Labels for kids make back to school easy

Kids and parents around the globe are counting down the days until school is officially back in session. Supply lists have been posted and back-to-school shopping is in full swing. If you’re like us, that list includes a healthy does of classroom supplies as well as some items that need to be labeled with your child’s first and last name.

Considering that we go to a school that requires a uniform 90% of the time (all the way down to socks and shoes), we get rather excited when we can incorporate a little bit of personality into our back-to-school shopping experience.

Whether you’re into rainbows and unicorns, sports, dinosaurs or butterflies, Stuck On You has labels to meet all of your labeling needs.

Stuck On You Large Labels

Obviously, you’re going to need name labels. Not only are name labels great for identifying your child’s folders, composition notebooks, pencil case and headphones, but they can be used for just about anything else you can imagine.

We found that the classic large labels with a unicorn icon were the perfect size to label folders that are used on a daily basis. While the folder itself may take a beating, and may not stand up to the wear and tear of a six year old, we’re quite certain that the label will still be kicking at the end of the school year.  These labels are:

  • Scratch resistant
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Great for lunchboxes, sports gear & more
  • Available in 18 or 36 packs

Stuck On You Label Assortment

If you have heavy labeling needs (or like the idea of buying enough labels to meet your needs for multiple years), we recommend the “all you need” label pack. This value pack includes:

  • 52 Medium Name Labels
  • 100 Mini Name Labels (perfect for labeling pencils)
  • 18 Square Name Labels
  • 26 Medium Round Name Labels
  • 10 Shoe Labels
  • 2 Personalized Bag Tags
  • 26 Medium Iron On Labels
  • 100 Mini Iron On Labels

All name labels are scratch resistant and microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. All iron on labels are washing machine and dryer safe. Whatever you don’t use this year, save for next year.

Stuck On You Adhesive Label Collage

Like us, you may find that the variety of labels available is overwhelming. In fact, we’re pretty sure that we got so caught up in unicorn designs that we forgot to check out all that Stuck On You has to offer. However, your kiddo will love choosing the characters and colors they want for their labels. 

Stuck On You Bag Tag

Something you may want to consider, that we did not – if you have more than one child, use only your last name to label your child’s things (assuming that your child’s teacher doesn’t require a first and last name). Granted, using only your last name is going to take some of the joy out of “picking out your favorite character and color” that goes along with personalizing your stuff, but it will save you a little money and prevent you from having to change labels for your younger kids once they need the supplies or clothes that your first child outgrows.

Also, for labels or tags that are going to be placed on the outside of backpacks, do not use your child’s full name. Yes, we know that we’re showcasing the circle bag tag (photo above) on a book bag, but for safety reasons you may want to label these types of items on the inside of the bag. This way, your child’s name is there in event that their bag should get lost, but it’s not visible for strangers to call out his or her name. If you still want to personalize your kid’s book bag, we suggest monogramming.

Stuck On You Bento Box

If your kid is still too scared to make their way through the cafeteria line, then they need a lunch box. And, if they’re going to bring a lunch box, they also need a bento box. While you can buy bento boxes anywhere, creating a customized Stuck On You Bento Box is another way to personalize your child’s school year with fun colors, characters and their name. Furthermore, your child will thank you over and over again for the lack of soggy sandwiches, limp carrot sticks and melted cheese sticks that “graced” their lunchbox too often last year.

This Bento Box has a place for everything. It includes:

  • 5 handy compartments, plus a separate compartment for yogurt, dip or sauce.
  • An inner tray that can be removed from the outer box, and popped into the top rack of the dishwasher for easy cleaning.
  • Leak-proof, silicone sealed lid that covers each individual compartment keeping food separate and fresh.

Choose from five colors (Navy, Hot Pink, Light Pink, Light Blue, Mint) and personalize the front of the Bento Box with your choice of a stylish or classic design and name, professionally and custom printed for you. The Bento Box fits perfectly in the large insulated lunch box and both have the option to be customized to include the pattern of your choice as well as a name.  Also, when you open your box, be sure to pay attention to the back of insert which includes 4 brilliant meal ideas.

Stuck On You Iron On Labels

If you have kids in daycare, young elementary students requiring a change of clothing (just in case there’s an accident at school), or anyone who regularly wears a sweater or jacket to class, plan to label at least a few pieces of clothing.

Our school only allows a navy blue sweater to be worn inside the classroom (if it gets cold). We can’t tell you how many sweaters go missing during the year.  If your child’s sweater ever goes missing, it’ll be much easier to find if it is labeled. Labeling is an absolute must!

We suggest using iron on labels, especially for tagless clothing. There are two iron-on size options included in the “all you need” label pack. The medium sized option is perfect for shirts, sweaters, jackets, etc. The mini labels are perfect for labeling socks and underwear.

Stuck On You Clothing Name Stamp

Alternatively, you can label clothing using the Clothing Name Stamp Pack.

This clever pack provides a quick and easy personalization tool  to take care of all those last minute labeling requests. For example, if you find yourself in a situation in which you’re about to rush out the door and you hear a little voice reminding you that today is swimming/carnival/dress like a pirate day. How do you ensure that your child’s favorite ensemble returns home at the end of the day? The clothing stamp!

You can apply the stamp directly to light-colored clothing or iron the blank labels onto the dark-colored, wait for them to cool down, then apply the Clothing Stamp on the labels. Just remember to wait at least 48 hours before washing and drying the stamped/labeled pieces.

Stuck On You Personalized Notepad

Once you’ve satisfied all your official labeling needs, go ahead and add something extra special for your student to your cart. We suggest a small personalized sketch book in one of 12 fun designs to inspire your artistic scholar. Whether your little one is practicing writing their name, or is a future artist, having their own personalized Sketchbook complete with their name on the front cover and printed on each page is a great way for children to share their creations with parents and grandparents.

Yes, labeling makes going back to school easy. However, Stuck On You‘s vast assortment of happy and colorful labels will make learning even more enjoyable this school year. Have fun this fall with your kiddo when you customize labels specific to their brilliant personality.

Whether this is your child’s 1st year of pre-school or you are a time-honored member of the PTA, make sure to check out our School section this year for tips, tricks, and tons of information on child-rearing and education just in time for the upcoming year.

Labels For Kids Make Back To School Easy



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Ashley Sisk
Ashley Sisk
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