12 Fun and Safe Halloween Masks for Kids

Halloween masks for kids are going to be a must this year. With having to keep up social distancing while going door to door, we want to make sure our kids are as safe as possible- and that includes costumes! Let’s talk about Halloween masks for kids that will compliment whatever costume they choose.

With health being our top priority as parents, we have to make sure that whatever costume our kids choose to wear covers their mouth and nose to prevent the spread of germs. Your kids may be used to wearing masks by now, but they will be thrilled that they have so many Halloween masks for kids to choose from! Thank goodness that Halloween masks were a part of the holiday pre-pandemic.

Baby Shark

12 Fun And Safe Halloween Masks For Kids

Are your kids still completely obsessed with baby shark? Join in on the fun with these perfect Halloween masks for kids and adults! Daddy Shark, Mommy Shark, and Baby Shark will all be safe at last (do-do-do-do-do-do) while walking around in their costumes.

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Harry Potter Marauder’s Map

12 Fun And Safe Halloween Masks For Kids

No matter what Harry Potter character your kids choose to be, bringing along Marauders Map is key to navigating around the neighborhood. Having the map as their mask will make their costume feel special and unique! Plus, they’ll have fun using this Harry Potter face mask outside of Halloween.


12 Fun And Safe Halloween Masks For Kids

Fully covered Halloween masks for kids are hands down the best when looking for costumes this year. Luckily, masks are a huge part of the fun on Halloween! Keeping your kids safe is a priority, but giving them the ability to get fully into character is an important part of the Halloween experience. There are so many masked superheroes to choose from, but Spiderman is well-known and has a very soft mask for kids to breathe easily.


12 Fun And Safe Halloween Masks For Kids

A classic costume where kids can not only be protected, but feel as if they’re a real-life ninja protecting everyone else! While this costume has a fully covered mask, there are slits in the mouthpiece to allow your kids a little more breathing room. For even more safety, you can have your kids wear a regular mask underneath their ninja face mask.


Tiara Face Sheild

12 Fun And Safe Halloween Masks For Kids

When you’re searching for Halloween face masks for kids, you may want to look into face shields instead! This allows your little princess to show off their beautiful face, express their emotions, and wear a unique tiara to compliment their costume. With so many face shields to choose from, your kids can customize their costume any way they’d like!

Baby Yoda

12 Fun And Safe Halloween Masks For Kids

Choosing Halloween masks for kids this year is much more interesting when you throw in a bit of humor! If your kid’s costume theme this year is the Mandalorian or any other Star Wars outfit, carrying around Baby Yoda with them will make your kids extremely happy! This face mask is also a gentle reminder to everyone around to keep with social distancing during this fun holiday.

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12 Fun And Safe Halloween Masks For Kids

Do you already have a ton of disposable face masks at home? Then this is the perfect costume for your kids this year! Take this moment and talk to your kids about the incredible amount of work that doctors and nurses are doing to keep us healthy. This will not only show your kids how much work these heroes do to keep us healthy, but it’ll encourage them to continue wearing their masks all throughout Halloween.

Minnie Mouse

12 Fun And Safe Halloween Masks For Kids

While you may not be able to spend Halloween at Disney this year as you had planned, you can still bring the magic of Disney to your little ones! Finding Disney Halloween masks for kids is easier now than ever. We absolutely love this Minnie Mouse mask that will match any Minnie Mouse costume your kids decide to wear!

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Day of The Dead Sugar Skull

12 Fun And Safe Halloween Masks For Kids

Sugar Skulls are a classic Halloween look, but painting your entire face will feel like a waste when you have to cover half of it with a mask. This Halloween mask gives your kids the ability to still paint their face, and it gives them a pattern to start with! Plus, it’ll save you time since you’ll only be painting half of their face.

Jack Skellington

12 Fun And Safe Halloween Masks For Kids

The Pumpkin King! This Jack Skellington is simply a perfect mask for kids who are wanting to dive full-face into Halloween! This classic costume will have a new twist on it when you add on this extremely cool skeleton face mask to it. This is another costume that adding a bit of face make up to the top will ensure your kids will keep their mask on to “stay in character”.


12 Fun And Safe Halloween Masks For Kids

Whether your kids are wanting to be Elsa, Anna, or even Olaf, this Elsa face mask will complement any Frozen costume your little one chooses. The blue color pops against Elsa’s beautiful costume dress, and your little Frozen fan will also have a mask that they’ll want to wear all Winter. It’s a perfect Halloween face mask for kids!

Compliment any costume!

12 Fun And Safe Halloween Masks For Kids

If you’re having a hard time finding Halloween masks for kids that complement their costumes, opt for a Halloween themed mask! Remember that this holiday is more than just dressing up, it’s celebrating the entire fall season! Whether you kids choose a mummy mask or one covered in candy corn, these Halloween masks for kids will complement any and every costume!

Halloween will look a bit different this year, but this is a great opportunity for kids to have a bit of normalcy. Whatever costume your kids decide on, finding the perfect mask for them will not only remind them to social distance, but it’ll keep them and other kids safe as we all enjoy this holiday together!


If you thought Halloween would be cancelled this year, you may be scrambling last minute to find the perfect costume for your little one! We’ve got you covered, make sure to check out 25 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes!

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12 Fun And Safe Halloween Masks For Kids



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