Unwrap Joy: 21 Magical Grandparent Gifts for a Merry Christmas

As the holiday season approaches, finding the perfect gift for your beloved Grandparents can be challenging. Grandparents have always been there for us, from spoiling us with treats to sharing their wisdom and experiences. So, why not make this Christmas extra special for them with the perfect Grandparent gifts? When it comes to the best gifts, it’s all about showing them how much we appreciate and love them.

Whether it’s a sentimental keepsake, a cozy blanket, or a heartfelt message, the perfect gift can convey our gratitude for their unwavering love and support. This holiday season, let’s take the time to say “thank you” to our Grandparents for all the joy and memories they have brought into our lives. With these gift ideas, you can make this Christmas one that your Grandparents will cherish forever.

Thoughtful Grandparent Gifts


Picture it: gorgeous adventure scenes with crisp, cool air and hikes among tall trees with the crunch of leaves under your feet. What would make adventuring even more fun? A way to bring your furry friend along with you! The Ready-For-Adventure Pet Backpack lets you tote your furry little guy or girl (up to 25 pounds) anywhere you please. Peppa is a 22-pound French Bulldog, for reference.

For work-from-home pet parents who need a change of scenery, this backpack has a discrete laptop sleeve with two zippered openings so you can keep work and playtime at the top of your priority list. Combined with the roomy exterior pocket (perfect size for a fetch-sized toy, by the way), storing away all the essentials has never been more convenient. Now, you can bring your favorite work-from-home coworker (who sometimes barks during video calls) to the park while you finish some emails. Better yet, these backpacks are great Grandparent gifts for those retired folks who want to take Lassie with them wherever they go.

If you’re setting out for a longer adventure, you can trust you’ll be comfortable with the padded back panel and adjustable shoulder and chest straps, making comfort a top priority. Roverlund didn’t forget about your pet, either. With three zippered ventilation openings, your pup can enjoy some fresh air from the top of the bag or either of the sides. If you’re worried about possible escapes, don’t fret. There are interior leash clips you can attach to a harness or collar for added security. For hydration for both of you, be sure to stow away an extra bottle of water in both fitted side pockets.

Are you traveling by plane? Don’t fret. These backpacks are thoughtful Grandparent gifts because they are airline-compliant for in-cabin travel, making no distance too far for globe-trotting Grandparents and their pets. The structured body of the backpack makes it durable, so you don’t have to worry about the sides collapsing in.

When the adventure is over, cleaning your backpack is no big deal. Since Roverlund knows accidents sometimes happen, they included a water-resistant lining that makes post-travel wipedowns a breeze. Plus, the soft fleece coverings can be washed and hung to dry if needed. Then, you’re ready for another trip!

A cute backpack adventurin’ dog needs cute travel accessories to match! The Leader-of-the-Pack Walking Kit has everything you need to get your pup out and about on your next adventure. Complete with Roverlund’s signature collar and leash and a convenient doggie doo bag, this durable set is made to last you through your most rugged travels.


We love the attention-to-detail Roverlund put into this trio. Your pup will not only be fashionable with this magenta-colored set, but the stainless steel leash clip also provides them with added security. The included dog poop bag is reflective for added visibility, and also comes with a carabiner making it easy to attach and detach. Plus, like the leash and collar, it’s made with marine and mountaineering-grade fabrics for lasting quality.

Ready-For-Adventure Pet Backpack | Leader-of-the-Pack Walking Kit
Roverlund | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

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Look fabulous for every occasion – even at night! Dagsmejan has the best sleepwear around for men and women!

Dagsmejan’s Balance Sleep Long Sleeve Night Dress is a luxurious nightgown designed to elevate your sleep through elegant design that showcases the ultimate combination of relaxation and sophistication. Whether you’re seeking a good night’s rest or simply want to elevate your loungewear game, this exquisite night dress promises unparalleled comfort and effortless chic.

