2nd Baby Gifts Every Mom Will Love

Whether you are pregnant with your first or pregnant with your tenth, babies are a blessing. However, we’ve found that after your first child, people rarely gift anything to subsequent children. While most would assume that you’ve got everything you need, we find that there are still a few 2nd baby gifts that moms would really love for their second child. Here’s our list of 8 2nd baby gifts every mom needs when she has another baby. 

The Best 2nd Baby Gifts

1. Clothing

2Nd Baby Gifts Every Mom Will Love

If your second baby is the same gender as your first born, then you’ll likely be reusing much of the clothing that you already have. However, what if your children are born during different seasons? Or, you already had a girl and now you have a boy? If you bought a lot of gender-neutral stuff the first go-round, maybe that’ll work, but oftentimes, the situation has changed and clothes are still needed.

New parents, whether it’s their first time around or they’re on baby #4, always appreciate a few new pieces of clothing as 2nd baby gifts. Even better if those clothes can last more than a few weeks (note: skip the newborn sizes and don’t be afraid to buy up a few sizes). Gowns are certainly an option for those first few weeks, but when your baby becomes a little more alert and active, we love an adjustable snap onesie.

2Nd Baby Gifts Every Mom Will Love

Posheez Snap n Grow Bodysuits (made from the same folks who brought you the Miracle Blanket) are perfect for those babies that keep growing every time you feed them. Unlike many onesies on the market, these are sized in six-month increments and can actually be worn through those entire six months with simple adjustments (unlike other brands who claim 0-6 month sizing but rarely fit at either 0 or 6 months).

2Nd Baby Gifts Every Mom Will Love

The additional rows of snaps at the bottom adjust to grow with your baby. If you use cloth diapers, there’s plenty of room for that extra booty. The elastic sides move and flex to relieve pressure off tiny shoulders (or to adjust for those pudgy bellies); and the adjustable sleeves can be rolled up and snapped for the perfect length. Made with certified organic cotton, not only are these onesies incredibly cute, but they’ll get softer with every wash. Paired with matching and adjustable bottoms, your second baby will easily be able to wear one outfit for 6 months!

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2. Lovie or Security Blanket

2Nd Baby Gifts Every Mom Will Love

Many of our big kids didn’t have a security blanket (not that we didn’t try). They all seemed to prefer mama; and while that often works for your first born, we don’t always have the same amount of time, energy, or attention to offer subsequent children. Therefore, for your own sanity, try introducing your new baby to a lovie from the very beginning. 

While you have many options, we really like that the Miracleware muslin security blanket 2-pack offers two (in case one is in the wash or gets lost) comforting, soothing muslin blankets that babies and toddlers won’t leave behind. These are made of all-natural cotton muslin edged with a strip of soft satin that gets softer with each wash.

2Nd Baby Gifts Every Mom Will Love

3. Their Own Toys

2Nd Baby Gifts Every Mom Will Love

Most of us are pretty good about saving “big ticket” items (car seats, strollers, swings, etc.) in the event that we have more children, but little items often go missing or should be replaced because they’re just too gross to pass along. 

While you can buy a variety of noisy, crinkly, teething toys individually, we find that giving 2nd baby gifts such as the Playgro Playtime Gift Set that includes 10 toys with various noises and textures is really the best bang for your buck.

2Nd Baby Gifts Every Mom Will Love

If you’re like us, you saved your play gym but can’t find the toys that hang from it. This set will quickly replace those. And while you may have hung onto one set of chew keys from your previous child, we’ve found that you can never have enough. We keep a set in the car seat or diaper bag and another at home so we always have something that baby can chew on. As for the other toys, these are spread all over the house and car.

Your newest addition will never get bored because there’s always something to pull on, shake, or pinch. The vibrant colors and patterns draw baby’s attention and help encourage visual stimulation. Textured teethers help soothe baby’s sore gums. A mix of plush, satin, and woven fabrics create interest and encourage tactile development. And, crinkle sounds invite baby to reach and touch while also encouraging audio development. 

2Nd Baby Gifts Every Mom Will Love

4. Toiletries 

2Nd Baby Gifts Every Mom Will Love

On a less exciting note, 2nd baby gifts such as baby wash, diapers, wipes, and butt cream go a long way anytime a new baby is welcomed into a family. These are all items that cannot be saved or reused from previous children, but can really add up at the checkout counter. Just be sure to ask the new mom if she has any preferences towards a brand as you want to get her something that she can use.

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5. Something Personalized 

2Nd Baby Gifts Every Mom Will Love

Every baby deserves to have something that is their very own, and what better way to do that than to give them something personalized. Whether that’s a blanket, stuffed animal, or onesie, personalized items are a wonderful gift to moms having their second (or more) child.

