Perfect Gifts for Readers From Pre-Teens To Adults

Seeking out the perfect gifts for readers can be difficult, and sometimes impossible, with the endless supply of books available. From classics to cookbooks to activity books, the following is a quick list of the perfect gifts for readers both young and old. Browse through these ideas to help with your gift list this year!

The Best Gifts for Readers {2020}

Page One Books

Perfect Gifts For Readers From Pre-Teens To Adults

The classics are beloved by readers of all ages, making the Jane Austen Gift Set a grouping of the perfect gifts for readers. In addition to the complete novel, this bundle includes several theme-oriented gifts to surprise and delight the recipient.

Inside the novel, you will find 19 letters of correspondence, written and folded into pockets, helping to bring the story to life. Upon opening the gift set, the receiver will love the smell of the Gardens of Pemberley Candle by Blackbird that wafts out of the package. Additionally, a handmade Jane Austen tree ornament from The Christmas Company UK, Simpson and Vail Jane Austen Tea, and Pride and Prejudice character adhesive flags are included. Don’t miss out on these limited gifts for readers and order the Jane Austen Gift Set for a loved one this Christmas season.

America’s Test Kitchen Kids

Perfect Gifts For Readers From Pre-Teens To Adults

Have a future chef in the family? Make their day by adding some gifts for readers from America’s Test Kitchen Kids to your holiday shopping list. Start with My First Cookbook, for your littlest chefs, (ages 5-8.) Introduce them to the basics in an easy-to-digest way, and inspire a love of cooking early.

Perfect Gifts For Readers From Pre-Teens To Adults

For the slightly more experienced budding chef, The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs will help them take their skills up a notch and learn to cook like a pro. From the French Toast for One to the One-Pot Pasta with Quick Tomato Sauce, they’ll be making delicious family meals in no time.

Perfect Gifts For Readers From Pre-Teens To Adults

Once the kiddos are ready to add a pinch of creativity to their cooking and baking, they’re ready for The Complete DIY Cookbook for Young Chefs. They’ll make their favorite store-bought items such as ketchup, hummus, bagel chips, and ice cream sandwiches. This middle-grade cookbook also features recipes for giftable holiday treats, such as sprinkles, granola, peanut butter, and chocolate bark.

Perfect Gifts For Readers From Pre-Teens To Adults

Use the Kitchen Explorers workbook to turn your kitchen into a classroom, with fun games, puzzles, and kitchen experiments. After all, cooking and learning do go hand in hand.

Perfect Gifts For Readers From Pre-Teens To Adults

If you’re looking to get a jump on your New Year’s resolution to eat clean, ask Santa to place The Complete Plant-Based Cookbook under the Christmas tree! Choose from 500+ amazing, plant-based recipes the whole family will love, made from vegetables, grains, beans, and legumes, as well as plant-based dairy and meats. Let the gorgeous color photos guide your next dinner menu with Thai Coconut Soup, Baha-style California Tacos, Roasted Artichokes, Moroccan-Style Cous Cous, and so much more! Oh, and this cookbook isn’t just for vegans and vegetarians! Recipes offer the freedom to use regular dairy and eggs, too. So go on, give savory and satisfying plant-based cuisine a try this season with America’s Test Kitchen!

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Quarto Knows

Perfect Gifts For Readers From Pre-Teens To Adults

Do you have a doodler? If so, check out the 112-page activity book, Dots & Spots that will help the recipient doodle and draw by starting with just a dot (or a spot). Learn how to design an emoji, create mythical creatures, and design your own superhero costume with the prompts of this hilarious and inspiring book. With more than 100 sources of inspiration, this book will help unlock creativity and allow it to blossom on the pages of the book. Buy this as one of many gifts for readers and drawers on your list!

Perfect Gifts For Readers From Pre-Teens To Adults

Although the title is Craft Lab for Kids, people of all ages will enjoy the fun and creative projects included in this book. If you find gifts for readers hard to come by, buy this interactive book that includes hands-on activities and projects that can be created alone or as a group. Each lab includes a list of the materials required, photographs taking you through each step of the process, and a photo of the finished product. Buy the crafter in your life something you can do and enjoy together!