Imagine slipping into a soft, breathable fabric that adapts to your body’s temperature, keeping you cozy without feeling overheated or clammy. That’s what you can expect with this soft, breathable fabric! The seamless construction ensures a smooth, irritation-free fit that moves with you as you sleep, while the graceful silhouette exudes timeless elegance.

This amazing night dress comes in a variety of shades and sizes, and it’s sustainably made. That’s a win for you and the planet!

Night Dress Long Sleeve
Dagsmejan | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


Put an end to those frantic searches for your essentials. The Tile Mate Essentials 4-pack and Pro 2-pack are the perfect accessories—your secret weapons for conquering daily chaos with finesse.

Are you tired of the morning scramble to find your keys, wallet, or that sneaky remote? The Tile Mate Essentials 4-packs are here to save the day and are thoughtful Grandparent gifts for those who need extra help keeping track of their essentials. With these sleek Bluetooth trackers, you’ll never have to play hide-and-seek with your belongings again. Attach them to your must-haves, use the user-friendly app, and voilà—track and locate your items in seconds.

When the stakes are higher, and you need the ultimate tracking power, the Tile Pro 2-pack steps up. These bad boys offer enhanced range and volume, ensuring your essentials never go incognito again. Tile has the savvy solutions to conquer the chaos, one tracked item at a time.

Mate Essentials 4-Pack | Pro 2-Pack
Tile | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


Are you tired of the same old mundane coffee makers that just don’t deliver the perfect cup of joe? The Vinci RDT 12-Cup Coffee Maker is here to revolutionize your morning routine! Imagine waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee that’s not only rich and flavorful but also brewed with precision and excellence. This advanced coffee maker from Vinci is designed to elevate your coffee experience and turn it into a daily ritual of indulgence and satisfaction.

The Vinci RDT 12-Cup Coffee Maker isn’t just any ordinary appliance. With its sleek design, intuitive controls, and cutting-edge technology, this coffee maker brings sophistication and convenience to your countertop. When you purchase this appliance, you get to enjoy a full 12-cup carafe, a rotary dispersion sprayhead, a permanent gold mesh filter basket, and controls such as a timer, auto-off, etc.

Whether you’re hosting a brunch for friends or simply savoring a quiet moment alone with your favorite blend, this machine promises to deliver perfection in every cup. Say goodbye to bland, lackluster coffee – the Vinci RDT 12-Cup Coffee Maker is about to redefine your relationship with that morning pick-me-up!

Vinci RDT Spinning Sprayhead Coffee Maker
Vinci | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Styled Settings

A luxe knife set that not only does the job, it also looks great on the table and on the counter! This gold knife set with a black block sets the standard for luxury kitchen items that stand out in the kitchen. For the person on your list who loves to cook, this built-to-last knife set will not only make their day, but it will also make an impression in their kitchen. The beautiful 14-piece set comes with a large chef’s kitchen knife, carving knife, bread knife, utility knife, paring knife, santoku knife, 6 gold steak knives, and a pair of kitchen shears all with a built-in sharpener for ease of use.

Gold Knife Set with Black Block
Styled Settings | Facebook | Instagram


Up your work-from-home game with the Lume Cube Edge LED Desk Lamp that will transform how you see and are seen. This adjustable and dimmable lamp will enhance the quality of your videos and business calls. Whether your children need it for homework or you need it for work, this light can help increase your productivity and produce quality work on and off-camera. The lamps also make wonderful Grandparent gifts because they can really light up their workspace, making it easier to do many tasks at their desk.

The Lume Cube’s innovative edge-lit LED light reduces strain on your eyes while sufficiently lighting up your office. Take control by easily adjusting the brightness from 1-100% and color from warm to cool, and effortlessly maneuver your desk lighting to fit your workspace with the five pivot points in the swing arm. The desk light includes a 7” head, a 29” rotating arm, and a sturdy clamp to stabilize it wherever you are.

Lume Cube Edge LED Desk Lamp
Lume Cube | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Honeydew Sleep Company

All grandparents really only want one thing – sleep! Give the gift of rest with the Classic Essence Pillow from Honeydew Sleep!

