Bringing Alternative Seating Home for the Holidays

Every family has the struggle of creating separate workspace for their kids to get their homework done. Now that school is in full swing, the kitchen table just may not be cutting it. You may have noticed that the kids are getting antsy and can’t seem to get their homework done without fidgeting in their seats. Your kids need a quiet space to get their work completed, but after a long day of school the last thing they want to be doing is sitting down. Alternative seating is the idea that traditional schooling doesn’t have to be done sitting down at a desk. A child’s inherent desire to keep moving is something that shouldn’t be stifled while at school. Now you can bring that idea home with a standing desk made just for your child.
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Why is a Standing Desk Important?

Many teachers, schools, and child development professionals have begun to recognize the need for alternative seating in the classroom because a child’s need to move is crucial to their development. Standing desks have also become extremely popular in the workforce to allow employees to move while they work. In both the cases of children and adults, standing desks allow users to be more productive, stay active, and promote healthy habits.

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For children, these benefits extend beyond just their efficiency and productivity. Standing desks provide an array of benefits that encompass a child’s entire development from their academic development right down to their emotional and behavioral development. Research shows that movement is an integral part of a child’s development, especially for young children. But traditional school requires that children sit for longer. There is less play time and more “sitting still” either at their desk or at circle time. Movement is not something traditional schooling takes into account for a child’s development, but teachers all over the U.S. will tell you that the kids in their classrooms cannot stop moving.

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Bringing Alternative Seating Home For The Holidays 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Recently, however, many schools have become of aware of a child’s inherent need to move, and have adopted alternative seating in their classrooms. For some this looks like large fitness ball instead of chairs. In other classrooms, standing desks provide children a way to be able to move with still having a traditional workspace. Because children are now able to move instead of being forced to sit still, standing desks provide all-encompassing benefits such as:

  1. Increased focus
  2. Improved behavior
  3. Supports better mental health
  4. Helps create healthy habits
  5. Increases productivity

Bringing Alternative Seating Home

After school, when a child comes home from a long day of sitting, the last thing they want to do is sit down to complete their homework. Getting children to just sit and get their homework down is an age-old fight between parents and kids. But now the idea of alternative seating can come home with a Jaswig My First StandUp standing desk by Fully. A standing desk like this one can help your child to get their homework down without the fight, and is a great practical gift this holiday season for your child.

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With the push to make classrooms more inclusive, the Jaswig My First StandUp is just what kids need to stay on task. But until classrooms get into the moving movement with children’s developmental needs, you can bring it home with a standing desk that helps your child stay focused while they are doing their homework.

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The Jaswig My First StandUp is made just for kids. It features things like:

  • Adjustable height for ages from kindergarten through their middle school years (27 inches to 35 inches)
  • Simple, 60’s-inspired design that is durable and easy to adjust
  • Made of certified birch wood with a low-VOC and low-formaldehyde varnish with approval from the Forest Stewardship Council
  • Desk top is 18 inches by 23 inches- big enough for textbooks or a laptop
  • Built in ergonomic foot rest
  • Has a storage cubby for books or writing tools (or a snack)

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Children need their quiet space but they also need to move. My First StandUp provides alternative seating for your child at home so the fight to complete homework is no more. It’s a wonderful idea for practical gift this holiday season, too. It’s a need that will make both you and your child happy as they continue through the school year, and it is something that will last them for years.

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Kids need to move. This Christmas, give them a gift they can use for years to come and that promotes good habits in both their school work and their homework. The Jaswig My First Kids StandUp Desk is a gift that will end the arguments at homework time, will improve your child’s focus, and helps develop health habits from the very start of their school career. It’s adjustable height will ensure that your child will use and love it as they grow- and so will you! Give your child the gift of what their little body needs this holiday season with the Jaswig My First Kids StandUp Desk.


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