The Best Children’s Snow Boots for Enjoying Winter in the South (and everywhere else)

If you are living below the Mason Dixon Line you understand the proper precautions when it comes to snow and the south. You’ve heard time and time again, “Why does everyone freak out down here when it snows?” Cue the chorus of, “We don’t have enough snow plows. We aren’t equipped for snow. Snow is scary and dangerous.” While y’all Northern’s may mock our Southern precautions, that doesn’t change the fact that “Winter is Coming”.  Well, maybe winter is coming. It’s either snowing 24 feet of snow or it’s going to be 70 and sunny.  We don’t know what winter will bring, only that being prepared for all the seasons, perhaps in one week, but nonetheless, being prepared is our only choice.

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What do you need to survive winter in the south? No matter where you find yourself planting your feet this winter, one of the most important features of a winter wardrobe is snow boots. Snow is snow.  It doesn’t matter if you have two feet or two inches.  Spending any prolonged amount of time in the snow will leave your tootsies shivering. And if your feet aren’t warm, nothing is warm.

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There is a common myth that you lose the most heat through your head, but researchers believe that your feet and hands are just as likely players when it comes to keeping you warm.  So, let’s prep those feet for hours of fun in those beautiful frozen tundras (okay, okay minimally covered snow fields).

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The necessity for warm shoes isn’t just when there is snow on the ground. Playing outside even on sunny, albeit cold days, warrants foot protection.  Stonz creator, Lisa Will, recognized the need for simple yet effective cold weather footwear. Stonz mission was to get families outside, playing, enjoying and observing nature.  They wanted to make it easy for families to enjoy the cold winter months.  

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Stonz boots help us do just that. Stonz offers a variety of children’s snow boots. Will began her journey with creating children’s snow boots when she noticed her infant son would always manage to kick off whatever shoes he was wearing. Thus, the Bootie was born complete with adjustable toggles to secure them to wiggly baby feet.

Will didn’t stop designing there. Following the growth of her own experiences as a mother she created different lines of shoes to carry little ones throughout childhood. The Scout Winter Boots and Trek Winter Boots are the lightest shoes on the market, thus allowing your little one to tackle all those snowdrifts. These vegan-friendly boots boast a weather resistant 600D nylon-coated upper body and skid resistant bottom. The shoes have adjustable drawstrings, buckle, and hook and loop fastener closures for a customized fit. They are designed for Canadian winters which means us Southern’s will fare just fine, but so will you Northerners.

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Truth be told the warmer we stay, the more comfortable we are when playing outside. Childhood (and life) is meant to be lived loudly and to its fullest extent. There is so much more to discover when we break the mold and head outside one footstep at a time with Stonz.

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Winter in the South is serious business.  The rest of y’all may laugh at us as we bundle up for those below 40 days of darkness and cold, but the fact remains that cold is cold. You never know when the next snowpocalypse is coming. Be prepared this winter no matter what the weather with our favorite children’s snow boots from Stonz.

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