This innovative pillow is not just any ordinary cushion – it’s designed to provide unparalleled comfort, support, and luxury that will revolutionize the way you experience bedtime. This pillow mimics the feeling of sinking into a cloud of softness, allowing every muscle in your body to relax as if by magic. It’s all thanks to the special gel fill; it’s soft like down but without the allergens!

The Classic Essence Pillow features a unique blend of premium materials and thoughtful design. Whether you’re a back sleeper seeking optimal spinal alignment or a side sleeper craving plush support for your neck and shoulders, this versatile pillow is engineered to cater to all sleeping preferences.

Seriously, sleep is the best gift you can give. Hop on over to Honeydew Sleep COmpany’s website and shop for all your tired loved ones. Trust us, they will thank you.

Classic Essence Pillow
Honeydew Sleep Company | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | TikTok


Everyone loves the classic mystery game CLUE! Working as a detective to find the culprit before your peers – it’s so much fun! Now, you can enjoy CLUE with a few twists.

CLUE: Friends combines all the best of the original game with the humor of the fan-favorite ’90s show Friends. Play as Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, and Ross to discover everyone’s secrets. We know you want to play this game!

For fans of The Office, CLUE has a version for you, too! Choose to play as one of the employees of Dunder Mifflin and find out who killed Toby. Perhaps it was Dwight with the Dundee trophy in the warehouse? You have to play to find out!

Hasbro has all your favorite board games; once again, they have produced real winners! These are great Grandparent gifts as they will remember the games from childhood! Order your favorite versions of CLUE today!

Ten games for the price of one? What could be better than that? With Tapple 10, the minute you start to get bored, you can change up the game to one of ten different options!

Tapple 10 by USAopoly is here to challenge your brain! This captivating word game adds a touch of speed and excitement to your typical guessing game, making it perfect for parties or family gatherings. Prepare yourself for a whirlwind of words as you speedily tap into that quick-thinking part of your brain. Truly addictive in nature, this game will have you engrossed from start to finish as you race against the ticking clock to find creative solutions within limited time constraints. Word games make great Grandparent gifts because they love the mental challenge!

If you thought your love for puzzles and word games couldn’t get any stronger, think again. With Tapple, you have hours of exciting play ahead of you!

CLUE: Friends | CLUE: The Office | Tapple 10
USAOPOLY | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | Youtube

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The Solstice Sunglasses with readers let you enjoy a good book on a sunny beach when traveling this winter. The 2-in-1 sunglasses and readers come as flattering soft square frames with an eclectic pattern so you look good while blocking the 99.9 percent UVA/UVB rays with their UV400 Protection. The lightweight frames boast spring hinges and a dual anti-scratch coating. You can get the Solstice Sunglasses as “no correction lenses,” and then they are also polarized to reduce glare.

The fun part about reading glasses and blue light-blocking glasses is that you can change your style depending on your outfit or mood. For those who do not need reading glasses, Peepers trendy styles can come without correction, such as sunglasses or blue-light-blockers to prevent eye strain. The contemporary Creekside oversized round readers let you read your favorite book on your tablet or work on your laptop in style. They come in Cobalt Tortoise, Green Camo, and Tokyo Tortoise. Peepers are designed for everyone and are the perfect Grandparent gifts. You can even do a “virtual try-on” at the Peepers website, so you pick the right style for you.

The Traveler features a rectangular shape, a defined bridge, and a metallic dipped front. Of course, style is essential when picking readers. You do not want to make yourself look older with outdated readers. But the best part about all Peepers is the technology built into the stylish glasses, making it easier to read on your phone, the computer, a tablet, or an actual book!

The Peepers Blue Light Focus™ Lenses filter more than 40 percent of high-energy visible blue light. The 7-layer anti-reflective coating enhances contrast and reduces reflections, making these glasses the perfect Grandparent gifts. And the polycarbonate aspheric lenses make the readers very comfortable since they are so lightweight. Each pair comes with spring hinges and a carrying case, too!

