Making Beautifully Personalized Holiday Cards

Take a family picture, order 100 holiday cards, process them for mailing. We tend to repeat this stale pattern year after year. What if we made it just a little more special to receive one of our annual greetings? As military families, these cards criss-cross the country carrying our love to extended family members we can’t see very often. Let them experience even more of the warm-and-fuzzy feelings by putting simple twists on this classic tradition. Here are five ways to create and give unique, polished-looking, and more personalized holiday cards this year.

1. Your Drawing as Art Cards

Making Beautifully Personalized Holiday Cards

How much does it warm our hearts to receive a piece of artwork from our kids? You can give those same good feels to your entire family using this service from Simply upload any line drawing that you like, and Minted will use it to create a stunning hand-pressed foil design. Grandma and Grandpa will be over the moon when they get one of these! This is an awesome way to incorporate a handmade touch into cards for those that still want the ease of an all-in-one online ordering option.


2. Custom Addressing StampsMaking Beautifully Personalized Holiday Cards

These beautiful stamps are not only super convenient and affordable, but they also add a refined and personal finish to your envelopes. They can be custom made in many different fonts, styles, and ink colors, and purchased right from Amazon. This is another excellent option for those looking to add a touch of flair without sacrificing the accessibility of printed photo cards.


3. Vintage Cards from EtsyMaking Beautifully Personalized Holiday Cards

Browse Etsy for an array of beautiful vintage (and antique) holiday greeting cards. Our favorites feature unique Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern details that you can only find in the design of yesteryear. Cards with classic 1980s cartoon characters on them would another fun direction to take this idea! Your friends and family will absolutely appreciate the thought you put into these quirky holiday greetings.

4. Family Art Cards

Making Beautifully Personalized Holiday Cards

Homemade touches, both elaborate and humble, make a big impression to those on your recipient list. Grab the family, make some popcorn and spend an afternoon together making truly custom art for everyone you know! In the examples here we used rhinestones to make ornaments and fingerprints to create reindeer, but there are plenty of other clever DIY holiday card ideas on Pinterest. Go as far as your creativity will take you with this one!

5. Cookie Cards

Making Beautifully Personalized Holiday Cards

Ok, so maybe these aren’t exactly cards, but what better way to spread holiday cheer than with these adorable iced gingerbread cookies? And who says that you couldn’t box these up and ship them off to your cousins back home? The scenes on these precious cards are created with edible ink pens. Genius!

In the end, your holiday cards should be as representative of you and your family as possible. Personalized holiday cards will help family and friends feel like they are getting a piece of your heart when they receive it.

Sending more than cards? Don’t miss our collection of Holiday Gift Guides to help you find the perfect present for everyone on your list. 

Making Beautifully Personalized Holiday Cards

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