The hunt for the perfect diaper bag is a hard one. Every woman wants something extremely functional with still attractive. JJ Cole diaper bags will give you the functionality you need in a diaper bag without looking like a diaper bag. Moms don’t want to carry a bag that screams, “Hey! I’ve got some spit-up covered clothes and nursing pads in here. Cute, huh?” Instead they want a bag that could also pass as a purse if you weren’t toting around a precious baby with you. That diaper bag is hard to find, but we have found one that is everything you are looking for, the JJ Cole Satchel Bag.

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JJ Cole Diaper Bags Features

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JJ Cole diaper bags include shoulder straps that are constructed of a thick, durable patent leather. You will not find the straps slipping off of your shoulder, which is a problem with many bags. But, it doesn’t stop there. The JJ Cole Satchel diaper bag also comes with an easy to use, attachable shoulder strap, that allows your favorite shoulder bag to convert into a cross-body for a truly hands-free outing. This additional strap is padded, making it a great feature for long-term wear at outings like the zoo or park.


Non-toxic Diaper Bags: Jj Cole

These JJ Cole diaper bags have so many strategically placed pockets, that everything has a perfect place. The inside is a large open compartment with four elastic pouches to keep everything organized, but in sight. These pockets are great to keep items like bottles, diapers, wipes, and extra clothes separated from each other and easily accessible. This compartment is a bright green material, making the inside of the bag bright, so even the tiniest toy is easy to spot. This bag holds so much gear, without ever getting cluttered, Mary Poppins would be jealous.

The exterior pockets are where this JJ Cole bag shines. There are two small zippered pockets on the front of the bag, perfect for storing mommy essentials like their cell phone, keys, and wallet. Each side has an easy access insulated compartment which is designed for your baby’s bottle, but is appropriately suited for storing much more. Then, both the front and the back side of the bag have two extremely deep, easily accessible pockets. This is where you can store personal items and would never know they were there. These four pockets are by far a favorite feature of the bag because they make keeping everything in order on a busy day incredibly simple.

3Other Accessories

Non-toxic Diaper Bags: Jj Cole
  • Stroller attachments. These hooks are very user friendly, quickly attaching the to stroller. But, more importantly it is so quick to take your bag on and off of the stroller.
  • An oval changing pad. We love oval changing pads because they take up much less space when folded up in the bag. This particular pad is the same bright color as the interior of the bag and a breeze to wipe down.
  • Value. This is a very stylish and functional diaper bag and is sure to last a long time without breaking the bank. That is something to be appreciated!
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The bottom line is, women want to maintain their personal style while still keeping all of the items they need for their baby close by. A diaper bag that resembles a purse instead of a traditional looking diaper bag is what many women are opting for these days.

JJ Cole Satchel Diaper Bag
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