, it’d be the Skyler Travel Pant. This classic skinny pant isn’t going out of style anytime soon. The moment you step into them and fasten the last button, you’ll swear they were tailored specifically for you! This feminine-loving pant hugs your curves like a lover but gives you plenty of space to move freely to and fro as you please. The stretch design is breathable and gives you a sexy-slimming overall look.

Anatomie is making its way into women’s wardrobes all across the globe. If you aren’t ready to travel, but you have places to go and you want to be seen (yes, the grocery store counts), then wear the clothes that flatter your best assets. We love the comfort, you’ll love the styles, and everyone will be giving compliments right and left. Feel confident and gorgeous whether you are in personal or virtual, it’s all extraordinary welcome with Anatomie this spring.

Anda Zip-Up Collard Tank Top | Skyler Travel Pant
Anatomie | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

 Cor® by Ultracor

Comfortable And Cozy Spring Lounge And Activewear For Women And Men

As spring rolls around we all want to be outside more enjoying the warmer weather. The best activewear for women comes from Cor® by Ultracor, starting with the Ombre Scoop Neck Bra. It is beautifully designed and super comfortable for those spring workouts. All of us women need a breathable yet snug fit without being uncomfortable.

This star-lit bra is perfect for early morning jogs or late-night squats while being uniquely crafted for a wide variety of activities to support your girls. It’s perfectly flexible, durable, and sweat-wicking, yet smooth with a near silky feel under your fingertips and against your skin. Match your comfort with practicality all the while adding a gorgeous ombre splash to your day to day life. 

Comfortable And Cozy Spring Lounge And Activewear For Women And Men

To match your adorable Ombre Scoop Neck Bra pick up a pair of Ombre Star Leggings. With its mid to high waist design and dazzling star pattern to match your bra, this pair of leggings is the perfect fit. Made with polyester, nylon, and lycra, these leggings are not just comfortable, but breathable as well. Designed for a wide range of activities in mind, think yoga to hiking to early evening spring walks. These eye-catching activewear for women pieces from Cor® by Ultracor adds a hint of color and a bold look to your new spring collection!

 Ombre Scoop Neck Bra |  Ombre Star Leggings
 Cor® by Ultracor | Facebook | Instagram


Comfortable And Cozy Spring Lounge And Activewear For Women And Men

It’s time to change how you use your period. If you think this is about grammar, think again. Will you use your period for “that time of the month” to collect more pads and tampons, or will you consider the economic route and think outside of the tampon box? Modibodi isn’t your typical period panty company. Whether you need to manage your monthly flow, control embarrassing leaks during workouts or roaring belly laughs, Modibodi is your solution this spring for moms, young girls, and teens alike.

From light-day thongs to full-coverage, 24-hour boy shorts, Modibodi takes on the competition for women (especially for mothers) to provide sustainable, and environmentally-friendly hygiene solutions (while still feeling sexy). Since Modibodi is the only brand on the market to have its own patented tech, Modifier Tech® to be precise, (it absorbs 4 tampon’s worth) and Modifier Air Technology® (to draw moisture away from your body while controlling odor with breathable blends of bamboo and microfibers) you know you have a quality product that does exactly what it says it will do.

So whether you are having light or heavy days, choose from the Sensual Hi-Waist Bikini or Sleep Short to keep you comfortably flowing without any leaks, unnecessary waste, or discomfort. Ladies, it’s here! The maximum absorbency for those with a heavy period or frequent bladder leaks during the night. Finally, the proven tech we’ve all been waiting for, the front-to-back protection that allows zero leaks on your body or sheets (no extra loads of laundry)!

Yes, we know what you are thinking. Do they have seam-free options? Why, yes they do. Check out these gorgeous Seamfree Bikini options or the Seamfree Full Brief. Comfortable, care-free, and classy. That’s exactly how’ll you’ll feel because, with the full-range of coverage that you need, you can customize your panties to your specific needs while still wearing your favorite outfits without missing one fashionable monthly moment.

Let’s not forget the Classic Bikini either. For you girls who prefer the classic underwear fit, Modibodi will have your favorites on hand for your monthly needs. New to the classic line-up is the Vegan Bikini. For those light days or for the confidence of extra protection, it’s now available in a vegan panty. The sustainability of Modibodi products is simple – use them, rinse them, wash them, repeat. No boxes, reordering services, or excessive waste in the landfills. Heck, even regular tampon users are loving Modibodi panty options, and so will you!

