5 Baby Items I wish I had with my first baby

There are so many things I know now, two babies later, that wish I could have told my younger self when having my first baby. And even more after having my second. Both babies were so very different from one another, but loved just as much. Now, I am pregnant with my third child (and this will be my last pregnancy), and I know in my ‘mama heart’ that I want to savor each moment as my last. With age and experience comes the knowledge that in the blink of an eye that sweet little babe in my arms will be 8 years old.

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They say age makes you wiser, and I’m here to tell you that the only thing you will ever want more of is time. Time with your big kids, your little kids, and your brand new baby. So often when caught in the trenches we mama’s get overwhelmed and exhausted, but so quickly that newborn who wouldn’t sleep is a trying toddler running through the house laughing as he goes. That said, the one piece of advice we veteran mom’s can give is that if baby gear exists that can make some part of our lives just a bit simpler allowing us to spend those precious moments with our kids then snatch those up.

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5 Baby Items I Wish I Had With My First Baby

Here are 5 baby items I wish I had with my 1st baby:


5 Baby Items I Wish I Had With My First Baby

Here at Daily Mom we think the Doona is one of the coolest inventions we’ve ever seen. Often we’ve pondered how moms go from taxi to street, to subway, to wherever with a tiny babe in tow – the Doona is how.

Amaze your friends with the effortless ease with which the Doona transforms from car seat to stroller and back again. You can pop in and out of preschool drop off or the grocery store with ease. The Doona is extremely light – weighing in at about 16.5 lbs. making it so simple to transport from place to place. Gone are the days of lugging around an infant plus a carrier. Healthier for new mothers who so frequently lug around large and heavy infant car seats on their forearms, the Doona makes it easier for busy moms to run errands, visit the doctors office, and even go for a neighborhood stroll. Life with three kids is all about efficiency and the Doona is a must-have in this department.

5 Baby Items I Wish I Had With My First Baby

With a simple, one-handed adjustable handlebar the Doona allows you to wheel both the Doona and a suitcase through a busy airport, or allows big siblings to help push baby’s stroller all around town. The Doona is designed so that no matter the height of the person pushing baby you always maintain eye contact with her.

Safety is always of utmost concern when placing your baby in anything. The Doona takes no shortcuts when it comes to safety. It was designed so that when Folding from the car seat position to the strolling position and back again there are no accidents. They developed a fail-safe mechanism to prevent unintentional folding, an unintentional extension of the Doona handle while in carry mode, and the unintentional rotation of the extended handle while in stroller mode. While this may sound complicated, we promise the actual process is simpler and efficient. Just trust that the experts took their time and cut no corners in ensuring the safety (and comfort) of your little one.

Reasons To Love the Doona:

  • From car seat to stroller in seconds
  • Developed with advice from medical experts
  • 5-star front impact protection
  • Anti-rebound and side-impact protection
  • FAA Aircraft Approved for travel
  • Fail-Safe Mechanisms to prevent misuse
  • Unique 3-layer ‘Side Impact Protection’
5 Baby Items I Wish I Had With My First Baby

The Doona is a complete car seat system. They offer other great products as well such as the Vehicle Seat Protector that fits perfectly under the car seat to prevent spills from reaching the actual seats of the car, the Sunshade Extension for full sun protection and the Doona All Day Bag, the only diaper bag that attaches to your stroller for no-hassle, ease, keeping all your necessities close.

Doona Infant Car Seat-Nitro Black | Doona All Day Bag | Sunshade Extension | Vehicle Seat Protector

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5 Baby Items I Wish I Had With My First Baby

New mom’s may love those baby snuggles, but whether you are having baby number one or number three, having a safe place to sit your little one is a must. That is why we love the mamaRoo. mamaRoo is the swing that moves like you do. The mamaRoo sways from side to side and bounces up and down just as any parent would when soothing their child. There are five different motion settings and five different speeds that mimic natural movement. Pair that with four different sound options, including the ability to plug in your own mp3 player, and even the fussiest baby will be soothed by the mamaRoo. These motions and sound can be controlled by the attached LCD screen or via your smart device.

Many experienced moms have had an infant swing in the past but the mamaRoo is next level awesome. It is lightweight making it easy to move from room to room, and the compact base allows the mamaRoo to fit perfectly just about anywhere.

5 Baby Items I Wish I Had With My First Baby

Reasons to love the mamaRoo:

  • 5 unique motions and 5 speeds
  • A total of 25 different options for movement
  • 4 built-in sounds & mp3 player capabilities
  • Full recline or sit up and play options
  • Zippered seat cover for easy cleaning

When it comes to your new baby, mamaRoo has covered every angle to help both you and your little one grow, develop, and adapt together.


