7 Easy Nori Recipes Your Family Must Try

What are nori recipes, anyway? The phrase “nori recipe” might not sound like something you’ve tried before. But, if you’ve ever had a sushi roll, you’ve probably tasted it! Nori is a red type of algae that dries a dark green color. It is a type of dried seaweed typically used to wrap sushi rolls or onigiri. Aside from being a nutritious addition to meals and snacks, nori’s unique, umami flavor has a hint of sweetness and saltiness. Plus, it’s so easy to add to so many recipes!

Where to Buy Nori

Daily Mom Parent Portal Nori Recipes

No need to go to a specialty store! You can usually find nori available in pre-cut sheets of 10 with salt already added. Nori seaweed sheets are often available in your local grocery store, like Walmart, Safeway, or Publix. Just check out the international foods or Asian foods section. Its popularity has allowed it to become a household product used in lunches, dinners, or just eaten as a snack itself. Plus, Nori can easily be used to wrap up rice and seafood, making it the perfect option for school lunches or bringing a boxed lunch to work. Pro tip: Look for a brand that has a re-sealable bag for fresh nori recipes every time!

History of Nori

You might have seen dried seaweed snacks rise in your local snack aisle in recent years, but seaweed has been used in traditional Japanese, Korean, and Filipino cuisine for decades. For centuries, nori has been collected by divers or harvested off of shallow rocks. According to Smithsonian Ocean, nori cultivation began in the 1600s and began to rise with the increased consumption of fish. 

Nori Recipes and Nutrition

Daily Mom Parent Portal Nori Recipes

In addition to its longstanding history in cuisine, nori is also well-known for its many health benefits. Nori recipes offer vitamin-rich options for you and your little ones without having to get creative with the traditional veggies they may be pickier toward.

Like other types of edible seaweed, Best Health writes that nori’s mineral content is often as much as 10 times greater than that of plants grown in regular soil. This makes it a great source of vitamin A and other micronutrients. Not to mention, nori is also packed with vitamin C, which can help you grow stronger bones, healthier skin, and immunity. ​​Nori is rich in iron, a key element in our bodies for immunity and energy.

Get Started with Nori Recipes

Now that you’re in tune with nori’s rich history and the benefits it offers, you’ll want to get cooking right away! Check out these 7 nori recipes perfect for on-the-go or family meals at home. Whether you want to try out something new with your kids or introduce more vitamin-rich foods in your household, there are so many nori recipes you must try. 

Nori in Sushi Rolls

The most common way to get started with nori recipes is with sushi rolls. To make the perfect sushi roll, start out with a bamboo sushi rolling mat and your sheets of nori. Place one of your nori sheets on the rolling mat and spread your sushi rice on top. You should aim to leave about 1 inch of space on the top and bottom of your nori sheet. On top of the rice, you’ll place your filling. Some great filling options for sushi include imitation crab, tuna, salmon, cucumber, pickled ginger, cream cheese, carrots, or avocado (but the list is truly endless).

Then, it’s time to roll. To start rolling your sushi, take the bottom of the bamboo mat and begin rolling, making sure to apply tight pressure so the roll comes out compact. We recommend slicing your roll into 6 or 8 pieces. If you’re not confident in your sushi-rolling skills, you can always get a sushi rolling mold for perfect rolls every time. For even more flavor in this nori recipe, you can top your sushi roll with crushed pieces of nori sheet.

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Nori Bake Recipes with Canned Tuna

For an easy family dinner with little hassle, opt for a casserole-style bake, instead. Start with a preheated oven and any size casserole dish. Layer in your favorite sushi ingredients, starting with sushi rice. Next, add in your protein. For this one, even canned tuna will work (best when mixed with kewpie mayo). Top your sushi bake with crushed nori and tempura flakes to add a layer of texture.

Simple nori recipes make trying something new for dinner just that much easier. For a step-by-step sushi bake recipe, check out Christie at Home’s Spicy Tuna Sushi Bake. To add even more nori, serve your bake alongside cut nori sheets for a silverware-free meal that could even be used as a party dip.

Nori Recipes Sandwich-Style

You might have tried traditional sushi rolls before, but what about a sushi sandwich? This type of nori recipe is called Onigirazu. Lazy Cat Kitchen outlines the steps for the perfect Onigirazu sushi sandwich here, but there are endless creations for this nori recipe depending on what your family is craving.