Classic Bikini | Sleep Short | Sensual Hi-Waist Bikini | Seamfree Bikini | Seamfree Full Brief | Vegan Bikini
Modibodi | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

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Comfortable And Cozy Spring Lounge And Activewear For Women And Men

We all care for the environment and we all love soft, practical clothing. When those two things go hand in hand, it’s time for a little celebration. Coalatree’s Evolution Joggers are made from polyester, recycled coffee grounds, and plastic bottles. A unique combination when it comes to activewear, we know. Spent coffee grounds are mixed and melted down with plastic to create a unique fiber for these surprisingly very comfortable joggers. With secure zipper pockets, your valuables will remain safe and secured. They’re lightweight, stain-resistant, odor-controlled, super soft, and so much more; you have to try them for yourself!

Every pair of joggers needs a good matching hoodie, that’s just common sense when searching for activewear. Coalatree has designed a comfortable Evolution Hoodie made from (you guessed it) recycled coffee grounds, polyester, and plastic bottles. Designed to be lightweight, warming, odor-resistant, and everything you expect from a feel-good hoodie, Coalatree fits the bill.

One of the features we love is a kangaroo zipper pouch that can easily protect your valuables from any tumbles or pick-pocketers. It’s stain-resistant for those dirty teens of yours, it dries quickly, and has a soft, cozy fleece inner lining. The best part is that your hoodie can be packed into a built-in zipper pouch to make the perfect-sized mini pillow for those afternoon naps in the sun. The Evolution Hoodie is perfect for on the go or cozy days at home, a quick afternoon hike, or a refreshing time talking with friends on the porch.

Evolution Joggers | Evolution Hoodie
Coalatree | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

DEVIL-DOG Dungarees

Comfortable And Cozy Spring Lounge And Activewear For Women And Men

Lounge and activewear for women and men are a must when you start your Spring shopping. If your guy needs a fresh pair of high-quality jeans this Spring, then you’re definitely going to want to check out DEVIL-DOG Dungarees. This company has been active for nearly a century, and they have not wavered in their values or character. This Spring, their Slim Fit and their Athletic Fit jeans are a total must-have for the men in our lives.

The Slim Fit jean contains LYCRA® dualFX® technology. Your guy can wear slim jeans while staying comfortable because this fabric is going to move with him no matter where his days go this spring. Featuring the signature DEVIL-DOG side cording stitch and the authentic Bandana pocketing made from recycled material fibers, your guy can wear this classic jean without a guilty conscience. The Anson wash is perfect because of the medium tint, it will complement any top or shoe he chooses to wear!

For those living in more temperate climates, jeans may not be the first thing he turns to for a clothing choice. However, with the Athletic Fit, he can confidently choose these jeans and be comfortable all day. These jeans feature moisture-wicking Sorbtek® technology. This is a performance yarn that is designed to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable all day long. It’s also super soft and contains yarns crafted from recycled materials. These jeans are recommended for men with a more athletic build because it gives plenty of room through the thigh and leg and features a tapered leg opening. It won’t squeeze, pinch, or be otherwise uncomfortable. He won’t want to take these off all season-and then some!

Slim Fit Men’s Jean | Athletic Fit Men’s Jean
DEVIL-DOG Dungarees | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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Pura Vida Volleyball

Comfortable And Cozy Spring Lounge And Activewear For Women And Men

Volleyball lovers, listen up! We’ve found the perfect place to shop for activewear for women. Whether it be for yourself or a loved one during the spring season, hustle on over to Pura Vida Volleyball

Comfortable And Cozy Spring Lounge And Activewear For Women And Men

With a name like Pura Vida, which literally translates to “Pure Life” or “Just Life,” it’s easy to see that this company was founded upon the idea of living life to the fullest. Well, that and playing volleyball, of course! Their positive outlook and passion for the sport translate to all of their activewear for women and gear, too. Take a look at their amazing t-shirt collection, for instance. The Ice Cream T-Shirt lets the world know you’ve got a killer serve and the Block Party T-Shirt celebrates a well-timed and amazing block.

