Pelican Case 1510: The Most Secure Way to Travel

Traveling with expensive gear and equipment can be extremely stressful and worrisome. Travel with the Pelican Case 1510 and you can kiss all that anxiety away! Through all the bumps and turns, you want a case that can handle it all while keeping your items secure, safe, and protected. The Pelican Case 1510 can deliver on that and then some.

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If you’re an avid traveler then you know the feeling of dread you get when you get to the baggage claim and your bags full of valuable items are nowhere to be found. Or even worse, through the journey items have been damaged. Especially when you’re traveling internationally or to specifically rugged terrains, you’ll want a case that can handle the rough world as well as you do. In your wildest dreams, you’d want to lock your belongings into a sealed fortress that was somehow traveling worthy, right? Well, Pelican has granted your dearest wish.

Carry On Approved

The Pelican Case 1510 SC Protector Studio Case will not only stand up to any adventure you put it through but it’s wonderfully sized to fit within airline regulations. How many cases can add that to their resume? That means your days of checking baggage are over! Conveniently allow your gear to stay without arms reach throughout your entire trip.

This genius feature allows you to set your mind at ease knowing your gear is right there with you the whole way. No more worrying about your bag being thrown haphazardly into a baggage claim or accidentally being rerouted elsewhere. Anything and everything you put in there will be completely and totally secure. Small enough to stow in the overhead bins and strong enough to handle a little turbulence, Pelican Case 1510 can easily travel with you. With a solid wall of crushproof, waterproof, and dustproof protection, you’re essentially placing your belongings in a vault. Solid and secure are the exact descriptive words you want to hear when traveling with your gear.

Watertight Features

Traveling to the tropics and worried about humidity? Backpacking through waterfalls in Oregon? The Pelican Case 1510 has your back. With features like watertight compartments, rolling capabilities, and durable, locking latches, you can travel the world without biting your nails about your gear’s vulnerability. Throw it in a lake, splash it with a hose to clean it off, you could even take it with you on your boat, kayak, or canoe! Not a single drop will penetrate the Pelican Case 1510. Leather goods, film, electronics, and other moisture-sensitive items will be guarded like a temple.

Enabled with an automatic pressure equalization value, the Pelican Case 1510 brilliantly balances interior pressure and keeps water out. Add in the specialized O-ring seal and what you get is a solid, watertight case that your gear will thank you for in the years to come. Your cell phone will think it’s a knight in shining armor.

Customizable Storage

Pelican Case 1510: The Most Secure Way To Travel

Are you one of those adventurists who had to pack that extra sweater just to ensure your belongings stayed in place? Well, you’re going to be excited about the Pelican Case 1510‘s customizable storage options. Mix, match, and move to create the best fit for any kind of oblong or wonky sized items you need to take along with you. No need to be stuck with it forever either. Foam dividers are cut once and permantly stays in that shape. The Pelican Case 1510‘s padded storage utilizes velcro padding so you can arrange and rearrange as many times as you’d like. Switching up gear for a new adventure was never so easy.

Easy Mobility

Pelican Case 1510: The Most Secure Way To Travel
Pelican Case 1510: The Most Secure Way To Travel

We’re not naive. We know your gear is substantial in the weight department. No one wants to lug around a tank if it has no wheels. Again, Pelican Case 1510 to the rescue! Not one but three ways to carry it, your muscles will thank you in the long run. A sturdy handle to carry it vertically, another to hold it horizontally, and our favorite way, pull out the retractable extension bar to make your carry-on and an effortless rolling suitcase.

Wheeling this bad boy alongside you with ease is sure to make a statement and even better, sure to mark an improvement on your traveling bones. This feature is obviously one of our favorites because it easily allows you to work smarter, not harder, all while on the go.

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Sleeves, Pockets and More

In our current day and age, there are just certain necessities we need when we travel. Laptops, notebooks, chargers, etc. are always so tricky to pack while keeping them protected. The Pelican Case 1510 understands you, adventure traveler. We know the pain of tangled cords and lost SD cards. Let the Pelican Case 1510 wash all that away.

Cleverly lined with a padded pocket perfect for your travel computer and adjoining zipper pouches for chargers, batteries, etc. makes getting to your things and packing them away simple and easy. Grabbing your tablet during the flight or ensuring your smaller items don’t get lost in the shuffle will be a total breeze.

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While padlocks are definitely an option for the Pelican Case 1510, these security latches are pretty hefty on their own. Clamping down with immense force and strength, your items will instantly be sealed away from the world’s toughest elements. All it takes is two clicks, one for each latch and boom. Unshakeable, reliable protection. You and your gear will marvel at how easy it is to secure them.

Increase security and protection for your gear while you travel with the Pelican Case 1510 SC! With the Pelican Case 1510 you will absolutely get the best durability and safe handling that money can buy. Easy to move, easy to fit, and easy to secure, the Pelican Case 1510 SC Protector Studio Case is the only choice for gear on the go. If you’re looking for an adventure buddy just as tough as you, the choice is clear. The Pelican Case 1510 will outlive us all.

Pelican Case 1510
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Pelican Case 1510: The Most Secure Way To Travel



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