For this nori recipe, start with a layer of cling wrap on your workspace. You’ll want to assemble your ingredients starting with one sheet of nori. Next, layer on a handful of sushi-grade rice followed by your favorite toppings. To easily mold the rice into a shape slightly smaller than your nori wrap, wet your hands first. Some of our favorite add-ons are avocado, spinach, shaved carrots, cream cheese, cabbage, or your favorite Asian-style sauce. 

After you add your toppings, seal another nori sheet to the first by adding it to the top of the stack. The result is an easy-to-eat, portable sandwich your kids will love to take for their school lunch!

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Nori Recipes for Onigiri

Daily Mom Parent Portal Nori Recipes

Another easy lunch option to bring to school or work is onigiri. This nori recipe is the perfect on-the-go solution for Asian-inspired dishes because it’s customizable and portable. Onigiri is made out of your favorite ingredients wrapped inside packed, steamed white rice. The fact that it is typically made in small triangular or cylinder shapes makes it easy to pop into a lunch box.

To make onigiri, start by selecting your fillings. You can opt for a protein combination to make the onigiri more of a hearty meal (we recommend shrimp, spam, or tuna). Or, you can keep it vegetarian and choose refreshing ingredients like carrot and cucumber. Add more flavor to your onigiri by adding sauces like spicy mayo. If you need inspiration, check out these 14 Popular Japanese Onigiri from Chopstick Chronicles. Once you’ve decided on what to put inside, layer the steamed rice first, then the filling, then more steamed rice. Use your hands to mold the steamed rice around your filling. Pro tip: Use freshly steamed rice to easily mold your onigiri.

Once your rice is molded, here’s where the nori recipes come in. Nori is often used to add that finishing umami touch to the recipe. The steam from the rice will soften the nori wrap for a tasty bite every time.

Veggie Nori Wraps

Nori recipes don’t have to be all hearty, either. Opt for veggie nori wraps as an after-school snack, instead. These wraps couldn’t be easier to make. Simply lay out your nori sheet and pile on the fillings. Then, roll it up. The simplicity of this recipe makes it the perfect option to get the kids involved in the kitchen. When it comes to filling your veggie wrap nori recipes, you can really get creative. Fill your nori wraps with:

  • Carrots
  • Cucumber
  • Mushrooms
  • Avocado
  • Bell peppers

Don’t forget a tasty spread to hold it all together! We recommend:

  • Hummus
  • Cream cheese
  • Sweet Thai chili sauce
  • Spicy mayo

If you prefer to follow an exact step-by-step, The Real Food Academy’s recipe for Veggie Nori Wraps is the perfect, healthy option for hungry little ones as an after-school snack.

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Seaweed Nori Soup

Daily Mom Parent Portal Nori Recipes

Delve into the world of umami flavors with a miso-style soup. This type of nori recipe can be done either with or without noodles to make it more of a hearty meal.  Though nori sheets are often used as a garnish in miso soups, they can be added to the cooking process to enhance the saltiness. To add nori to your recipe this way, cut your nori sheet into small pieces and combine it into your soup when you add the miso paste.

Check out this recipe from World of Vegan to make your miso soup with nori recipes into a full meal. 

Nori Recipes for Bowls

If you have picky eaters in your household, perhaps an easier way to introduce a nori recipe would be sushi bowls. You can set out a smorgasbord of ingredients – avocado, cabbage, red onion, crushed nori sheets, cooked shrimp, cooked fish, sushi-grade salmon or tuna, and a variety of sauces like sweet Thai chili or spicy mayo. Then, your family can assemble their nori sushi bowls starting with just the base layer of rice.  This option is perfect for households where kids can’t agree on ingredients because they can decide to only put in the ones they like. 

In addition to their many health benefits, nori recipes are also great in terms of calories. Nori is low in both calories and fat due to the amount of dietary fiber (also a plus)! Whether enjoying them as a part of a hearty main dish or as an easy after-school snack, nori recipes can be personalized to fit the flavors your family already loves. Nori’s versatility makes it the perfect addition to your family’s grocery list. Try some out the next time you visit the grocery store.


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