19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas PJ’s & Christmas Decor Ideas for Celebrating the Season At Home

Christmas decor ideas are always fun and exciting to explore as you begin to plan your decorations for the season. Whether you are one who decorates for Christmas the day after Halloween, decorates the tree together on Thanksgiving, or waits until December to turn your home into tinsel town, we have something for everyone to inspire and delight you this holiday season! From artificial trees to ornaments perfect for gifting, Christmas decorations can be everything from classy to sassy and give you just the look you are striving for in your space. So, kick back, grab a cup of hot cocoa, and check out our favorite Christmas decor ideas for your home or office this year, perfect for spreading good cheer!

Grandin Road

19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

Whether you are one of those people who start counting down to Christmas in July or those who don’t decorate for the holiday until after Thanksgiving, Grandin Road is your one-stop Christmas Shop for all of the Christmas decor ideas you need. With both indoor and outdoor decor ranging from whimsical to rustic, Grandin Road has the most fabulous Holiday decor collection you will find this year. From trendy wreaths to Santa’s Boots, Christmas Villages to the finest Nutcracker decor, no matter your seasonal style there is sure to be something everyone will love. Turn your home into the winter wonderland you’ve always dreamed of this season with Grandin Road.

19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

The jolly old elf himself isn’t only for little ones, although if you still have young children at home they will love the Christmas classics from Grandin Road. Our favorite Christmas decor ideas from Grandin Road this Christmas include the Jolly Santa Wreath and the Illuminated Santa Boots. Handcrafted, the Jolly Santa Wreath is an exclusive designer wreath with Santa’s Jolly face in the shape of a crescent moon. The cheerfully detailed wreath is crafted from resin and handpainted for a beautiful, original look to add to your Christmas decor ideas. With his 3d spectacles and dangling, bell-capped hat, this extraordinarily detailed Santa will keep watch over your home and your little ones all season long. Jolly and bright, the Jolly Santa Wreath is crafted in classic colors perfect for adding to any Christmas decor ideas.

If you love traditional Christmas decor ideas then the Illuminated Santa Boots are another must-have this season. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use, these bright red, translucent boots glow with 50 pure white LEDs incorporated into their design. Sculpted of high-quality polyresin/plastic mold construction, these boots are water-resistant and each feature their own plug for easy setup and positioning.

With sculpted faux fur tops, and painted, realistic-looking straps, these boots are perfect for displaying on your porch or under your tree. Fill with faux candy canes, floral decor, or pine cone stems for a cute and classic Christmas look. Over 2 feet long, the set of 6 sparkling Pinecone Stems is perfect for filling Santa’s big shoes. With wired stems for styling, these lightly glittered stems accentuate any holiday decor for a natural and rustic look.

19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

Whether you want to feature the classic Christmas colors of reds, greens, and gold, prefer a more modern look of black and white with gold accents, or look forward to the cheerful holiday decor featuring all the bold and bright jewel-toned hues you can find, the Gold Standing Deer and Christmas decor ideas.

Crafted of 100% resin with a gleaming gold finish, the Gold Standing Deer and

Finally, decorate your mantle, tabletop, and more with the Gold Pedastal Stands and Designer Presents. We simply love gold accents this season, especially with the greens and reds of Christmas, and the Gold Pedastal Stands from Grandin Road are a fabulous selection for all seasons. Crafted of durable polyresin with a gold powder coat finish, these stands are ideal for displaying everything from designer presents to candles to floral arrangements year round. When combined with the handpainted, polyresin presents your Christmas mantle will pop this season bringing you a classic and elegant holiday style.

19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

Add to that the Turn your home into the winter wonderland you’ve always dreamed of this season with Grandin Road.

Jolly Santa Wreath | Illuminated Santa Boots | Pinecone Stems | Gold Standing Deer | Gold Pedastal Stands | Designer Presents | Grandin Road | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

There’s something so magical about the Christmas season, with its crisp breezes and crunchy steps, there just seems to be an essence of revitalization that’s unmistakably alluring, and it’s reflected in our Christmas decor ideas. It only makes sense that, when it comes to holiday decorations, we turn to the oldest family name for Christmas trees and Christmas decor ideas in America: Puleo.

19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

Greet your holiday guests with a gorgeous holiday wreath. This 24″ Mixed Christmas Wreath with 120 Tips, Green is full and lush, celebrating the beauty of the holidays without the mess that can often accompany traditional wreaths. Made from flame-retardant and non-allergenic materials, you and your entire family can enjoy a peaceful season without the worry of twinkling lights becoming a problem. Place it on your front door for an exceptional entrance to the holiday dinner, or choose an interior spot, this perfectly-sized wreath weighs only 3 pounds but it certainly adds the dazzle of the season.

