How To Be Green This Halloween

How To Be Green This Halloween 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Halloween can easily turn into a time of excess and waste. Be green, and safe, this Harvest season with a few of these simple changes. 

Think Healthy

Encourage your little one to trick-or-treat for UNICEF rather than collect a load of unhealthy candy. This will also cut down on the large amount of waste that comes from all those tiny candy wrappers.

Hand out organic candies or some non-candy treats like those listed here, Candy-Free Halloween. Organic candy will be free of genetically modified organisms, usually has more responsible packaging, and a smaller ecological footprint. We like these YummyEarth organic lollipops or Annie’s organic vegan fruit snacks.

Think Reusable

Invest in decorations that will stand the test of time and reuse them every year. You probably already have this routine down for other holidays so just add a box in the basement of Halloween decorations worth keeping. They will probably be much cuter than those cheap plastic pumpkins, too!

Re-purpose a container around your house to serve as a trick-or-trick bag rather than buy something from the store. Paint a pillow case to match your costume or decorate a spare basket for the occasion. Use something that will have a purpose after October 31st.

Don’t carve your pumpkins. Paint or decorate your pumpkins, like we did here. Opting for decorating rather than carving keeps the pumpkin fresh and prevents rot. Then come November 1st wash the pumpkin off and use it in your kitchen. Make a pie, roast the seeds, get creative and put the pumpkin to good use. If you do choose to carve a few, be sure to compost once it’s time for them to go.

How To Be Green This Halloween 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Rent instead of buying. Have an extravagant costume in mind for this Halloween? It is likely you won’t repeat the costume again so save the resources and your money by renting. Even cheaper, swap costumes with a friend, neighbor, or co-worker.

Donate any costumes that were purchased. Think about donating it later to a local theater troupe. This is the perfect way to start the season of thankfulness and support the arts!

Think Local

Buy locally made crafts and decorations. Instead of buying from your grocery store, pick your own pumpkins at a local patch. Locally sourced goods are better for the economy and, almost always, better for the environment.

Think Natural

Light the house with soy candles or LED light this year. Soy candles help purify the air as they burn and LED lights last much longer and use less energy.

Grow your own decorations! Plant gourdes in your garden to use as decorations.This requires some planning ahead, but there’s always next year!

What makes those scary Halloween masks even more terrifying? Most of them are made of toxic PVC. The face paint sold on most store shelves contains dangerous lead. Make your own face paint this year or buy a safe alternative. We recommend this natural face paint from Glob.

We are sure you and your little one will impress this year. Now, you can feel good about your choices while still having a scary, good time!

How To Be Green This Halloween 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

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Amanda lives in Ohio with her fiancé and one year old son. She enjoys spending her days listening to amazing music while teaching her son awesomely bad dance moves. Her hobbies change monthly, but she stays constantly focused on clean eating, being green and spending as much time outdoors as possible.