Solstice Reading Sunglasses | Creekside | Traveler
Peepers | Facebook | Instagram


Enjoy a classic game night with the beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright Wood Domino Set from Galison. The 28 double-sided wood dominoes boast the famous architect’s creative patterns and designs. The dominoes feature full-color printing on both sides. The Frank Lloyd Wright Wood Dominos make a terrific coffee table decoration but are even more fun to play for all ages in the family. These domino sets make the perfect Grandparent gifts to remind them of their childhood.

The Liberty Glastonbury 11 by 14 Paint by Number Kit lets the creativity of a budding artist begin to flow. The pant-by-number kit features one of Liberty London’s iconic patterns on a canvas board, 12 acrylic paints, a wooden easel, three paintbrushes, and a color guide. Liberty London is known for its eclectic floral and graphic prints. The Liberty Glastonbury 11 by 14 Paint by Number Kits make thoughtful Grandparent gifts to inspire their creativity or the perfect time for you to enjoy some mindful artwork yourself.

Often, the best gift is a beautiful, practical gift. The Liberty Margaret Annie Weekly Notepad is a weekly calendar at a glance. The calendar, which also can serve as a convenient mousepad, features a print of hand-drawn perennials by bestselling artist Margaret Annie. The Liberty Margaret Anniew Weekly Notepad boasts 52 sheets, one for each week of the year, so that you can keep activities, meetings, and plans organized.   

Frank Lloyd Wright Wood Domino Set | Liberty Glastonbury 11 x 14 Paint By Number Kit | Liberty Margaret Annie Weekly Notepad
Galison | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


Surprise that special someone in your life with the perfect Christmas gift: the Mele & Co. Brynn jewelry box from JTV. With its stunning walnut wood grain finish and intricate Florentine style inlay motif, this jewelry box exudes a tasteful elegance that will impress the lady in your life. These jewelry boxes are also the perfect Grandparent gifts to keep their precious items well organized. Its compact size gives it more storage than you might think, with ring rolls, two open area sections, and a drawer. But it’s not just the exterior that makes this jewelry box a superb storage solution.

This box is refined and elegant with its ivory suede lining and silver-tone drawer pull. It has a full interior mirror and Mele & Co. logo plate inside, giving it a high-quality look that will be cherished for years. So, if you want to provide a beautiful and practical gift, you must get the Mele & Co. Brynn jewelry box this Christmas. Its sleek design and high-quality craftsmanship make it the perfect gift that’s sure to become a treasured heirloom for many years to come.

Wooden Jewelry Box Brynn in Walnut Finish
JTV | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

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Stay warm this winter with a new, innovative item that can be used in multiple ways. The Sunbeam On-The-Go Cordless Heated Throw beats those winter chills and allows you to snuggle up in cozy warmth while moving freely around your home. This 50″ x 60″ portable throw can be used as a blanket or as a cape with convenient push-button snaps and hand pockets. A rechargeable battery pack powers the battery-operated throw and can be fully charged in as quickly as 2.5 hours.

This throw features four heat settings for your ideal warm comfort level: warm, low, medium, and high, and can heat for up to 4 hours on the lowest setting. This multi-functional throw has a beautiful modern camouflage pattern and an embedded one-touch control with LED indicator lights. These heated throws are the hottest Grandparent gifts to keep them cozy all winter long. Or you can indulge yourself with the rich and comfortable microplush material to keep you warm as you unwind or are on the go at home.

On-the-go Cordless Heated Throw
Sunbeam | Facebook | Instagram

Manta Sleep

The Manta Nap Arc by Manta Sleep is the perfect solution for anyone who needs a quick power nap while working at the office, traveling, or studying for tests at the library. With its ergonomic design and easy adjustability, this napping essential offers optimal support for your head and neck so you can wake up feeling refreshed and recharged. And best of all, you can take it anywhere you go! These devices are the perfect Grandparent gifts, especially for Grandpa who will love the ability to sleep comfortably anywhere.