Perfect Gifts For Readers From Pre-Teens To Adults

Imaginations are a great thing. And imagination that is backed up by scientific facts? Pretty powerful. If you have an older child in your life who is constantly surprising you with crazy questions and interesting tips, the book 100 Crazy Questions: Creatures is one of the most ideal gifts for readers you can buy. Find the science behind the answers to the questions, “Can a great white shark eat a car?” and “Could a narwhal win a sword fight?” and many more. Great as a stocking stuffer or gifted alone, this book will keep your questioning loved one busy for hours.

Perfect Gifts For Readers From Pre-Teens To Adults

Think you have the survival skills to get you through a plane crash in the Himalayas?Or being attacked by a rhino in India? Be the main character in your own survival story with the book, Will You Survive? For each situation the book presents, you can choose your own path which will determine if you survive…or not. One adventure leads the reader straight to the next, making this one of many great gifts for readers. Chocked full of photographs and illustrations, the images keep you engaged from start to finish. And don’t forget, after completing this book, you will be one step closer to being equipped to survive just about any situation!

Perfect Gifts For Readers From Pre-Teens To Adults

Gifts for readers includes a large spectrum of presents. Do you know someone who appreciates solving puzzles of the mind? The Cursed Castle: An Escape Room In A Book allows the recipient to do just that, with its sudoku puzzles, word ciphers, word searches, logic puzzles, mazes, and code-breaking puzzles. Set in a medieval world, you are faced with a castle cursed, making its old king disappear. Use the king’s clues to solve the puzzle and save him before you become a victim of the castle’s curse. This is one of those memorable gifts for readers that will keep the recipient engaged and asking for more.

Perfect Gifts For Readers From Pre-Teens To Adults

Ever wonder what it would be like to live in a castle? Time travel to the past with the book Inside Out: Medieval Castle and learn about adventures during medieval times. From photographs of real castles to illustrations and die-cut models, read about what life was like in times of ‘ole. Gifts for readers that take the recipient into a historical time period are both informative and intriguing. Help your history buff get lost in the facts and dream of the days when castles were an everyday thing.

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Discover California

Perfect Gifts For Readers From Pre-Teens To Adults

Not often do recipes celebrate and honor the region from where they originate. The Wine Country Table Cookbook does just that by showcasing California’s sustainable harvest in the recipes, which feature 23 farms and wineries. A cookbook from wine country wouldn’t be complete without wine pairing and recommendations for each recipe. Each pairing promises to enhance everyday meals. This cookbook is one of many perfect gifts for readers because of the dialogue around not only the recipes, but also the featured vineyards.

Mango Publishing

Perfect Gifts For Readers From Pre-Teens To Adults

Ramp up your creative game this holiday season with the book, Lettering A-Z. With 12 unique styles of writing and printable practice sheets, you will have your calligraphy up and running just in time for holiday thank you notes. Gifts for readers like this keep on giving because of the craft that it teaches. Not only will you learn to write like a pro, but additionally learn how to teach kiddos, illustrate, and tackle projects your newly honed writing skills allow you to create.

Perfect Gifts For Readers From Pre-Teens To Adults

Organizing is all the rage, as it sweeps through Netflix, Instagram, and local retail providers. Get on the decluttering bandwagon with The Declutter Challenge. This book is perfect as a journal for yourself or one of many gifts for readers in your life. The interactive journal helps you organize home and life by being mindful. Everyone has different self-motivators, and this book aims at helping you determine yours, which in turn, will help you work through the emotional and physical disorganization in your life.

Perfect Gifts For Readers From Pre-Teens To Adults

Phrases like “growth mindset” litter the daily news feed of self-improvement, but do you know how this applies to you? Check out The 7 Habits on the Go to help you become your best self and achieve your goals. Based on the principles of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by the same author, this book helps the reader track productivity by devoting a few minutes daily. These few goal-oriented minutes will help motivate you toward meaningful change and be as productive as possible. Purchase as gifts for readers in your life and help make a positive change!

