12 Kitchen Gadgets You Need For Thanksgiving Prep

Thanksgiving is a busy time in the kitchen. Whether you are in charge of the whole feast or only a side dish or dessert, having the right gadgets can make your life a lot easier. We rounded up 12 unique kitchen gadgets you need for Thanksgiving prep. With these tools by your side, this Thanksgiving feast is sure to be the easiest prep yet.

Gravy Separator

Unique Kitchen Gadgets

If you are in charge of the gravy, this gravy separator is a must-have. This is a specially designed measuring cup to make it easy to separate the fat for any gravies or stock that you might be making this Thanksgiving. Gravy is a must with classic Thanksgiving mashed potatoes, so make sure it’s not to greasy, but rather creamy and delicious this year.

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Stainless Steel Turkey Baster

Unique Kitchen Gadgets

Yes, you really do need to have a turkey baster to have a successful Thanksgiving. Why? Because it is the main dish! Turkey cook-off competition anyone? Of course, using a good baster, rather than an old leaky baster, will ensure your oven doesn’t become a mess. This baster includes an injector needle to infuse juices, herbs, sauces, and fat. It also includes a cleaning brush for simplicity’s sake.

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Rubbermaid Storage Container Set

Unique Kitchen Gadgets

Everyone knows the best part of the Thanksgiving feast is the leftovers. So make sure you are prepared with enough food storage containers. These containers are BPA-free and have a built-in microwave vent for safe reheating. And did we mention a lifetime warranty? Protect your leftovers with this Rubbermaid Storage Container Set.

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Emile Henry Large Rectangular Baker

Unique Kitchen Gadgets

How many casseroles do you make every Thanksgiving? This high-quality ceramic baker will make all your casserole dreams come true. It’s durable and scratch resistant. It’s also easy to clean with a 10-year warranty. After Thanksgiving, this Emile Henry Large Rectangular Baker will be perfect for lasagna, pastichio, shepherd’s pie, and any other cold weather comfort food.

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Le Creuset Stoneware Pie Pan

Unique Kitchen Gadgets

What is better than a perfectly flaky crust on a Thanksgiving pie? Nothing! But, to do that, you need the right pan. This Le Creuset 9-inch pie pan does not only helps you get that delicious flaky crust, but it is also a pretty serving dish that will look just perfect on your Thanksgiving table. This beautiful pie pan features a French styling pattern as well as a high-quality performance. This pan is also available in four other colors.

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ThermoPro Digital Instant Meat Thermometer

Unique Kitchen Gadgets

Don’t leave overcooking your turkey to chance this Thanksgiving. And you won’t, with this meat thermometer, that is both easy to read and fast. The large display ensures that you get an accurate read and takes any guesswork out of preparing your Thanksgiving meal. It also includes a one-year warranty.

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Harbor Digital Kitchen Timer

Unique Kitchen Gadgets

Most likely your Thanksgiving prep is going to require a lot of multi-tasking and multiple items cooking at once, which is why a timer will help you manage like a 5-star chef. Don’t risk burning your Thanksgiving feast this year and invest in an easy to use kitchen timer. The battery is included.

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Turkey Salt & Pepper Shakers

Unique Kitchen Gadgets

How cute are these to add to your Thanksgiving centerpiece? These Turkey Salt & Pepper Shakers are adorable and the perfect way to get into the Thanksgiving spirit. Let them be the finishing touch on your table. Guests of all ages will appreciate these hand-painted ceramic Turkey Salt & Pepper Shakers.

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Calphalon Try-Ply Stainless Steel Roaster

Unique Kitchen Gadgets

For the turkey, you need to make sure you have an over-sized roaster. This roaster accommodates up to a 20 lb turkey, roast, or ham. The handles make both lifting and turning easy. The brushed stainless steel ensures that your roaster continues to look good over time. Calphalon offers a full lifetime warranty, making it a worthwhile investment for Thanksgivings and beyond.

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Calphalon Classic 15-pc. Knife Set

Unique Kitchen Gadgets

The sharper the knives, the easier to cut, slice, and dice in the kitchen.  It will be hard to make a Thanksgiving dish that doesn’t require the use of knives, which is why you won’t regret upgrading your current set. This set includes a built-in ceramic sharpener that automatically sharpens the chef knives and other straight edge knives with every use.

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KitchenAid Mixer

Unique Kitchen Gadgets

As the Thanksgiving host, you need to conserve your arm strength, particularly for mashed potatoes! Let this mixer do the hard work for you. This mixer features a 10-speed slide control range from very fast to a very slow stir. There are over 20 different colors you can choose from.

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Thanksgiving Kitchen Apron

Unique Kitchen Gadgets

If you are going to host the most amazing Thanksgiving feast this year, you need to look the part. And that means making sure you don’t ruin your clothes. This adorable festive kitchen apron features a flattering fit and a huge convenient front pocket carting your “tools” around the kitchen. As the head chef, you will want a new apron for every occasion!

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