36 Hours in Seattle with the Edgewater Hotel

Although Seattle is a well-known metropolitan city in the US, it’s still somewhat of a hidden gem when it comes to tourist attractions and vacation spots. Known mostly for it’s damp weather and the birthplace of Starbucks Coffee, this area of the Pacific Northwest has more natural beauty in it’s surrounding area than most experience on a typical vacation. And, having a gorgeous hotel with magnificent views, like the Edgewater Hotel, is the perfect compliment to this quick hop to one of the nation’s lesser known vacation spots. From Mt. Rainer down to Pike Place Market and over to Fremont, the list of spots to visit are as numerous as the coffee shops.



The Hot Spots of Seattle

There is never a shortage of things to explore despite Seattle’s often wet weather. In fact, the rainfall in the Pacific Northwest is what makes the scenery around Seattle so beautiful. While looking out down the street of Pike Place Market and over Lake Union, you will see the silhouette of Mt. Rainer. With its snow capped mountain surrounded by luscious greenery, you will feel as though you are in the middle of nature all while in the fast-paced excitement of the city. In just three days, you will be able to explore all the coolest places in Seattle- so much so that you’ll already be planning your trip back before you leave.

Day 1

The first day of your trip to Seattle should be hitting up the touristy spots- this way you can get to the nitty, gritty local places on days 2 and 3 when you are more familiar with the city. There are a few places that are famous in Seattle that you will want to see if it’s your first time there. And despite being “touristy spots,” some of Seattle’s most famous landmarks still have the charming, hipster chic you expect.

  • The Space Needle- The number one tourist spot of the city, the Space Needle will give you your first expansive look over the city skyline. And all the while, you can pretend to be Meg Ryan (or Tom Hanks)- we won’t tell.
  • Pike Place Market- Another famous spot in Seattle is Pike Place Market. Known for their signature fish throwing, artisan crafts, and local farm fresh foods it is one of the biggest attractions in Downtown Seattle. Don’t forget to head below the surface for one of the underground tours of Seattle’s passageways.
  • Starbucks Coffee– The first Starbucks Coffee sits right down the street from Pike Place, so grab your favorite drink as you continue to explore the streets.
  • Chihuly Garden and Glass– This expansive outdoor garden and indoor/outdoor glass gallery will leave you in awe. The beautifully manicured gardens and the gorgeous hand-blown glass sculptures are a perfect way to end your first day in Seattle.

There is no doubt that by the end of the day you will need a place to rest your weary head. The Edgewater Hotel is the perfect spot to begin and end your days in Seattle. The Edgewater Hotel is located in the heart of the city (and is Seattle’s only waterfront hotel), making its location a must when you only have a short time to explore and want amazing views to boot. Read more about the Edgewater Hotel below.

Day 2

Now that you’ve seen the big attractions in Seattle, you can spend your time visiting the lesser known and more artistic places in the city in Downtown Seattle and its surrounding areas. There is nothing like spending a day (or two) visiting the areas that make this famous metropolis of the Pacific Northwest tick. Historic art tours, ferry rides, and super waterfront views will give you all you need on our vacation.

  • Fremont– Known as the funky and creative neighborhood of Seattle, Fremont is the place for all things cool. Take a stroll by the Fremont Troll, grab a bite at Pie and a coffee at Milstead Coffee Company, and explore the area with artisan shopping at local bookstores, vintage shops, craft clothing, and even a few cannabis shops. Learn more about Fremont and all it has to offer (like Sunday Farmer’s Markets, Oktoberfest, and other seasonal events here).
  • Pioneer Square- This self-declared “first neighborhood” of Seattle, Pioneer Square is richly historic. You will love it’s renaissance era architecture and history. Take an art walk on their First Thursdays tours or check out some of the beloved restaurants and shops that make this area unique.
  • Kerry Park- Finish off your second day in Seattle by taking a walk up to Kerry Park. A quick stroll up Queen Park Hill will give you an expansive look of the city skyline, including the Space Needle, ferries going across the bay, and Mt. Rainer.

After your day of getting to know the real Seattle, head back to the Edgewater Hotel for a quick Happy Hour at the hotel’s Six Seven restaurant. Enjoy artisan wines from Oregon, California, and of course Washington, or your favorite cocktail. Retire for the evening by ordering in-room dining, featuring some of the tastiest dishes from Six Seven. Read more about the Edgewater Hotel below.