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Make Life Beautiful

Perfect Gifts For Readers From Pre-Teens To Adults

If you haven’t yet had a chance to catch them on Netflix’s hit show, Dream Home Makeover, Syd and Shea McGee have developed an interior design empire that they want to share with readers in their new book, Make Life Beautiful. The book is a behind-the-scenes look at how this husband and wife team became one of the fastest-growing design businesses in the United States. Use as gifts for readers or gifts for yourself to help elevate the everyday. The couple is living their best lives and wants to share their success with entrepreneurs, interior designers, working parents, and pretty much anyone driving toward a goal.

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One Last Song

Perfect Gifts For Readers From Pre-Teens To Adults

When picking through to find gifts for readers that are just right, why not kill two birds with one stone and buy a book that is also ideal for music lovers? In One Last Song, 30 musicians are asked the question: If you could pick just one song to listen to before dying, what would it be? The book weaves together the stories behind these choices which additionally point out what these songs say about the chooser. With beautiful illustrations and interesting interludes, this is a book that will have you thinking long past its conclusion.


Perfect Gifts For Readers From Pre-Teens To Adults

Have you ever woken up from a dream and questioned why on Earth that scenario went through your sleeping head? The book, Dreams, takes the reader on a historical look at dream interpretations and how dreams and dreamers have shaped our world The book explains how self-knowledge comes from understanding the world and effectively capturing dreams. Buy this as one of many fun and interesting gifts for readers that help empower the recipient.

The Unofficial Hogwarts for the Holidays Cookbook

Perfect Gifts For Readers From Pre-Teens To Adults

While the Harry Potter books are wonderful gifts for readers, have you ever considered helping someone you love to cook like they are a part of the Harry Potter world? The Unofficial Hogwarts for the Holidays Cookbook includes recipes suitable for a feast, starting with pumpkin pasties, moving to the roast beef, and ending with Yorkshire pudding. Add a little magic to your cooking this holiday season by checking out this book of 75 spellbinding recipes!

Be The Soul Mate You Want To Attract

Perfect Gifts For Readers From Pre-Teens To Adults

Looking for gifts for readers with a self-help element? Jeanne Sullivan Billeci, the Soul Mate Coach, has released the book Be The Soul Mate You Want To Attract which will help with just that. Using her years of coaching experience, this book takes the reader through strategies to attract a soul mate…now! Learn how to identify what you are doing wrong, understand what you want, and then how to market yourself to find your other half.

The Wine Lover’s Apprentice

Perfect Gifts For Readers From Pre-Teens To Adults

Great as a stocking stuffer or to keep for yourself, The Wine Lover’s Apprentice teaches everything you need to know about wine. Learn tricks and strategies for purchasing wine both at restaurants and at retail stores. The reader will feel empowered to pick the perfect wine for every occasion and even make educated guesses on a wine’s flavors. Gifts for readers often involve wine, so learn how to pick the best options for you!

TidalWave Comics

Perfect Gifts For Readers From Pre-Teens To Adults

She’s an American Icon, a hero, and a legend, this holiday season what better gift to give than that of the tribute comic book of RBG. Perfect as a stocking stuffer, or a simple gift for the best friend in your life, this comic book pays tribute to the amazing woman that fought long and hard for the rights of us all. This wonderfully illustrated book is a keepsake that will not only keep her memory alive but act as a biography of historical significance for years to come. Grab a copy (or a few) and include them in the gifts you give this holiday season to ensure we never forget how hard we’ve fought or how far we’ve come.

So often, gifts for readers are left until the last minute, when the giver is standing in front of a bookshelf left to buy whatever is available. Plan ahead this year and order one of the books listed above for the book lover in your life. And make sure to purchase an extra copy for yourself!

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Perfect Gifts For Readers From Pre-Teens To Adults

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