The 15 Most Comfortable Men & Women’s Underwear

Men and women come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and there is no one size fits all when it comes to men and women’s underwear. Whether you are seeking something sexy for a date night with your spouse, heading to the gym, breastfeeding your new baby round the clock, or running around town for a day of school drop-offs and grocery shopping, we have found a variety of bras and underwear that are sure to meet all of your needs no matter the occasion.

Men & Women’s Underwear Brands

Two Left Feet

The 15 Most Comfortable Men & Women’S Underwear

Who said that underwear had to be serious?! Discover humor undercover with Two Left Feet, where you can pick a wide variety of patterns to match your personality. From Rubber Duckies to Taco Tuesday to Diamonds and Bananas, you’ll LOL when you get your hands on a pair of these; but you’ll throw away the rest of your underwear once you try them on.

The hipster undies for women feature a two-layer liner in a low-rise cut with a comfort waistband that stays put so your cheeks are always in check! The men’s trunks won’t get you in a pickle with a snug fit that moves with you and won’t ride up. They sport a contoured pouch with vertical-fly design and low-profile branded elastic waistband for true comfort.

Fruit of the Loom

The 15 Most Comfortable Men & Women’S Underwear

Travel light and only take what you need. For the adventurous man in your life, the Everlight Go Active boxer briefs will become his go-to essentials for traveling. The comfort of the quick-dry fabric and 360° support, keep your man comfortable and feeling fresh no matter how long the days get. All men will appreciate the accessibly Top Side fly, for ease of wear. Ultra-lightweight and supportive, go ahead, wear them out.

The 15 Most Comfortable Men & Women’S Underwear

Feel the heat a little too much? Now you can take your favorite cotton briefs and add in a cooling element. The Coolzone Fly Boxer Briefs are made with a mesh fly to allow for more airflow and support right where you need it. Stay cool and comfortable all day, every day.

The 15 Most Comfortable Men & Women’S Underwear

And when you need a steady stream of wearable underwear to always turn to, grab a pair of the Active Cotton Blend Lightweight Boxer Briefs. The perfect blend of cotton and polyester fabrics provide cool and dry comfort for all-day wear. You’ll have less bulk and just enough support to get you through the day. With the moisture-wicking properties of the fabric blend, these are an essential upgrade to your underwear collection.

The 15 Most Comfortable Men & Women’S Underwear

Got an active son on your hands? Get him the Boys Breathable Micro-Mesh Boxer Briefs to promote adequate airflow so he doesn’t feel overheated. Moisture-wicking technology distributes sweat away from the skin to keep your son cool and dry throughout the day. The polyester and spandex fabric mix is incredibly soft without riding up uncomfortably.

The 15 Most Comfortable Men & Women’S Underwear
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If your boys prefer the brief fit, the Boys Print/Solid Fashion Brief provides full coverage while being super comfortable for all-day wear. With basic colors and fashion prints, they’ll be fun to wear!


The 15 Most Comfortable Men & Women’S Underwear

No matter where you are at in your journey of womanhood, the Padded Shaper Bra from Boody will be your go-to bra for comfort, softness, and style. Perfect for everything from hitting the gym to running errands or even wearing as a nursing bra, the padded shaper bra from Boody is wireless and clasp-free giving you the ultimate in comfort while still providing the support you need in a bra. With removable cups, this pull-on bra is the best for lazy weekends around the house and wearing with oversized tees.

The 15 Most Comfortable Men & Women’S Underwear

Pair Boody’s padded shaper bra with either their full brief or midi brief for fabulous full coverage and comfort all day long. Crafted of viscose derived from bamboo, Boody’s line of eco-conscious underwear keeps you cool and comfortable while also providing a seam-free stretch. Their materials are also great for sensitive skin.

The 15 Most Comfortable Men & Women’S Underwear
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Finally, don’t forget about the men in your household and pick up a few new pairs of underwear for them while you’re shopping! The Men’s Boxer multipack from Boody is a great choice for those active (or not) men in your life. Featuring all over ultra-soft and seam-free comfort along with maximum support, these boxers provide non-chafing, cooling-wear all day and night for the guys in your family who we all know could use some new undies.