Traditionally, monograms have been the go-to, but we are really loving the fresh new take on personalization that Hi Little One offers for 2nd baby gifts. Sister-owned, their products are not only hand-printed, but they give 10% of profits to organizations that support the treatment and research of pediatric cancers.

2Nd Baby Gifts Every Mom Will Love

We particularly love this hipster-styled “cool kids” onesie that can be personalized with your son or daughter’s name or any other saying. It’s perfect for photos or just to wear around town. Speaking of photos, if you just found out that you’re expecting, be sure to check out their “Big Sis” and “Big Bro” t-shirts. They’ve also got an incredibly fun collection of holiday-worthy tees that are worth a look.

6. Munch Mitt

2Nd Baby Gifts Every Mom Will Love

Regardless of birth order, babies are going to teethe. Most of us are quick enough to grab a few teething toys, but we find that most babies first prefer the easy access of their hands (at least until their little hands can grasp well).

Designed by a mom who wanted to provide her baby with the ability to soothe their own teething pain easily and effectively, the Munch Mitt was created as an alternative for all the babies who just wanted to play “chubby bunny” with themselves.

2Nd Baby Gifts Every Mom Will Love

Functionally, the munch mitt makes a lot more sense than other chew toys. First, it’s incredibly convenient. Worn on either hand, it’s perfect for riding in the car or tummy time. And because it’s attached, you don’t have to worry about playing ‘pick up the toy’ like you would with any other toy your baby plays with. Beyond that, the textured, flexible silicone is designed to shape and bend to baby’s mouth for gum soothing relief, and the stimulating crinkle noise, black and white polka dot pattern, and bright color contrast are all intentionally placed to address your baby’s senses in a fun way.

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7. Hush Hat

2Nd Baby Gifts Every Mom Will Love

Remember those wonderful naps you once took when your firstborn was just a baby? Well, those are pretty much nonexistent with second (and subsequent) babies. However, your new baby should ideally be getting plenty of uninterrupted sleep even if you aren’t; except getting any rest with an older sibling in the house can be a challenge.

Hush Hat is a noise-softening hat that’s perfect for silencing all the noisy things that wake sleeping babies like noisy siblings, doorbells, and phone calls. Featuring medical-grade sound-absorbing foam to filter out harsh everyday noises, the hush hat provides just the right amount of quiet for your baby (up to age 2) to sleep while still allowing them to hear and experience the world around them.

2Nd Baby Gifts Every Mom Will Love

While we are personally enjoying the hush hat around the house, it can also be great for on the go. Keep your baby calm and comfortable while eating out, at the movies, on an airplane or train, waiting in the carpool lane, strolling through the mall, enjoying your older child’s ball game, watching fireworks, jamming out at the must-see concert of the year, or hitting up the local fair. Alternatively, if your child has any sensory processing issues, the hush hat can help your baby stay calm and avoid over-stimulation.

Everyday noises can damage your baby’s sensitive hearing, including vacuum cleaners, hairdryers, loud toys, and other common noises. So, using a hush hat will not only give your baby a restful sleep, but it’ll also protect their little ears. These hats make great 2nd baby gifts not only for your child but for parents as well, allowing them to catch up on their sleep while their baby does too.


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8. Essential Oil Diffuser

When you bring your first child home, you are super vigilant about germs, hand washing, and who comes in your home or touches your baby. The last thing you want is a sick newborn. You may even stay home as much as possible for the first few weeks or months. When you have a second child, creating a germ-free zone is not even a remote possibility.

If big sister or brother is in preschool, the germs are coming home, no doubt about it. However, there is something experienced moms can do to fight off the funk, especially in cold and flu season: diffuse essential oils! You might not be comfortable with putting essential oils on your children and that is ok. We don’t blame you. However, you can still harness their power and use them to improve the overall health of your entire family. You can diffuse essential oils and everyone will benefit. It is easy to do. You just need some high-quality oils and a great diffuser.

2Nd Baby Gifts Every Mom Will Love

With that in mind, the Daisy Diffuser by Smiley Daisy is a great idea for 2nd baby gifts and a perfect addition for your nursery (and every other room in your home) to fight away the germs. Essential oils like Germ Destroyer from Plant Therapy can be diffused every day. 

In addition to being an oil diffuser, the Daisy does double duty as a humidifier, which is also helpful during dry winter months. Moist air helps relieve cough and cold symptoms and can even prevent sinus irritation, nose bleeds, and dry skin. If anyone in your family is having trouble sleeping, diffusing essential oils can help with that; and when the water in the diffuser runs out, Daisy shuts off automatically.

2Nd Baby Gifts Every Mom Will Love

Try incorporating essential oils into your new routine at home with baby number two and you will feel less anxious about germs, sleeping, and everyone’s mood in general. We wish we had known of all the benefits with our first babies!

For more 2nd baby gifts, check out Creating a Registry for Baby #2. 

2Nd Baby Gifts Every Mom Will Love

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