16 Eco-Friendly Must-Haves to Get You Through the Rest of 2019

Whether you are going eco-friendly for the earth, for your family, or you are just hopping on the eco-train because your friends are doing it, the decision to use more eco-friendly products will get you in good graces with everyone! But where to start? We’ve put together a list of products to help you switch your everyday products from environmental-killer to environmental-saver! Yeah, we went there!



The sun is a deadly laser. We’re not trying to be total killjoys, but it’s the truth. Of course, if you want to keep enjoying all that nature has to offer, a bit of high-quality sunscreen will give you all the protection you need. Suntribe makes one of the best sunscreens you can find on the market. It meets all the most important safety standards with 100% natural and organic ingredients, non-nano zinc oxide, and no dangerous preservatives at all. The super minimal seven-ingredient formula cuts right to the chase. You get great, gentle, effective coverage without all the harmful fluff in other sunscreens. We love that it’s the perfect sunscreen for everyone in the family. No need to carry around multiple bottles!


X Eco-Friendly Must-Haves

500 million plastic straws are thrown away every day in the United States alone, let’s do our part and help reduce that number with reusable glass straws from Strawsome. Their travel glass straw kit is perfect for on the go activities. It comes with a rust-free cleaning brush and hard-sided travel case. This straw is a perfect way to help reduce unnecessary waste in style.


Kinflyte Freedom Bra Ally Underwear Noir Black Back View Kendra

Kinflyte is an eco-friendly women’s apparel brand that uses recycled poly jersey. Up to 79% of the material used is made from post-consumer plastic bottles. The active- and intimate-wear lines have posture support and are designed to fit women of all shapes and sizes (XS to 3XL and up to 46G cup size for their bras and tops).

The Kinflyte Posture System has a patterned and detailed construction that works with a woman’s body to help with better alignment of her bust, shoulders, back, and torso. The wide, non-slip shoulder straps keep everything in place and reduce pressure. In addition to the fabric being made mostly out of recycled plastic bottles, it is also moisture-wicking, anti-microbial, and anti-odor with UPF 50 sun protection.

Jack & Mary Designs Dryer Balls

16 Eco-Friendly Must-Haves To Get You Through The Rest Of 2019

Jack & Mary Designs is a company that upcycles previously unwanted wool sweaters into unique knit products such as hats, mittens, socks, and more to save them (and our planet) from overcrowded landfills. Another product sure to be a favorite in any eco-friendly home is a set of dryer balls for safer laundry. Reusable dryer balls replace conventional dryer sheets to eliminate static, reduces wrinkles, shorten drying time (hello energy savings), and leave clothes fresher. Instead of polluting the indoor air with harmful chemicals, these dryer balls are 100% wool and come free of toxins. For extra fun and personalized fragrance, essential oils can be added.

Lotus Trolley Bag

Lotus Trolley Bag

Grocery shopping for the average American family contributes about 1,500 single-use plastic bags to waste each year. That’s for each family! If you’re trying to maximize your eco­-friendly efforts without increasing your workload, take a look at the Lotus Trolley Bag. It fits right into your shopping cart with 4 separate bags to organize your food and it has pockets for eggs and wine! Once you get home, no more searching through all the bags for cold items. Just grab the one insulated bag and put it all away.

Take your no-­plastic game to the next level by adding in some sturdy mesh produce bags too! The Lotus Trolley Bag keeps your groceries organized, makes it easier to carry inside (4 bags with sturdy handles instead of 50 plastic ones), makes them less likely to fall out of the bottom of a bag, and keeps cold items are kept colder in the insulated bag. This is a win­-win as a time and planet saver.

Four Organics

16 Eco-Friendly Must-Haves To Get You Through The Rest Of 2019 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Finding the right lip balm that doesn’t have chemicals, is free from dyes, isn’t tested on animals, and actually keeps your lips healthy without intentionally drying them out can seem like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack. Like with everything else in military life, let’s keep it simple. Four Organics offers a fantastically lush lip balm that is made from…wait for it…exactly four ingredients. You’ve got beeswax, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and peppermint oil. That’s it. But it’s awesome! The only downside is you won’t need to keep applying it every hour to keep your lips feeling good, so you might lose it. In which case, you should go ahead and get the three-pack so you can keep one in a few different places. Ditch the lip balms that keep you dependent and try one that actually works.


X Eco-Friendly Must-Haves

We are all about joining #TeamNoPlastic, and these EcoBags are a perfect way to reduce the use of those plastic produce bags from the grocery store. They are lightweight and come with a drawstring to help keep produce in the bag. EcoBags are made from natural cotton—which isn’t bleached or treated—and the best part is that it barely weighs a thing so it doesn’t add any weight to the scale! If you’re tired of using those annoying plastic produce bags from the grocery store and want to help the environment, these bags are a must in your eco-friendly arsenal.

Eco­Flow Stainless Steel Reusable Filter

Eco­flow Stainless Steel Reusable Filter

Caffeine for life. Parenting and military life often demands that little pep in the step. A single ­cup­ coffee maker is a much-beloved device for parents around the world. But the guilt for using those non­recyclable plastic cups for a cup can be real. Using a reusable K­cup like the Eco­Flow Stainless Steel Reusable Filter is an eco­friendly game changer. The stainless­steel construction of the cup means it can be reused for years to come without worry of rusting or breakdown.

