25 Brilliant Items Dog Moms Will Love

Dog Moms have a special kind of heart. These animal-loving ladies genuinely deserve all the fanfare and adoration. The way they shower their pets with affection and care is one for the books. If you want to celebrate the amazing Dog Moms in your life, we have a list of the most brilliant items they will be sure to love!

Rechargeable LED Leash

Dog Moms

If you know Dog Moms you know they will take their pups out for walks at any time, day or night. Come rain, come shine, if their pet wants a walk they grab their shoes and head out. This amazing leash is not only reflective but also lights up to ensure you’re safe and seen on the roads or paths at night. Genius, wouldn’t you say?

Dog Mom Sweater

25 Items Every Dog Mom Will Love

The dog mom in your life no doubt is immensely proud of her status. Let her show it off in style! This warm and fashionable sweatshirt will keep her toasty while boldly proclaiming her everlasting love for her fur babies.

Water Fountain

25 Items Every Dog Mom Will Love

With all the things Dog Moms do, let’s try to take one off her list! With this water fountain she’ll won’t have to check the water bowl several times a day. Instead, a flowing stream of fresh water will be readily available to her furry friend any time they need it!

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Bone Dry Towel

25 Items Every Dog Mom Will Love

Never underestimate the power of a good, quality towel. These Bone Dry towels are so incredibly soft and cozy! Not only are they comfortable and snuggle worthy but they are able to hold moisture more efficiently so your dog is drier and warmer faster!

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No Rinse Pet Wash

25 Items Every Dog Mom Will Love

Is her pet in between baths but needs a little refresh? This No-Rinse Pet Wash spray is every Dog Moms dream come true. With wonderful scent like Lavender and Oatmeal, she can spruce up her favorite four legged friend without having to fill up the tub or risk their coats being overwashed. This Dog Moms gift is truly a useful thing to have.

Portable Vacuum Cleaner

25 Items Every Dog Mom Will Love

Moms are known to be chauffeurs to their kids for years on end. Dog Moms are no different. Their dogs go with them whenever they can, leaving a bit of a mess behind. This portable vacuum makes clean up easy, fast and convenient. Give dog moms the gift of clean with this super useful tool.

Bark Potty

25 Items Every Dog Mom Will Love

Not all Dog Moms have easy access to the outdoors when their pups need a trip to the restroom. For all our wonderful Dog Moms who live on higher floors in their building the Bark Potty is just the thing they need!Bark Potty gives her dog a place to “go,” in a hurry in a natural way that absorbs odor and can be reused up to 30 days! Natural and odor free? All the Dog Moms will LOVE this.


25 Items Every Dog Mom Will Love

As much as Dog Moms love their fur babies, the fur itself is probably not something they want to stick around. This sublime broom is made to pick up fur from carpets, couches, you name it! Simply “rake,” up the fur and make clean up a snap! Dog Moms everywhere will rejoice at the fact that they can wear black again without worry their pets fur will be all over it.

Pet Hair Dryer

25 Items Every Dog Mom Will Love

Our dogs are special aren’t they? Standard hair dryer are often too hot for regular dogs and can be dangerous for them. This affordable pet dryer allows her to comfortably dry her dog without worrying about accidentally burning them with a dryer with too high of heat.

Waterproof Bed Cover

25 Items Every Dog Mom Will Love

Who is ready for some doggy snuggles? Dog Moms definitely love the cuddles and often times, their beds reflect that. Keep her bed clean and cozy with this waterproof bed cover! With the proper protection, her bed will be able to handle all the doggie cuddles without wearing out.

UV Backlight Flashlight

25 Items Every Dog Mom Will Love

Accidents happen. Sometimes they happen when we aren’t around to notice. A gift all Dog Moms can appreciate is this handy UV flashlight. With a simple shine she’ll be able to quickly locate any messes without getting on her hands and knees or including her sense of smell into the investigation. An easy locate, clean and enjoy sounds like the perfect way to solve the issue to us.

Paw Cleaner

25 Items Every Dog Mom Will Love

Walking or hiking with our pups can often cause a bit of dirt to happen. That’s part of the fun, right? What’s not fun is that dirt getting tracked all throughout the house, the car, the couch, etc. Gifting Dog Moms this genius paw cleanerwill not only keep her house dirt free but will also keep the dogs comfortable and happy.

