Wedding Table Numbers: 7 Simple and Affordable DIY Options

From wedding table numbers to bridesmaids’ gifts and rehearsal dinners, planning a wedding is a lot of work! Getting started on planning all your wedding details? Between the cost of the venue, catering, music, and more, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give DIY a try for your wedding day. The perfect place to start to create gorgeous, customized details is with your wedding table numbers.

This type of DIY project is not only easy to plan, but you can also recruit the help of your wedding party to execute the idea once you and your partner have decided what you want them to look like. Plus, it’s easy to customize your table numbers depending on the theme and color scheme of your overall dream wedding. The DIY options are endless!

Why DIY?

In an Instagram-perfect world, all your wedding details would be custom-made and perfectly polished by professionals. But, you can still get that personalized look without spending extra money by doing it yourself. Getting crafty with small details like your centerpieces or table numbers can save big bucks over renting or purchasing custom-made options. Plus, if you make the details yourself, you have added control over exactly how they turn out (one less thing to stress about)! 

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Acrylic Table Wedding Table Numbers

Daily Mom Parent Portal Wedding Table Numbers

For a polished look, you can design wedding table numbers with a clean, smooth acrylic material. Start with the acrylic backings; there are various color options from opaque to clear available. You can order them directly from Amazon, craft stores, or specific acrylic sign providers. Next, you’ll decide what you want them to look like – the design possibilities are endless. Choose any font you want! Either paint the numbers using acrylic paint or design custom wedding table numbers and print them out using a Cricut machine.

Lastly, you’ll need something to help your wedding table numbers stand up straight. You can find a variety of options for this, including wood blocks, acrylic stands, and photo easels. This will help your table numbers stand upright.

Cardboard Numbers

If you’re looking for a truly DIY option, use recycled materials that you might already have available in your home. For example, using large pieces of cardboard to create cutouts of the numbers themselves is also a great option. You can opt to keep them plain with a simple coat of spray paint or get more detailed depending on your level of formality. If your color scheme is a little more bold and eclectic, you can combine this one with something more ornamental like pearls or artificial flowers, you could decorate the numbers with corresponding colors that match your wedding color scheme.

Printed Wedding Table Numbers

Daily Mom Parent Portal Wedding Table Numbers

If you have a very detailed or specific theme, you could design your table numbers in Canva (or any other design software) and then print them out right at home. A regular printer works well for smaller projects like this, but if you don’t have one, you could also have them printed professionally for a more finished look. These can be displayed any way you would normally showcase photos in your home – in a frame, using a photo holder, or with a simple acrylic holder.

Painted Vase Centerpieces

Daily Mom Parent Portal Wedding Table Numbers

For the bride who is focusing on florals, painted vase centerpieces can be a fun, unique option for DIY wedding table numbers. This decor choice doubles as a holder for your wedding flowers and works especially well for small tables where there might not be room for extra pieces. Save space on your tables by painting the numbers directly on the vases. Plus, you can get extra thrifty and check your local Goodwill or other thrift store for used vases. Either paint the numbers directly using acrylic paint or enlist the help of a friend with a Cricut.

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Photo Wedding Table Numbers

For a more simple, classic option, pick out some photos to use for your wedding table numbers. If you have access to old photo albums, your friends and family will love seeing all your childhood pictures! Print out photos of you and your fiancé at each age. For example, for table one, print out a photo of you each at one year old. Like the printed wedding table numbers, use any photo frame to display the numbers at your table. 

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Meaningful Objects

For the non-traditional couple, another great option is having no numbers at all. Non-numbered options are also a great way to distinguish which tables your guests will be sitting at. You can use small, meaningful objects to distinguish which tables your guests are assigned to. For example, one of the tables could be the first movie you watched together as a couple with a DVD copy in the center. Your guests will have fun exploring all the details that make your relationship so special.

Wooden Wedding Table Numbers

For a more rustic venue like an outdoor space or a barn, you might opt for something a little more outdoorsy. Make a nod to your venue’s natural setting with wooden wedding table numbers. Depending on what shape and style you want, you can opt for round wooden slices, wooden numbers themselves, or any other shape of wood canvases and objects available online.

For something a little more colorful, you can create custom designs using acrylic paint and floral designs. Or, for something more simple, use a script-style font and paint directly onto the unfinished wood. If you want to get really crafty, you can apply photos of you and your partner to the table number using adhesive.

Once your wedding table numbers are ready, don’t forget about a seating chart! There are so many ways to display which table your guests will be seated at. Whether you want to add a personal touch to your wedding day or simply create a seamless experience for your guests, wedding table numbers can be a huge help in keeping your special day organized. Which of these DIY wedding table numbers was your favorite?

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