Day 3

Spend your last day exploring what makes Seattle unique from other metropolitan cities- its waterfront. There are so many things you can do around Lake Union and Elliot Bay that you will easily be able to fill up your last day in this wonderful city in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Washington State Ferry Rides– The Washington State Ferry is the largest commuter ferry in the United States and spans over 20 different terminals. However, visitors love to jump aboard for a quick sightseeing tour across the sound where you can get great views of the Seattle skyline and take in the waterway.
  • Seattle Great Wheel– If you’re looking for a unique way to see all of Seattle and you aren’t afraid of heights, hop aboard the Seattle Great Wheel. This giant ferris wheel is open year-round with climate controlled enclosed gondolas, so no matter the season of your trip, you’ll be able to take advantage of this ride.
  • Lake Union- Seattle is a great place for people who want a vacation with lots to do along with some outdoor activities. Lake Union is the waterfront of Seattle, and here you will find kayaking, Ride the Duck tours, sailing, and paddle boarding.

In honor of spending your last day in Seattle exploring the waterfront and all it’s activities, end your day with a meal at the Edgewater Hotel’s Six Seven restaurant. Complete with meals made with local and organic foods, this five-star dining experience will not only deliver on filling your belly with dishes native to the Pacific Northwest, but you will also be able to enjoy gorgeous views of the Seattle waterfront as the sunsets of Mt. Rainer. Read more about the Edgewater Hotel below.

The Edgewater Hotel

The Edgewater Hotel is located in the heart of downtown Seattle. Built in 1962 for the World Fair, it is the city’s only waterfront hotel, giving you an experience that no other hotel can provide. Known as a hotel that is truly a home away from home, the staff at the Edgewater Hotel ensure that you are comfortable and that your needs are met even when you are far away from your familiar surroundings. They are even pet friendly– a rare find in high-end resort hotels.

The Edgewater Hotel is a place of resort tranquility nestled between the distinct Seattle art, architecture, and landscape. The river rock fireplaces, found in every room in the hotel, give each room a home-y feel and allow you to relax after a long day of exploring the city. No matter if you have a city, a garden, or a waterfront view, you will not be disappointed. Each view gives you a unique perspective of what Seattle has to offer, and the comfortable beds and European style baths will make you feel as though you are being pampered every time you walk into your room.

If you’d like to get a quick workout in before you head into the city, the Edgewater Hotel offers a fully equipped fitness center. If you’re in the mood to shop and grab a couple of souvenirs, the Shop on the Edge has unique clothing, jewelry, and Pacific Northwest inspired gifts to bring home to friends and family. Before you step out for the day, be sure to grab your favorite coffee at their coffee shop located inside Shop on the Edge.

Nothing will make your day-long excursions more complete than dinner and drinks at the Edgewater Hotel’s Six Seven restaurant. Grab your favorite cocktail or a local wine from California, Oregon, and Washington during Happy Hour. Then, have a peaceful dinner overlooking the waterfront, enjoying Pacific Northwest cuisine prepared by a Master Chef using all local and organic products. If you happen to be visiting over the weekend, enjoy a Saturday or Sunday Brunch at Six Seven, featuring classics like Smoked Bacon and Avocado Omelette or something a little more Seattle-esque such as a Northwest Crab Cake. No matter which meal you choose to eat there (maybe all of them), you will be met with gorgeous food and amazing bites.

Join the ranks of the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, The Rolling Stones, Ozzy Osbourne, KISS, Neil Young, Blondie, Jewel, David Bowie, Emmy Lou Harris, Iggy Pop, Jessica Simpson, Rod Stewart, and Willie Nelson by staying in the Edgewater Hotel during your vacation to Seattle. Between the history, the home comfort feel, the unique Seattle skyline, its central location, and the gorgeous landscape surrounding the hotel, you will have the perfect spot to come and lay your weary head after a day filled with fun, food, and coffee.


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Seattle is nothing like other big cities you might venture off to for your vacation. Instead of hustle and bright lights, you’ll find quiet coffee shops, vintage stores, and old book shops. Pike Place Market offers a fun experience in fish throwing, artisan crafts, and local foods. A quick walk down to the harbor of Lake Union, you will find whale watching excursions, beach goers headed to Alki Beach, and people playing frisbee on the lawn.

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