Comfortable And Cozy Spring Lounge And Activewear For Women And Men

Is it cool in the gym? Maybe you need a new sweatshirt on your list of women activewear to take along to the next tourney. Leave no doubt what your favorite time of year is with the Volleyball Is My Favorite Season Crew Neck sweatshirt in Oatmeal Heather. Need something with a little more personality? Grab a Tie Dye French Terry Hoodie in Reactive Rainbow. Super cozy and lightweight, with a fun casual style to match, these will be turning teammates’ heads this season!

Don’t let the fun stop at volleyball apparel though. When your wrists aren’t occupied with bumping a ball around, adorn them with a Silver Expandable Bangle Charm Bracelet or Heart Volleyball Rope Adjustable Bracelet. If your phone could use a shout-out to your love of the game, grab a Collapsible Grip Phone and Tablet Stand, too. Reduce device drops, easily text with one hand and snap better game-day pics – it’s a win all around! (Plus, an extra pop of volleyball fun in your life is always a good thing.) Score some great gear and up your fashion game with Pura Vida Volleyball!

Ice Cream T-Shirt | Block Party T-Shirt | Volleyball Is My Favorite Season Crew Neck | Tie Dye French Terry Hoodie | Silver Expandable Bangle Charm Bracelet | Heart Volleyball Rope Adjustable Bracelet | Collapsible Grip Phone and Tablet Stand
Pura Vida Volleyball | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


Comfortable And Cozy Spring Lounge And Activewear For Women And Men

Staying active this spring doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable, in fact, Municipal wants men to feel their best while they work their hardest. This spring, freshen up your workout routine with the new Enduro Stretch T-Shirt, or as Mark Wahlberg calls it, the “GOAT”.

You won’t believe how soft this material is. It is a blend of extra soft modal, brushed cotton, and a bit of super stretchy spandex. Ladies, this may end up on your list of must-have activewear for women because you won’t want to stop touching him in this shirt! This everyday tee is so buttery soft, flexible, breathable, and naturally anti-microbial. Your guy will want to go everywhere and do everything in the Enduro Stretch T-Shirt, and he absolutely should.

The Sport Utility Jogger is up next, simply because of how comfortable they are! These are designed to work with his movements, and they do so much more than that. This versatile jogger won’t stretch out and even has three zippered compartments so he can remain active without losing his belongings. This fit is designed to move with an active person. There is no uncomfortable bunching or pulling, just comfort. This spring when you’re searching for the perfect activewear for men and women, you will definitely want to add Municipal to the list!

Enduro Stretch T-Shirt | Sport Utility Jogger
Municipal | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


Comfortable And Cozy Spring Lounge And Activewear For Women And Men

Loungewear and activewear for women may look a bit different for some of us mamas who are expecting. Our top priority is to not just style, but also be comfortable at all times, especially when we sleep! Belabumbum brings us comfortable, cute pajamas that will make us get the rest we need!

The Plume Robe is perfect for lounging around the house, midnight nursing, and even to wear in the hospital room. The Plume Robe is made of ultra-soft cotton and the kimono style sleeves with lace trim will leave you feeling extra cozy as you drift off to sleep.

Whether you’re pregnant or nursing, the Plume Cami PJ Set is perfect for every mom! The empire waist in the pajama pants nests just on top of your belly for max comfort while pregnant. These pants even have an adjustable elastic waistband so after the baby is born you can still keep comfortable! The Plume Cami PJ Set includes a nursing pajama top with adjustable straps and a simple pull-up design for easy access when nursing. Keep comfortable this spring with Belabumbum!

Plume Robe | Plume Cami PJ Set
Belabumbum | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

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Comfortable And Cozy Spring Lounge And Activewear For Women And Men

Ladies, who among us doesn’t crave that freshly-shaved entrance into a bed filled with sheets that just came out of the dryer? Intoxicating, right? What if our PJs could feel that fresh every single night? With Ettitude, they can.

This spring, sleep like a queen in this silky-soft long sleeve Signature Sateen Sleep Shirt. Made from sustainable CleanBamboo™ fabric, this sleep shirt is as soft as silk and so breathable you’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. With materials made from 100% bamboo, you will love this hypoallergenic shirt and enjoy its chemical-free craftsmanship, especially for those who suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin. This spring, slip into silky slumber with Ettitude.