19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

Bring the joy of your hometown’s Main Street to your door with the 7 Foot Pre-Lit Christmas Lamp Post with Decorated Garland. Your home will certainly be dressed in holiday style with this gorgeous lamp post. 50 LED lights accompany the seasonal berries, pinecones, and sweet decorative base so even in the southernmost states, it’ll feel like the north pole wherever you decide to place this lamp, either inside or out.

19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

Finally, make Rudolph do a double-take with the Decorative Set of 3 Deer with Warm White LED Lights. This pre-lit show stopper features a family of three deer dressed in their holiday best. These whimsical deer can add Christmas character to your home or your lawn because of their sturdy construction, but weighing only 17 pounds total, they can easily be moved wherever you want to enjoy your family of deer.

Puleo knows that family is the most important thing about the Christmas season, and they encourage this togetherness by creating such magical decorations to add to your holiday environment. This holiday season, deck the halls with Puleo.

Decorative Set of 3 Deer with Warm White LED Lights | 7 Foot Pre-Lit Christmas Lamp Post with Decorated Garland | 24″ Mixed Christmas Wreath with 120 Tips, Green
Puleo | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

Capture the festive spirit of the holidays and upgrade your home’s Christmas decor ideas with an artfully designed artificial Christmas tree from Treetopia. Offering “Quick Set” lighting and a convenient foot pedal, the Addison Spruce is one of Treetopia’s most realistic looking trees. As such, it’s not only a breeze to decorate and store, but it also makes your house instantly feel like a home for Christmas.

19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

At 7 feet tall, the Addison Spruce with clear LED lights is a lush, slim profile tree densely packed with needles making it one of Treetopia’s most realistic trees. The elegantly narrow shape takes up less floor space without compromising that real-tree look, making it perfect for small spaces and corners.

Crafted with 66% PE tips for realism, hinged branches for easy setup, and flame-retardant construction, your only worry this year will be getting the rest of your décor just right.

19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

One of the best parts about the Addison is that it uses Quick Set lighting technology. Once you take the Addison out of the box, just connect each of the three pieces together and the light strings automatically connect through the tree trunk. No additional plugs are required – not even when you connect pieces 1 to 2.

19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

While this tree does come with a color-matched tree stand, we find that the Addison looks best with a tree cuff to cover the additional cord. This allows just the foot pedal to sit outside of the tree for an easy on and off. The way the tree cuff fits the tree really accentuates that real-tree look.

19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

Do your kids like to help decorate (or should we ask if you allow them to help)? The Addison is the perfect size for any elves you may have in the house as it’s small enough for their little arms but big enough to hold all the magic that a Christmas tree brings.

19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

And at night, the Addison is truly a standout. With 500 clear LED lights, this tree will certainly sparkle throughout your home.

Addison Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

Treetopia | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


“You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch…” rings through our heads every Christmas season as the lights go up and the stockings are hung. A favorite of families everywhere, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas has become a holiday classic in its own right. This year, for your Grinch-obsessed loved ones, pick up the perfectly curated Jeanna’s 2021 Mean Green Christmas Box from Sullivan’s Home Decor! This gorgeous compilation of ornaments will complement any home holiday decor or start new families out right on their holiday home collection. Beautiful glass ornaments in rich hues of red and green bring the traditional Christmas colors to the forefront of your decor scheme. Featuring 3 unique ornament styles in varied size balls this starter box is the perfect way to bring the holiday season to your home!

19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

Alternatively, if you are looking for Christmas gifts that will last all year, make sure to check out Sullivan’s collection of Woodstock windchimes. From your grandparents to your spouse, your friend who loves to garden to the new homeowners on your list, Woodstock’s beautifully crafted wind chimes make a fabulous and unique gift that will last a lifetime. Choose from a variety of wind chimes, small to extra large, bells, gongs and more, and even choose the sounds your loved ones will most enjoy. Give them the gift of song this season with a Woodstock windchime this season.

Jeanna’s 2021 Mean Green Christmas Box | Gregorian Chimes – Baritone
Sullivan’s | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

Viridian Bay

19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

Looking for inspired design and enduring craftsmanship that will last through the holiday season and beyond? Head over to Viridian Bay!

This charming, hand-cast aluminum Snowshoes Bunny Sculpture is guaranteed to make your holiday home decor merry and bright! How can you resist this little guy’s sweet expression, oversized snowshoes, and shimmery gold scarf soaring behind him in the cool winter breeze? Simple, you can’t! Whether you place him as a greeter at your front door or underneath the Christmas tree, your Snowshoes Bunny Sculpture is sure to capture hearts and smiles this season!