This Christmas, give yourself or a loved one the gift of self-care with the Manta Nap Arc. No matter where you are, this power nap pillow is perfect for a quick, easy nap whenever you need it. Its ultra-soft, stable structure and intelligent arc design ensure that you waste zero time finding the proper position for your much-needed nap. And with its premium, high-quality materials and reversible cover, you can always switch to the cool side of the pillow. So go ahead and treat yourself this holiday season and experience the comfort and TLC you deserve with the Manta Nap Arc.

Manta NAP Arc
Manta Sleep| Facebook | Instagram | TikTok

Masaya Co.


In a world where it seems like everything is made cheaply, Masaya Co. is an exemplary exception. Every design available is handmade from renewably sourced solid wood materials. Plus, behind every piece is a mission you’ll love – reforestation. In Central America, Masaya Co. has planted over 1.2 million trees to date on over 1200 acres of once-deforested land. By supporting their mission, you contribute to the cause.

From chopping fresh fruit to making a cheese platter, Masaya Co.’s Mango Rectangular Cutting Board is an elevated kitchen essential you’ll use time and time again. Made of 100% solid, sustainably sourced hardwood, these boards make the perfect housewarming gifts, hosting gifts, Grandparent gifts, or for your friends who love to have company. With this exquisite cutting board, you might want to display it as an appetizer tray or as a vessel to serve up charcuterie for your get-together.

Mango Rectangular Cutting Board
Masaya Company | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Plants for Pet Parents

Plants for Pet Parents specializes in non-toxic plants for dogs and cats. Pet parents who love house plants will love the Mystery Air Plant Box of unique air plant varieties. Air plants are great for creative plant parents. They can be attached to other plants, crystals, or placed in decorative planters. The mystery box is a fun gift because the air plants range in size from 3 to 9 inches, and come in a wide range of shapes, colors, and textures. You can gift or share Mystery Air Plant Boxes with 5, 10, 20, or even 40 plants! These plants make great Grandparent gifts for those with a green thumb.

Couple the Mystery Air Plant Box with the handmade Black Amethyst Geode Planter. It is perfect for an air plant or a succulent. The Black Amethyst Geode Planter is handcrafted by Aura 8 Art Boutique with beautiful natural, purple crystals and concrete. Each one is a unique one-of-a-kind home accent. Amethyst is a stone of transformation, healing, and cleansing.

The 2.2 by 1.8-inch planter can be used as a candle holder or jewelry holder, too. Plants for Pet People offers a variety of planters in partnership with Aura 8 Art Boutique made with fluorite, pyrite, and quartz, as well as amethyst.

Mystery Air Plant Box 10-Pack | Black Amethyst Geode Planter, Air Plant Holder Succulent Pot
Plants for Pet People | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Show your loved ones how much you value them and what they mean to you this holiday season with a thoughtful gift, the Emotional Support Coaster Set by Kaleidadope. This set includes four unique coasters that resemble pages torn out of a notebook with a supportive message – “I’m here for you.” 

These coasters provide practical protection for tables and desks and emotional comfort with their reassuring message. These coasters are made of white acrylic with screen-printed text and non-slip silicone pads. They measure 4.25 inches by 3.8 inches and are 0.2 inches thick. The one-of-a-kind set comes in a custom drawer box, making it a perfect and meaningful gift for anyone in your life who could use some extra support this holiday season. The coasters are very thoughtful Grandparent gifts, especially for those who may be living on their own, and are a unique and clever way to show your appreciation for those you care about. They are also durable, long-lasting, and easy to clean.

Emotional Support Coaster Set
Kaleidadope | Facebook | Instagram

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Tribest is a luxe small appliance brand that will change how you prep and cook your meals. The Shine Kitchen Co. Electric Spiralizer transforms whole vegetables into thin, spiraled veggie noodles. Create fresh, plant-based noodles in seconds from produce! With this innovative kitchen device, you can easily create spirals from 4 unique blade attachments, including thin, light noodles to thick, ribbon-styled vegetable garnishes.