Signature Sateen Sleep Shirt
Ettitude | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


Comfortable And Cozy Spring Lounge And Activewear For Women And Men

When you’re lounging around watching Netflix, comfort is essential. You need to be able to relax and watch tv without your clothing restricting your downtime. Kyte BABY is a family-owned business that offers the softest bamboo clothes. They carry a variety of rompers, cute sleep bags for babies and toddlers. Kyte BABY also has matching mommy, daddy, and baby pajama jogger sets!  

Comfortable And Cozy Spring Lounge And Activewear For Women And Men

The ultra-luxurious Women’s Lounge Pants are designed for pure comfort; these all-natural bamboo pants have a tie front waistband and a relaxed fit flow ankle. The Lounge Pants will quickly become your favorite pants that you will enjoy wearing every day and become your favorite travel companion. 

Women’s Lounge Pants
Kyte BABY | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


Comfortable And Cozy Spring Lounge And Activewear For Women And Men

For sustainable activewear for women that look great and also make a world of difference, choose Pact. When you purchase these soft, non-GMO, organic cotton tops – consciously crafted in fair trade-certified factories – you not only show your fashion sense, but you show some love to the earth, too. Upon placing your Pact. clothing order, you can even offset the carbon footprint of your shipment, which itself comes in thoughtful packaging designed to minimize waste.

Comfortable And Cozy Spring Lounge And Activewear For Women And Men

Now that we have your interest, let’s talk tees! The Softspun Crew Neck Tee and Softspun V-Neck Tee are a wonderful addition to your spring wardrobe. Available in a variety of colors, such as Lagoon, Thistle Heather and many more, both are super-soft and a nice weight, enabling you to wear them season after season. Pair with a sweater, wrap, or hoodie when you need a little added warmth or rock one on its own with your favorite pair of jeans and the season’s hottest accessories. Elevate your t-shirt game this spring with Pact, and order one of each!

Softspun Crew Neck Tee | Softspun V-Neck Tee
Pact | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


Comfortable And Cozy Spring Lounge And Activewear For Women And Men

This spring, mamas, and minis should wear the “First But Not Last” International Women’s Day Teen Graphic Organic T-Shirt by Gap. The soft knit, crew neck, “First But Not Last” T-Shirt is made of 100% organic cotton, making this a comfy decision. Grab a matching International Women’s Day Kids Graphic T-Shirt for your future trailblazer. A perfect T-Shirt with a strong and bold message that is sure to encourage and inspire women and young girls. This t-shirt easily pairs with jeans or leggings making for a trendy, confident, and comfortable outfit choice. Activewear for women this year can be about looking good and making a powerful statement while including your kids.

Comfortable And Cozy Spring Lounge And Activewear For Women And Men

International Women’s Day Teen Graphic Organic Cotton T-Shirt | International Women’s Day Kids Graphic T-Shirt
Gap | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Lands’ End

Comfortable And Cozy Spring Lounge And Activewear For Women And Men

The new items in the Lands’ End Spring 2021 collection combine beautiful design and comfort. Their soft but substantial Terry Wide Leg Cropped Pants are great for sleep, working from home, or running errands and will always make you feel put-together. The navy striped pants scream spring, and not only do they come in plus and petite sizes, but they also have pockets!

These beautiful pants come in solid navy, solid black, navy striped, or vibrant unwashed red dotted floral. Lands’ End also offers you the option to personalize their Terry Wide Leg Cropped Pants by adding embroidery including sailboats, holidays, or a custom monogram. The black pants would look awesome with your diamond initials in the classic cappuccino thread color.

Women’s Lounge Mid Rise Wide Leg Crop Pajama Pants
Lands’ End | InstagramFacebook | TwitterPinterest | YouTube

Finding the perfect lounge and activewear for women and men doesn’t have to be hard! Whether you’re an expecting mom looking for comfort or you’re looking for a solid pair of jeans that are comfortable as you start your yard work. With these selections, you’ll be set as the weather continues to get warmer and warmer.


Now that’ we’ve covered the perfect activewear for women and men this season, make sure your household is in order as well! Check out 14 Items To Add To Your List For Spring Cleaning.

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Comfortable And Cozy Spring Lounge And Activewear For Women And Men



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