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 Are you looking for a creative centerpiece for your Thanksgiving dinner table that will have minimal impact on your budget? Think outside the box, and the typical fall color palette, and go with these trendy, re-purposed glass centerpieces!

Everyone has seen the recent rage of mason jars. These days, you can craft pretty much anything out of them with a simple Pinterest search. However, one cannot deny that they are versatile, and you probably have a few to spare around the home. Along with mason jars, glass vases that come included with flower arrangements can also be re-styled and re-purposed into a non-traditional centerpiece option, without much effort.

 If you have a glass vase or jar, consider painting it! You can simply paint the outside of the jar or vase with acrylic paint, or even spray paint. There are specific paints on the market designed for glassware, but they are only necessary if you want to wash the piece in the dishwasher or with soap. Spilling water on a jar or vase painted with regular acrylic paint or spray paint will typically not affect the paint.

Nothing says fall like some natural fibers, too! Wrap your jar, or vase with some burlap, or jute. You can take it a step further by gluing a faux flower on the side, or even hanging an old pendant or earring off the jute. The sky’s the limit with this easy centerpiece! Involving your children is also a great option. You can have them add their hand-print with paint on a platter, or even a vase.

Possible Supply List Ideas:

Small coral separator

*Pin this image for an easy visual color palette reference*

 Think outside of the typical color palette of fall, and add in a coordinating pop of color that will take your table from matchy-matchy to chic and stylish. Turquoise is a color that looks stunning with the oranges and browns of fall. A royal purple is also a fun option as well. Use your imagination on how you can incorporate pops of color on your dining room table. Maybe the napkin rings reflect a brighter color. Or your plate chargers. Tie these hues in with your centerpiece, and marry them together so it makes visual sense on your table.

Most of all, have fun and let your table centerpiece reflect your own taste and creativity!

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