19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

If you’re seeking home decor with plenty of personality and a little more year-round appeal, be sure to check out other areas of the Viridian Bay site while you’re there. There’s truly something for everyone!

Take this Sandpipers Lantern, for instance. It makes a wonderful gift for your favorite beach-loving friend or family member. You can just imagine these cute little critters chattering and skittering along the incoming waves at the shoreline, can’t you? Hand cast in aluminum and iron, and covered in a coastal-inspired white-washed zinc and bronze finish, the Sandpipers Lantern features three hanging glass votive holders. Add your favorite scented candles and enjoy this beauty day or night!  

Snowshoes Bunny Sculpture | Sandpipers Lantern
Viridian Bay | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Chasing Paper

Christmas decorations for kids are hard to find. This year instead of worrying about your littles touching the tree get them a Christmas tree or Menorah of their very own from Chasing Paper. Beautiful, high-quality durable paper decorations with reusable adhesive, these decorations are perfect for adorning the sliding glass doors, windows, or walls right at your child’s level. Allow them to decorate and redecorate to their heart’s desire without worry this holiday season. Don’t leave all the gorgeous Christmas decor to the adults, include the kids, and start teaching them traditions now. Designed in the subtle and muted colors of the season, Chasing Paper’s holiday decorations are not loud or gaudy as so many children’s decorations are. They will fit seamlessly into your decor and look great while also bringing your little ones the joy of the season.

Christmas Tree Decal | Menorah Decal
Chasing Paper | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

The Holidays are a time to capture memories and reflect on the past year. Traditions like sending out holiday cards and taking family photos are brought to life through the various Holiday Photo Gifts from Mpix. Mpix is a photo lab that does way more than print out your pictures. They are committed to creating handmade photo keepsakes to showcase those special moments in life you happen to capture and want to continue to cherish as a part of your Christmas decor ideas.

The Holiday Photo Gifts are endless. From holiday cards and wall art to Christmas ornaments and calendars, you can customize a variety of items to keep for your family or give as gifts. Each gift is handcrafted in the lab in 1-2 days using the highest quality materials and thoughtful care to deliver a top line of personalized items. Mpix makes holiday shopping not only stress-free but heartfelt as you present one-of-a-kind gifts that will be adored throughout the years.

More gift options include:

  • photo books
  • photo mugs
  • personalized blankets
  • prints
  • framed prints
  • modern metals
  • gallary wraps
  • collage displays
  • wood prints
  • acrylic prints
  • photo coasters
  • statuettes
  • magnets

Holiday Photo Gifts
Mpix | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Rookie Humans

19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

There’s no better way to get your children in the holiday spirit than waking up each morning in a holiday-themed bed. The Snowy Day Duvet Set from Rookie Humans will be the focal point of your kid’s bedroom as Christmas comes to life through this adorable bedding set. Showcasing all the fun of a snowy day, this duvet depicts traditional winter activities such as sledding, building a snowman, ice skating, and making snow angels in the powdery-white snow. Some furry friends come along as well to join in on the fun like a cuddly polar bear, reindeer, a snow bunnies making it an integral addition to your Christmas decor ideas.

19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

Rookie Humans creates one-of-a-kind cheerful designs that make children actually enjoy getting in their bed and cuddling up to the super-soft and plush fabrics. Making the bed is easy and keeping the bed looking good is a breeze with the envelope-style pillowcases and the zippered duvet with corner ties that keep the comforter in place. The fade-resistant colors keep this set looking bright and vibrant after each wash, keeping this a staple in your children’s room through the holidays year after year. The Snowy Day Duvet Set is available in Queen and Twin sizes and includes the duvet and matching pillowcases.

Snowy Day Duvet Set
Rookie Humans | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Old World Christmas

19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

Old World Christmas has been creating beautiful, mouth-blown fine glass Christmas ornaments since the late 1970s. With a collection of over 1,400 ornaments to choose from in vintage, traditional, and whimsical styles, there won’t be an ornament you can’t find to fit your Christmas decor ideas.

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Ornaments like the Campfire Ornament and Pontoon Boat Ornament are perfect additions to the Christmas tree, especially for families that love the outdoors and enjoy activities like camping and boating. You will be able to look at these ornaments hanging on your tree and they will bring you back to a specific time or occasion and signify special memories making them fabulous Christmas decor ideas this year.