Women’s Bras and Underwear


The 15 Most Comfortable Men & Women’S Underwear

Meet the world’s first “Clean Bra”. Vibrant’s innovative, utility patented design delivers amazing support, lift, and wireless comfort you’ll brag about. Seriously. We gave the Vibrant Bra a test drive and wow – this bra delivers. Yes, it makes you look really good but it’s also good for you. This design promotes circulation and lymphatic response around your breasts.  Made with zero potentially harmful toxins, you’ll never have to wonder if your bra is working against you.

As if Vibrant hadn’t created a garment worthy of a mic drop already, they also have a tank top and boyshorts that are so perfect, we can hardly wait to see what they’ll do next. The top tank is made of a lightweight, breathable, European silk blend that provides warmth when it’s cold and keeps you cool in the heat. Designed to be fitted but not too tight, you can wear it alone or as a base layer.

The boy shorts are oh so buttery soft, light and breathable. Many companies claim that their underwear won’t ride up. These really won’t. No digging into your sides and creating a muffin top. These Boy Shorts feel as invisible as they look, leaving you with minimal panty lines and zero irritation.

Curvy Couture

The 15 Most Comfortable Men & Women’S Underwear

If you are headed out for a night on the town, a comfortable and well structured push-up bra is a must-have. For curvy girls, you can’t go wrong with the Tulip Lace Push Up Bra from Curvy Couture. Designed specifically to support sizes C through H you will be comfortable and confident in this bra. The classic balconette shape provides the support you need for an evening of dancing while the lace detailing adds a level of sexiness and class you won’t find with other bra options.

The 15 Most Comfortable Men & Women’S Underwear
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When you are blessed with a buxom bust line finding the perfect t-shirt bra is a challenge. You need a bra that supports your assets while still hiding perfectly under your favorite form-fitting top. We love the Lace Shine Bra from Curvy Couture for its easy invisibility and high level of support. Completely seamless, this bra will quickly become your favorite undergarment.

Montelle Intimates

The 15 Most Comfortable Men & Women’S Underwear

Ideal for everyday wear, the Wire-Free T-Shirt bra from Montelle Intimates will become your go-to everyday bra. Crafted of ultra-soft microfiber with soft molded foam cups, multi-position convertible straps, and just the right amount of support for your casual, daily activities, you will want more than one. Perfect under a cute tee, tank, or even halter top, this bra is literally the only one you need no matter where the day takes you.

The 15 Most Comfortable Men & Women’S Underwear

For many veteran mamas, ultimate comfort and coverage are basically one and the same. If that’s you, then Montelle’s After Dark High Waist Panty is a great selection combining a little bit of sexy with a lot of soft, stretchy, full coverage for your every day or even special occasion wear. The on-trend high waist design paired with the floral lace and soft stretch chiffon makes these panties flirty and feminine but also comfortable and supportive.


The 15 Most Comfortable Men & Women’S Underwear

Post-nursing breasts aren’t always as big or full as we’d hope. And if you’re like us, the last thing you want to wear while keeping up with the kiddos is a bra with underwire. Available at Boscov’s and Zulily, Izod’s collection of stylish sports bras are comfortable where it counts. No irritating hooks, no underwire. Toss in a few pairs of cotton panties, and life is good.


The 15 Most Comfortable Men & Women’S Underwear

Everyone needs a great pair of underwear! b.WR provides the softest, most breathable, and luxurious underwear that not only feel good but are also good for the environment! They feel like silk, seriously!

b.WR is made from bamboo, a fabric of unparalleled softness that wicks away moisture, keeping you comfortable and dry all day long. Bamboo is also antimicrobial, so no bacteria means no odor. On top of that, bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic, meaning your most sensitive parts are safe from being irritated by uncomfortable fabrics. Available in 5 styles: thong, lace thong, bikini, boxer briefs, and briefs, b.WR will help you feel your best and most comfortable every single day, even when you’re faced with irritations like an infection, razor burn, or STD.

