Why Nook Should Be Your One-Stop Nursery Shop

With much awaited excitement and anticipation, new mamas everywhere spend countless hours researching and reviewing the very best products for their baby’s nursery. Bringing a new life into the world not only means that our hearts will now forever live outside of our bodies, but also that we are now responsible for making sure we provide our little ones with the top baby must haves when it comes to safety, security, design and comfort.

Why Nook Should Be Your One-Stop Nursery Shop

A baby’s nursery is not just a bedroom, it is a haven. It is the place where mothers and their newborns will spend the 4th trimester. Mom and baby will spend countless hours together bonding, feeding, rocking, walking, swaying and singing lullabies. It is the place for skin-to- skin contact, diaper changes, first smiles and countless snuggles. It is where baby will finally fall asleep while mom tries to pry herself away from admiring this perfect little person she created.

Many new moms consider the nursery an almost sacred space; a space where they spend time preparing for baby’s arrival, a clean and safe space where they feel confident, complete, happy and whole.

Why Nook Should Be Your One-Stop Nursery Shop

Expecting parents who have a specific vision for their nursery often spend hours shopping from store to store or searching online trying to determine which nursery essentials are the safest, best quality, most reliable, and simply the best for their new baby. This can be overwhelming for many parents in this day and age where we are frequently overloaded with conflicting information about what is best for everything from baby’s sleep to baby’s eating to baby’s tummy time.

Why Nook Should Be Your One-Stop Nursery Shop

Luckily, when it comes to creating the perfect nursery Nook has all the new (and veteran) parents covered by providing all of the safest and non-toxic essentials, easily making Nook your one-stop nursery shop for baby must haves.

Here are Our 4 Baby Must Haves from Nook:

Pure Organic Crib Mattress

Why Nook Should Be Your One-Stop Nursery Shop

A crib mattress is possibly one of the most important nursery essentials for your baby’s room. Newborns typically sleep approximately 16 hours a day making a crib/crib mattress one of the most frequently used and most important nursery items. Since babies spend so much time in their crib, new moms often search for a crib mattress that is safe, organic, non-toxic and comfortable. What new parents may not realize is that many crib mattresses are actually made with materials and chemicals that could be harmful to their baby. That is a scary truth which is why new moms everywhere will love Nook’s Pure Organic Crib Mattress.

The Pure Organic Crib Mattress is an organic, breathable mattress that uses all natural, non toxic materials ensuring baby’s safety at all ages and stages. Making sure our little ones get safe and restful sleep is a top priority for all parents which is why this dual-sided, breathable mattress is ideal. Featuring a firm side for infants and a little softer side for toddlers there is no need for parents to worry once baby starts to roll over.

The ultra-soft signature pebble surface is ideal for keeping your baby cozy while also keeping them cool and comfortable. It is also delicate on baby’s sensitive skin. With the Nook Pure Organic Crib Mattress, mamas can spend hours memorizing baby’s tiny sleeping features (and we all know we do this when they sleep) knowing that the mattress they have chosen is the best for their baby.

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The Pure Organic Crib Mattress also includes a machine washable and water resistant cover available in 11 stylish colors, so there is a Nook mattress for every nursery color scheme and theme.

Nook Changing Pad

Why Nook Should Be Your One-Stop Nursery Shop

A changing table is often a multifunctional piece of furniture used both for diaper changes and as a dresser for your little one. Babies are usually wide awake and alert during diaper changes or when getting dressed, allowing new parents to bond with their baby while entertaining them with fun peekaboo games and tickles. It is amazing how many new features parents will discover on their babies during these moments – they may even catch a glimpse of their first smile.

Why Nook Should Be Your One-Stop Nursery Shop
Why Nook Should Be Your One-Stop Nursery Shop

Practically speaking though, babies also go through a ton of diapers. With babies needing 8 to 10 diaper changes a day, you and your baby will certainly spend a significant amount of time at the changing table making a soft, cozy, waterproof changing pad a must. The Nook Changing Pad is a soft, contoured cushion that will help keep your baby protected, clean, and comfortable during diaper changes.

Unlike plastic changing pads that are cold, uncomfortable, and guaranteed to startle a new baby, Nook’s Changing Pad is wrapped in their signature pebble cover and available in 11 stylish colors. The removable and machine washable cover makes cleaning up any mess a breeze, and is sure to add a pop of color to any nursery.

