4 Tail-Wagging Tips for Epic Puppy Parties to Celebrate New Canine Family Members

Puppy Parties, like baby showers, but for your new four-legged furry family member rather than the new human family member make a great way to celebrate. From gift registries to paw-some decorations a puppy shower is a terrific way to introduce your fur baby to family and friends. If you have a photograph of your puppy from when you visited the breeder, you can have the Puppy Shower before you bring your canine friend home. If you are rescuing a dog from an animal shelter, you may want to wait until your pup acclimates to your home and family before hosting Puppy Parties to celebrate his adoption.

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Puppy Parties, like traditional baby showers, are a way for friends and family members to shower their loved ones with gifts, and welcome the new family members into the home. For some, Puppy Parties simply are an excuse for a party with Scooby Snacks and specialty drinks named after dogs. For first-time dog owners or those who consider themselves fur mamas – Puppy Parties are where it’s at! Simply find the best time for you and your new pup to wag your tail together. Birthday parties for your canine family members have become the norm for many families, but Puppy Parties or Puppy Showers are relatively new (similar to when Gender Reveal Parties first become trendy).

Enjoy Dog-Themed Treats, and Dog Themed Drinks at Puppy Parties

Once the doggy decorations are in place, it’s time for dog-themed treats for your friends and family. You can keep your treats extremely simple by cutting just about everything with a dog bones-shaped cookie cutter: dog bone-shaped cheese and meats for the charcuterie board, dog bone-shaped homemade sugar cookies, and dog bone-shaped finger sandwiches. Of course, you should stack the dog bone-shaped finger sandwiches in a ceramic dog bowl to everyone’s delight.

Creative desserts can serve as a centerpiece for the party, as well as set the theme. The Dachshund Cookie Cupcakes by Amanda from Crafts by Amanda are adorable and simple to make. Mix up your favorite cupcakes and then walk through the step-by-step tutorial from Amanda to transform a Nutter Butter cookie into cute dachshund cupcakes. Even if you are not a cake artist, you can make the Fluffy Puppy Cake by ChefClub Food N Fun. You make your favorite cake in two round cake pans and follow the easy instructions to create the cute puppy cake.

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Cute signs on your buffet table make mealtime at Puppy Parties an event, even if the food is not shaped like puppies and dog bones. You can serve “Pup-Peroni Pizza” (pepperoni pizza), “Paw-sta Salad (pasta salad using bone-shaped noodles), or “Pups in a Blanket”  (pigs in a blanket). You get the idea – get your creativity barking!

Be sure to include dog-inspired cocktails at your Puppy Parties. The traditional Greyhound (vodka and grapefruit juice) or the Salty Chihuahua (the perfect mixture of tequila, grapefruit juice, and rimming salt) make terrific signature drinks for your Puppy Party. Sidewalk Dog offers loads of paw-some drink ideas to try. Dog Tipper also offers numerous dog-themed cocktail recipes like the Devil Dog Cocktail, the Fuzzy Dog, or the Bichon Frise Cocktail.

Puppy Parties Must be Decorated with a Dog-Tastic Theme

From Fire Hydrant Cup Cake display holders to Dog Bone and Paw Print bamboo charcuterie boards, your decorations for your Puppy Parties will be dog-tastic! Be sure to include a Paw Balloon Arch, complete with dog bone balloons and foil paw print balloons. The “Let’s Pawty” Paw Balloon Arch will make the perfect place for party photos. You can find plenty of dog-themed photo booth props that your guests will enjoy, too. Embrace the dog’s life. You can even use dog bowls for serving dishes!

Puppy Games and Party Favors

A Puppy Shower, like a traditional Baby Shower, can be extra fun with party games. You can play Doggy Bingo, smash a Puppy Piñata filled with treats, or have a Barking Contest. You could play guess the weight of the puppy, too! Be sure to have your guests leave notes of advice on how to be a good Dog Mom. You will be surprised at the pearls of wisdom you will receive.

Be sure to fill “Doggy Bags” with party favors for your guests. For dog moms in attendance, you literally can gift doggy poop bags, dog treats, and a chew toy for their furry friends at home. For friends and family without canine family members, you can give dog-themed gifts like tiny dog stuffed animals, key chains, or paw-print cups. Another idea is a donation to your local animal shelter in your guest’s name.

Create a Gift-Registry for Your Puppy Shower

Go ahead, especially if this is your first dog or a brand new puppy, and create a Gift Registry for your Puppy Shower. Your friends and family may bark and howl a bit, but they will enjoy showering you and your new family member with the collar, leash, chew toys, and doggie bed that you researched and picked out for your new canine friend. Register at your favorite local pet store or on Amazon.


You will want to register for everything from poop bags to cute outfits for your furry friend. Of course, not everyone will be on board with a Puppy Shower, invite your fellow Dog Moms, and close family and friends who will be part of your dog’s life to start socializing your pooch. You can host Puppy Parties for an older adopted dog, too.

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Dogs are the most popular pet in the United States with 65.1 million households owning a dog. Dog owners spend an average of $730 a year on their dogs, according to Forbes Advisor. So chances are you have lots of dog lovers in your family and friend circle who will enjoy and understand the joy and purpose of a Puppy Shower!

Puppy Parties will have everyone’s tails wagging as the music picks up the beat to celebrate your new canine friend. Puppy Parties or Puppy Showers are the perfect reason to have a get-together to introduce your adorable, new furry friend to family and friends. Dogtastic-themed food, drinks, and decorations will keep the mood light and fun. Children especially enjoy a Puppy Shower as they embrace the new responsibilities that come with the new family member.

Photo Credits: Pexels, Unsplash, and Pixabay, Forbes Advisor.

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