Nursing Bras and Underwear

Bellefit Dual-Closure Girdle

The 15 Most Comfortable Men & Women’S Underwear

As a new mom, you need undergarments that help you feel supported and comfortable. The Duel-Closure Girdle from Bellefit is our pick for a new mom’s underwear solution. This double adjustable corset supports your changing body no matter if you just experienced a c-section or natural birth and the easy access groin flap allows you to easily take care of all your postpartum pads. Powerful compression provides everything you need to control and flatten your tummy giving you the confidence and comfort you need to get back into the groove of life post-pregnancy.


The 15 Most Comfortable Men & Women’S Underwear

There are many important factors when considering the perfect bra. However, there are two key factors when considering a bra during pregnancy and breastfeeding: comfort and support. Larken is the brand that knocks pregnancy and nursing bras out of the park. Easy access for both pumping and nursing, unparalleled support, and comfort that you won’t want to take off, Larken’s bras are designed for motherhood, but you will want to keep them for life.

On Gossamer

The 15 Most Comfortable Men & Women’S Underwear
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Home is where the bra isn’t, right? Bras serve a purpose as they keep the girls in while we are out, but what if there was a brand that did more than that? A bra that was so comfortable that you wanted to live in it? There is: On Gossamer. Not only do they accomplish this with regular bras but also with their nursing bras such as their Next to Nothing Micro Wireless Nursing Bra. Their mission was to create a bra that is both stylish and comfortable and we believe they did just that.


The 15 Most Comfortable Men & Women’S Underwear

If you are nursing, you will quickly learn that a normal bra just will not cut it. You need a bra that is supportive, comfortable and functional. The Nourish Nursing Bra from BeliBea allows you to be the ultimate multitasker and face it, us moms need all the help we can get. The dual-panel feature and the opening that holds a breast shield in place makes it convenient to pump all while being hands-free. Not only is this bra convenient, but it is also so comfortable. The material stretches allowing for extra room in-between feedings.


The 15 Most Comfortable Men & Women’S Underwear

If you are an expecting mother, you need to make sure you have all the essentials for the fourth trimester. A bra that makes nursing effortless should at the top of your list. Felina offers several different nursing bra options for you to consider. Felina understands that nursing bras should make us moms feel beautiful and confident. The Cecile Bralette is so comfortable and dries quickly after leaks and spillage during feeding. The Lorraine Nursing Bra has a beautiful lace back and hooks both in the front and back, making it convenient for busy moms. The Ethel Contour Side Smoothing Nursing Bra has wide adjustable shoulder straps to provide support. Felina nursing bras help you feed your baby with confidence and ease.


The 15 Most Comfortable Men & Women’S Underwear

Parfait has a bra for every woman, no matter the shape or stage of life you are in. If you are a new mom and looking for the perfect nursing bra, The Leila Nursing Bra is luxurious and practical. This bra comes with supportive straps, beautiful lace, and comfortable underwire. It also has front panels that easily detach with one hand, making pumping and breastfeeding a breeze. If you are looking for a bra to pair with a little black dress, check out the Dalis Bralette. The soft and stretchable lace material makes this bra both sexy and supportive. Pair the bralette with the Dalis Hipster black undies for the perfect date night lingerie. Bras from Parfait are sure to make any woman feel beautiful.


The 15 Most Comfortable Men & Women’S Underwear

There is SO much that goes into nursing. What if you leak? Is that bra comfortable? What do you do if you aren’t quite back to your normal stomach? The Charcoal Fusion Belly Slimming Tank from UpSpring takes care of all of those woes and more. Often women wrap their bellies for support and help with slimming down after baby. Bamboo charcoal, like that used in this tank, may help increase circulation and blood flow offering not only compression but therapeutic benefits as well.

Everyone needs underwear and what better time than now to grab a few pairs and update your undergarments along with your outerwear! Clean out those drawers and toss all of those old, stretched out underwear that have seen better days for some of these new, comfy, cozy and even cute selections. Grab some for yourself, the kids and the hubby so everyone can leave the house feeling cheeky and fresh every day.

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The 15 Most Comfortable Men & Women’S Underwear



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