LilyPad Playmat

Why Nook Should Be Your One-Stop Nursery Shop

Designed to take with you from the nursery to the park, Nook’s Lilypad Playmat is  an absolute must have for new families. This organic, non-toxic, super soft playmat is the perfect place for tummy time, story time, snack time and so much more! Use it in the nursery, take it to the grandparents, or toss it in the car for a day at the park. No matter where you’re headed with baby, Nook’s LilyPad will go with you and moms can always be confident that baby is playing or sleeping on a safe, non-toxic and breathable surface.

Why Nook Should Be Your One-Stop Nursery Shop
Why Nook Should Be Your One-Stop Nursery Shop

Lightweight with an easy fold and go design, the LilyPad can be used outdoors on grass, sand, or even concrete. Whether they are just learning to roll over or trying to sit up, the LilyPad Playmat provides a soft surface ideal for keeping them safe from the inevitable spills that are bound to happen.

Why Nook Should Be Your One-Stop Nursery Shop

Available in seven vibrant colors, the Nook LilyPad Playmat is a 40 inch, round cushion made from organic and non-toxic materials safe for contact with baby’s sensitive skin. Eco-friendly and sustainably made, the interior of the Lilypad is actually made out of BPA free recycled plastic water bottles. How cool is that?

Just in case you are looking for something bigger, Nook also has the LilyPad2 which is a large, rectangular playmat perfect for use at home and on the go forever! The LilyPad2 is perfect for tummy time during infancy but will go with you as your children grow. From concerts to picnics in the park, sporting events, or days at the lake, the LilyPad2 is large enough for 2 adults, or multiple children, giving you a soft and clean space for lounging, relaxing, and enjoying your time exploring with family and friends.

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Organic Niche Nursing Pillow

Whether you have made the decision to breastfeed or bottle feed your baby, there is no other time quite like feeding time. It is the most special time for all parents; a time parents can easily get lost in baby’s eyes noticing every tiny feature. During the first 6 months of life there will be countless hours spent feeding your new baby, and both moms and babies need to be comfortable and supported.

The Niche pillow should be an essential addition to your nursery collection. The Niche offers incredible support and extra surface area during feeding times allowing both mom and baby to rest and relax comfortably. Nook knows that breastfeeding or bottle feeding baby shouldn’t be a chore, but rather a time to really bond with baby, showing affection and strengthening a loving, trusting relationship.

Why Nook Should Be Your One-Stop Nursery Shop
Why Nook Should Be Your One-Stop Nursery Shop

Designed to be a nursing pillow, but really so much more, the Niche is truly a multi-purpose pillow that will be used for years, even after your baby no longer fits on your lap. Additional uses include inclined tummy time, supported seating for developing babies, side sleeping pillow during pregnancy, a supportive surface for a laptop or hardback book, and more. Families everywhere will love the Niche and use it long after their nursing and bottle feeding days are over.

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About Nook

Why Nook Should Be Your One-Stop Nursery Shop

After spending a significant amount of time searching for an organic crib mattress and feeling disappointed in the available options, the creators of Nook decided to design not only a truly organic crib mattress but an entire line of organic nursery essentials. In addition to baby items, Nook has also developed amazing twin mattresses, full size mattresses, adult pillows, junior pillows, and mattress covers. Nook is committed to providing families with healthy, natural products that are not only safe, but also stylish and long-lasting.

All of Nook’s products are covered in their signature pebble design to provide ultimate comfort and softness for babies and children. Nook’s dedication to using only natural, organic materials make them a leading choice for parents who put safety, health, and the environment as a top priority. Although these are baby must haves, all of these products will easily grow with your children from infancy to toddlerhood.

These nursery essentials from Nook will not only easily compliment the style of your nursery but also keep your baby safe, comfortable, and free from harmful chemicals. Trusting Nook as your one-stop nursery shop will take the hassle out of researching reliable products and searching through countless different companies to find the best items for your baby’s nursery. Nook has done the work for you by providing healthy, safe and stylish baby must haves where it matters most.

Pure Organic Crib Mattress | Changing Pad | LilyPad Playmat | Nursing Pillow

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Why Nook Should Be Your One-Stop Nursery Shop



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We love Nook's products because they are safe, non-toxic, and so soft and cozy for our babies and even older kids. We trust Nook to keep our kids safe healthy during sleep. Their products are all such high quality and so versatile we use them in our home and even take some (like our LilyPad playmat) out on all of our adventures!Why Nook Should Be Your One-Stop Nursery Shop