The specially designed ridges on the produce holder ensure that even the softest produce stays in place while the spiralizer creates the perfect texture of noodles. The durable motor base does the work of powering through your produce with precision, quickly, and efficiently. Grandparent gifts don’t get tastier or more practical than this! The attachments are angel hair, spaghetti, fettuccine, and ribbon.

Shine Kitchen Co. Electric Spiralizer
Tribest | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


Are you stuck on what to get your friend who has everything or your favorite coworker or what to give for Grandparent gifts? Look no further than Sugarwish, which allows you to select what you want to send and what size, and the receiver selects exactly what they want! From sweets to wine and libations to dog treats, flowers, and more, there is something for everyone! The best part is shipping is included, and you don’t have to fret if they will like it because they select precisely what they want!

Sugarwish Gift
Sugarwish | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter

Mongolian Gallery

Socks for Christmas are a good idea, not just because they are essential items, but because they can be a luxury item with Mongolian Gallery. These cashmere and wool socks will keep your feet dry, warm, and happy! For kiddos, the warm wool socks are not only cute in either a deer or Rudolph cuff, but they are 100% sheep wool to keep toes cozy this winter. For the adult, these cashmere and wool long socks are perfect under pants or with leggings tucked in with boots for a winter look. The socks are the ideal Grandparent gifts to keep their feet warm all winter.

Warm Wool Socks For Kids | Cashmere and Wool Long Socks
Mongolian Gallery | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


The Surebonder Ultimate Creators Kit Hot Glue Gun is the ultimate tool for craft enthusiasts and DIY lovers. The kit includes the innovative Surebonder Mini Hot Glue Gun along with tons of clear and colored hot glue sticks.

Let’s talk about the hot glue gun. With its cordless design, you can unleash your creativity without being limited by the length of an attached cord. Whether you’re working on intricate details or larger projects, this glue gun offers precision and flexibility like never before. This is all because of the special detail tip, which allows for exact application of hot glue in even the smallest areas. No more worrying about messy gluing or ruining delicate materials – with this tool, you can achieve professional-looking results every time. Plus, with its rapid heating technology, you won’t have to wait long to start working on your next masterpiece.

The variety of glue sticks is great, too! You will likely need the standard clear sticks, but the color sticks allow you to try new projects and think outside the box. The glue will work on all types of materials, like fabric, jewelry, color, and glitter – there is no end in sight to what you can create!

Truly, the Surebonder Ultimate Creators Kit provides an unmatched level of convenience, precision, and versatility for anyone passionate about crafting or DIY projects. With this kit, you’ll have the freedom to let your creative imagination run wild!

Ultimate Creators Kit
Surebonder | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | LinkedIn

Korie Herold

Unwrap Joy: 21 Magical Grandparent Gifts For A Merry Christmas 37 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

The elegant set of Recipe Cards by author Korie Herold makes an excellent stocking stuffer. Preserve favorite family recipes from your Mom, Aunt, Sister, Uncle, and yourself for future generations. The 4 x 6-inch recipe cards come in five signature designs on sturdy cardstock. The cards provide space for prep time, serving size, ingredients, and instructions for each dish, making it simple to record a family favorite recipe. Couple the cards with Herold’s beautiful recipe journal, “Around Our Table,” to complete this gift for the chef in your family.

Recipe Cards
Korie Herold | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Finding the perfect Grandparent gifts this Christmas is about showing your love and appreciation for those special people in your life. With these gift ideas, you can express how much your Grandparents mean to you and create memories that will last a lifetime. It’s not just about the gift itself, but the sentiment behind it. Take the time to choose something that truly reflects your love and gratitude, and your Grandparents are sure to be touched by your thoughtfulness. This holiday season, let’s make sure our Grandparents know how much they are loved and appreciated. 

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