Pet Booster Seat

25 Items Every Dog Mom Will Love

Does her pup like to travel with her? Dogs aren’t people (obviously) so they don’t fit into our seats as well as we do. Enlist the help of this accommodating pet booster seat to give them a smoother ride without all the sliding when turns or stops are made.

Yeti Non-Slip Bowl

25 Items Every Dog Mom Will Love

As much as they love to snuggle their pups it’s no secret they can make a mess. Especially when they eat. Dog moms with the Yeti Non-Slip Bowl know that even the most aggressive, excited eaters will be contained with this gadget.

Pet Camera

25 Items Every Dog Mom Will Love

While it’s true, we’ve been in our homes more than ever before, we can be there all the time. Let Dog Moms keep an eye on their fur babies while she’s picking up groceries with this practical pet camera! Fast to set up and easy to use, she’ll be able to make sure the dogs at home are safe and not getting into the garbage can.

Dog Moms Keychain

25 Items Every Dog Mom Will Love

All Dog Moms need a little bling, don’t you think? This adorable keychain and dog tag set lets her show off her title in subtle style. Compact and an item she takes with her all the time is a perfect way to say, “Thank You,” to all our favorite Dog Moms.

Pet Tag

25 Items Every Dog Mom Will Love

Does your favorite animal lover have a sense of humor? This dog tag is the ideal addition to any dog collar. Not only is it helpful (the back has her information on it) but it is also hilariously accurate and true when in use.

Dog Lover’s Sock Set

25 Items Every Dog Mom Will Love

Every once in awhile our Dog Moms need to kick up their feet and relax a bit. This sweet set of socks keep her warm and comically tells everyone exactly what’s preventing her from standing up and getting you a drink.

Shampoo Brush

25 Items Every Dog Mom Will Love

Dog fur can be tricky to infiltrate when washing. Get you favorite Dog Moms this nifty tool that allows her to give her pup a good scrub down with minimal effort! A luxurious but effective bath time for her sweet dog is a gift for both parties.

Treat Tosser

25 Items Every Dog Mom Will Love

Now this is what we call the ultimate Dog Moms gift. This camera not only lets you see what your dog is up to but gives you the opportunity to reward them when they are behaving well–even when you’re not around! Giving your dog a treat at the touch of a button? Now that is super dog mom status.

Paw Print Frame

25 Items Every Dog Mom Will Love

Pets are just as much a part of the family as anyone else, aren’t they? Why not show her you understand by gifting her this beautiful paw print frame set? Let her favorite dog adorn her home and leave their mark (literally) in a stylish way.

Bottle Bottom

25 Items Every Dog Mom Will Love

For all our Dog Moms on the go, this gadget is a no brainer. Simply add the silicone bottom to the end of your favorite water bottle and you can easily share a drink with your dog without wasting water. Endless walks and hikes are a possibility without lugging around extra bulky gear with Bottle Bottoms!


25 Items Every Dog Mom Will Love

Dog Moms love their pets but that doesn’t mean they love what comes out of them. Dooloop geniusly gave us a product that store used waste bags effectively and most importantly, out of our hands, purses, etc. It can hold multiple filled bags and is easily attached to any leash in a snap!

Clip-on Collar Light

25 Items Every Dog Mom Will Love

This beneficial item is so useful and easy, all Dog Moms should have it! Clip this carabiner light onto your dogs collar or on your keychain to make but you and Rufus easy to spot! A must-have to Dog Moms who love to hike, camp or take sunset walks.

Tuff Mitt Bag Holder

25 Items Every Dog Mom Will Love

Dog Moms don’t need a million trinkets hanging from their leash. Help her out but gifting her this durable Tuff Mutt waste bag holder! Not only does it have enough room for waste bags but is big enough to hold her keys as well. Attach to her pups leash on both ends and she won’t have to deal with the hassle of yet another contraption swinging back and forth at her wrist.

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Practical, fun and stylish are all possible with these perfect gifts for the special Dog Moms in your life. Be sure and treat her with one or more of these items to give her an extra boost and brighten her day! You’ll not only have a happy Dog Mom but a happy doggy as well.

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Dog Moms Will Love These 25 Brilliant Items



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