Now that the cooler temperatures have set in, are you stuck in a date night rut? Summer is long gone, so going on picnics, having drinks on the patio of your favorite restaurant, spending the day at the beach, and enjoying a campfire under the stars, well, those days are over for now.

Fear not! You can still have fun, romantic date nights, even when it’s freezing outside. Here’s our favorite 5 winter date night ideas this year. We can’t promise to keep the romance alive (that’s your part), but we can promise a wintry good time.

1Ice Skating

5 Winter Date Night Ideas

During the winter months, outdoor ice rinks pop up all around the country – even in warm-weather locations like Florida. Whether it’s outdoors or an indoor ice arena, lacing up skates with your partner is an entertaining time. You can bumble around, hanging on to one another for dear life (and giggling when the other falls) if you’re beginners, or glide around and show off your skills if you’ve been around the ice a time or two. 

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5 Winter Date Night Ideas

Plan a cozy date night by the fire with takeout from Noodles World Kitchen (or dine in, if that’s more your style). This place truly has something for everyone, no matter if you’re vegan, gluten-free, watching sugar/sodium, or counting calories. And in December, every date at Noodles will score you big rewards. The more you go, the more rewards to enjoy with your partner. From December 3 – 14, each check-in at Noodles (via their NoodlesREWARDS app, click to download, and be sure to use referral code Heath3904) will help you save.  For 2 check-ins, get $2 off, for 3 check-ins, get $3 off a $10 order, for 4 check-ins, get $4 off a $10 order, and for 5 check-ins, get $5 off a $10 order.

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With a menu that includes items like zucchini truffle mac (made with zoodles), pad thai, pesto cavatappi, spicy chipotle adobo with pork, Mediterranean salad with chicken, potstickers, soup, and Korean meatballs, you seriously cannot go wrong. This is the ideal way to cozy up, stay warm, and fill your bellies with delicious food. Again, don’t forget to 
click to download, and be sure to use referral code LaurenL1022.

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There will be bonus days with surprise offers, so you never know what rewards you could get, above and beyond the dollars-off rewards listed above. Keep your notifications on to ensure you’re on top of the day’s bonus rewards. And if you’re new to NoodlesREWARDS, you’ll receive a $3 off sign-up offer just for joining.

3Hot Cocoa Bar

5 Winter Date Night Ideas

Bear with us for a minute here, as this is somewhat of an unusual date night idea, being that it involves a date to the grocery store. Pack up your partner and head to your favorite grocery store, and gather all kinds of yummy goodies for your very own at-home hot cocoa bar date night. Think: flavored marshmallows, candy canes, hot fudge, hot cocoa mix, sprinkles, chocolate chips, flavor extracts, caramel, sea salt, and whatever else strikes your fancy. Set up the treats when you get home, spark up a fire in the fireplace, and get cozy on the couch.

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4Game Night

5 Winter Date Night Ideas

Staying in for a little Netflix and chill is always fun, but it can get old. How many times can you repeatedly binge watch Friends? (Okay, maybe countless, but that’s besides the point). Try something new for a night in – game night. Whether you stay in with just your partner, or invite other couples over for a couples’ game night date night, you’ll have a blast.

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5Snowy Hike

5 Winter Date Night Ideas

Bundle up and get outside, especially if it’s snowing. There is something just purely magical about being outside and listening to the quiet that only happens during snowfall. Hearing the snowflakes hit the ground, the crunch of snow beneath your feet, the crack of branches, it is just awe-inducing. Pack up a container of your hot cocoa from last night’s date night (above!) and have a snowy snack during your hike. Breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy one another’s company while taking in nature.

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Take in all that winter has to offer with your partner this season, and enjoy special times together that are best spent together during these frosty months ahead. 

5 winter date night ideas


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