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5 Baby Items I Wish I Had With My First Baby

Tula offers great products, and at Daily Mom we have always loved their quality infant AND toddler carriers. For new moms wanting to keep baby close, an infant carrier is the way to go. For veteran moms with other rambunctious children, an infant carrier is seriously a must. The ability to keep baby close and on mom’s chest, where they want to be most, all the while having your hands free, is a necessity for mom’s of more than one child, and really all moms.

We love their newest addition, the Explore Baby Carrier. The explore carrier is versatile taking you from the newborn stage to toddlerhood. You can carry your little one throughout his first years with the Explore and it is Tula’s first carrier to offer both an ergonomic inward and outward or front facing position.

5 Baby Items I Wish I Had With My First Baby

Tula carriers are considered ergonomic, soft structured carriers, meaning that unlike a wrap carrier, they have some form to them, making them more ergonomically safe for both you and baby. The Tula provides support for both your back and shoulders while at the same time providing proper support for baby’s hip positioning and development. Tula carriers are easy to take on and off yourself without layers of fabric or twisting shoulder straps – another huge plus when it comes to the business of motherhood.

Reasons to love Tula:

  • Variable width settings for use with newborns and toddlers
  • Padded and adjustable head support
  • Multiple carry positions including forward-facing and back carry
  • Breathable and lightweight cotton material
  • Easy on and off
  • Waistband pocket
  • Removable hood

In true Tula style, the Explore comes in a variety of colors and patterns sure to please both you (and dad). The Sleepy Dust is the perfect neutral combination for new parents waiting to find out the gender of their baby, moms and dads who plan to share the carrier, or simply for long-term use with its neutral colors and simple pattern.

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5 Baby Items I Wish I Had With My First Baby

Explore Baby Carrier – Sleepy Dust

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5 Baby Items I Wish I Had With My First Baby

Okay, let’s be real, great leggings are a must pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, and post pregnancy, basically always. BLANQI leggings are for life. Their leggings are uniquely designed for all stages. All BLANQI products are thoughtfully crafted to carry you through each stage of pregnancy (and beyond).

5 Baby Items I Wish I Had With My First Baby

For the mama who loves working out, the SportSupport Hipster Contour Leggings are perfect. They are designed for killing it at the gym or chasing your toddler around. They are fully opaque so no awkward underwear peeking through during those low squats. They fit tightly but move with you for no-slippage.

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The Everyday Support Leggings offer full coverage belly support. The belly panel stretches to carry you from day one to day 280 (give or take a few). The stretch doesn’t stop there, these leggings move with you smoothing everywhere from your belly to your toes. Plus, they are made with a breathable material that wicks away moisture to prevent overheating.

Finally, postpartum. The changes your body goes through during pregnancy are grave, and that is why a legging designed to work with those changes is just what you need. Enter the Everyday Highwaist Postpartum + Nursing Support Leggings. The high-waisted design helps to cinch and smooth your waist post-baby. They gently compress your midsection helping you to mindfully engage your core.

Mamas, these leggings are a must-have addition to your hospital bag. Slip these leggings on before you head home with your little one and we promise you will NEVER take them off. The high waist compression provides excellent support and relief for postpartum recovering bellies while also allowing you to discreetly breastfeed without your back and stomach visible to the world.

SportSupport Hipster Contour Leggings | Everyday Support Leggings | Everyday Highwaist Postpartum + Nursing Support Leggings

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5 Baby Items I Wish I Had With My First Baby

Let’s get comfortable. Those are my favorite pregnancy words. Try the Everyday Nursing Bra from Storq. It’s comfy and cute for wear during pregnancy and postpartum. Simple for relaxing at home with your newborn or wearing through the night with nursing pads in place, this bra features no tags, hooks, or wire to interfere with your snuggles and cuddles with your new baby, or those sparing moments of relaxation.

Everyday Nursing Bra

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New babies are always a blessing, from the first to the last the times are a mix of emotions – overwhelming love, fear, exhaustion and joy. Figuring out a routine for the whole family can be challenging with a new baby. But be strong Mama because you WILL figure it out. As with all things in life, there will always be a learning curve, but one step in simplifying that process is finding high-quality baby gear that makes life a little easier and will last for the long haul. It may sound cliché but do your best to enjoy the moments you can for fleeting they will be.

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5 Baby Items I Wish I Had With My First Baby

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