The filter is compatible with Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 brewers as well as Mr. Coffee, Cuisinart, and Breville single­use coffee makers without the need for an adapter or extra equipment. If you are coffee connoisseur, you can put in any ground coffee you like in that filter to make a stellar cup of coffee! Bonus: it is affordable and available on Amazon as well as for purchase at local brick and mortar stores like Target, Albertsons, Kroger, Meijer, H.E.B, and Bed, Bath and Beyond.



If you want to clean your home without the harsh chemicals, then the E-Cloth is the perfect cleaning accessory for your home. Killing up to 99% of bacteria and mold, the E-cloth only needs water to clean surfaces. These cloths come in different varieties including all-purpose, windows, stainless steel, and dusting, to name a few but all work amazing for what they have been designed for. The cloths can be purchased individually or in a bundle pack, which is more bang for your buck if you ask us! These cloths are essential to keep your home clean and chemical-free.


Lunette Blue

Tampons and pads are out and reusable, menstrual cups are in. There’s nothing eco-friendly about “sanitary napkins” or the “feminine products” from years past. But, with Lunette Menstrual Cups you have one product that takes you from this period, until, well, menopause.

Menstrual cups are perfect for women on the go because they can be worn for up to 12 hours. There’s a little trial and error with use, but by the second month, you’ll be a pro. The average woman spends over $120 on tampons each year, you’ll save so much money! Plus, the Lunette Menstrual Cup helps alleviate cramps and comes in several cute colors. We’re partial to the blue because blue is supposed to be calming.


X Eco-Friendly Must-Haves

“I love laundry!” Said no one ever. Despite our loathing for doing laundry, you will love the EcoEgg. It’s an alternative to purchasing detergent, and reduces the use of plastic you would normally throw away every year from detergent and fabric softener bottles. The EcoEgg uses reusable mineral pellets that last up to 70 washes before refilling with new pellets. The EcoEggs are great for the environment, your skin, and your wallet!

Patch Bamboo Bandages

Patch Bamboo Bandages

If you never considered adding eco-friendly times to your first aid kit, think again. Bamboo is an eco-­friendly and sustainable resource that is biodegradable after use. In addition, when made into a fabric product, it is soft and breathable, just perfect for bandages. The cuts and scratches bandage from Patch provide a hypoallergenic cover and protection with the added benefit of being made with an eco-­friendly product.

Patch Bandages go beyond traditional care for providing cover for the injury. In fact, the abrasions and scratches line of band­ages is enriched with coconut oil—which provides a benefit of soothing the cut or abrasion. The bites and splinters bandage line has activated charcoal­ infused gauze to ease to the insect bite. Activated ­charcoal is known to remove impurities which removes the irritant causing pain. Also, aloe is infused into the gauze for bandages prepared for burns and blisters to aid in the healing and restoration of the skin. The bandages made by the Australian­ based company are all latex­ free in addition.

Mask Moments

Whether you’re looking for stress relief, skin hydration, or skin brightening, mask moments has the perfect mask subscription for you. Tell them your goals, and they’ll send you a box of masks to help you stay on top of your skin (and self) care regimen. You can choose to prepare intensively for a one-time moment or commit to self-care with a monthly subscription. Best of all these masks are made of coconut bio-cellulose rather than paper and are full of natural ingredients like essential oils and amino acids and boast no artificial fragrances.

Sea Stones

Beautifully designed and practical, this handcrafted bottle chilling coaster set is an eco friendly way to elevate your guest’s visit to your home. This set is made from reclaimed granite, natural cork, soft foam, ethically sourced ash hardwood, brushed aluminum, and a naturally smoothed beach stone. These coasters will protect your furniture and have the added bonus of keeping drinks cooled if you place the set in the freezer before use. When not needed for drinks, it makes a lovely addition to your home decor.

HandsOn Gloves

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HandsOn Gloves are revolutionizing the grooming industry, for use with dogs to horses and anything with fur in between. With a guarantee no-slip, perfect grip when wet or dry you are sure to get a nice deep, de-shedding clean. The HandsOn Gloves come in three colors and five sizes to include a Junior fit so the children can groom their pets as well! Hands-On Gloves are created for people and their pets by people who love pets. The company understands the problems you face with grooming and they’ve developed a top of the line product to be the solution!

Green Toys: Build-a-Bouquet

Hands On Gloves

Green Toys has been producing recycled and BPA free toys for years. As the company has grown, so have their innovative ideas. Nothing will get your child interested in gardening faster than their Build-a Bouquet playset. Building flowers in as many ways as your little one can dream up, the options with this toy are endless. Your child may learn to love horticulture, design royal wedding bouquets, or design hybrid flower species. From growing a safe plastic garden inside to exploring gardening outdoors, the learning is endless with the Build-a-Bouquet from Green Toys.


16 Eco-Friendly Must-Haves To Get You Through The Rest Of 2019 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

LastSwab was developed to eliminate single-use Q-tips. A completely sustainable and reusable replacement for single-use ear cleaning! To make it even better, each color option represents a different endangered species that the company is bringing awareness to. The Black LastSwab is inspired by the endangered South African Cape Penguin and their oil spill crisis. If you are looking for a product and company doing good for the world, LastSwab is it. Offering 11 different colors and at only $12 per pair (you only need one per person) you can help change the world with LastSwab.

Making the transition to using eco-friendly products is easy once you know what’s out there. There are a ton of products that can help you on your way to creating an eco-friendly lifestyle! What products have you changed to have a more eco-friendly lifestyle?


10 Eco-Friendly Must-Haves



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