In addition to Christmas ornaments, Old World Christmas also designs vintage-style nightlights. The Santa in Sleigh Light shows Santa riding in his sleigh loaded with toys to begin delivering to children across the world. Made with blown glass, this light was then hand-painted and glittered for a truly artistic piece. The glow of Santa at night gives a warm, cozy vibe to any room and quickly gets you in the holiday spirit.

19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

Memorialize this year’s trending moments with dazzling ornaments such as Virtual Friends, Santa Popper, and the Snowman with a Face Mask. Each figurative glass ornament is hand crafted in age-old tradition using the same techniques that originated in the 1800’s.

Molten glass is mouth-blown into finely carved molds made exclusively for Old World Christmas before a hot solution of liquid silver is poured inside. The ornaments are then hand-painted and glittered in a series of labor-intensive steps to achieve the beautiful creations. Whether you choose something traditional or something ironic, these ornaments are sure to delight you all season long.

19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

Alternatively, if you love wooden gingerbread styled ornaments, check out Santa’s Workshop. This tiny gingerbread cottage crafted to look like Santa’s workshop has a small hole on its underside designed to borrow a standard bulb from your tree to light up the cottage. Upon lighting your cottage, you will immediately discover the first of many secrets, the beautifully crafted scene inside. The date is just the beginning. Can you find the others? How many snowflakes do you see? Such a fun ornament or gift for your Christmas decor ideas or holiday gifting!

Santa in Sleigh Light | Campfire Ornament | Pontoon Boat Ornament | Virtual Friends | Santa Popper | Snowman with a Face Mask | Santa’s Workshop

Old World Christmas | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Little Navy

19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

Start the holiday season off right with matching holiday pajamas from Little Navy for the whole family – including the dog and Elf on the Shelf! Available in a variety of fun holiday-themed prints including “Hot Chocolate,” “Hit the Slope – Penguins,” and “Polar Bears,” each pair is printed and handmade in Little Navy’s super soft buttery brushed poly (92% polyester 8% Spandex) making them the only pair of pajamas your family will want to wear through the holiday season (and beyond).

These pajamas are meant to be snug fitting with a stretchy fit for safety and comfort, so size up if you like your pajamas to fit a little looser (we always find it’s easier to order larger and take in the waist so your child can wear them for a couple of years). More importantly, make sure that you personalize them with your child’s name!

19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

You can also order a pair of matching pajamas for the family pet or your Elf on the Shelf! That’s right, the elf will be making home visits before you know it and we think it would be incredibly cute to welcome him or her back to your house with matching Little Navy Pyjamas!!! 

19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

Finally, don’t forget Little Navy’s EXCLUSIVE Marshmallow Squishy Plush that goes perfectly with the Hot Chocolate pajamas! These adorable little plush pillows are so incredibly soft and squishy you won’t be able to stop cuddling them. Available in two sizes, each Marshmallow is handmade with Little Navy’s NEW SQUISHY SOFT micro plush and perfectly stuffed with hypoallergenic polyfill for maximum snuggles. We highly recommend both sizes, especially if you have an Elf on the Shelf visiting.

Make sure you get your order in before November 25th for holiday delivery!

Holiday ’21 Personalized Pyjamas | Holiday ’21 Elf Pyjamas | Holiday ’21 – Marshmallow Squishy Plush

Little Navy | Facebook | Instagram 

Lark Adventurewear

19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

What greater joy is there than to welcome the holidays with matching sustainable clothing from Lark Adventure? The cutest loungewear for the family should keep your toddlers cool and dry while mom and dad are happy that they are snuggled in the highest quality clothes to keep up the activities of an active infant or toddler.

Lark Adventurewear is a great gift for the family who appreciates environmentally-friendly, and sensitive-skin approved clothing like the Adult Unisex Pajama Set: Holiday Limited Edition. The temperature regulating Softek™ is incredibly soft, breathable, and get this… stain resistant – exactly what parents needs! These limited edition holiday sleepwear sets are festive, fun, and totally Instagram approved!

For the kiddos, you’re going to want to grab a few different patterns of the 2-Piece Pajama Set: Limited Holiday Collection. The sizes range from 3 months to size XXL means that everyone in the family can get a matching set for the holidays.

Start making some memories this Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, or simply just because you want to see your babes in the same temperature regulating Softek™ fabric that they’ll never want to take off! The 2-Piece Pajama Set: Limited Holiday Collection comes in the holiday spirits of Crimson, Reindeer Games, Holiday Trees, and Winter Wonderland – now it’s just a matter of which ones to choose.

This holiday, Lark Adventure is here to decorate your family in the most colorful, soft, and sustainable way possible. All of their clothing is functionally designed with convenient snaps, reverse zippers to make changing time a whole lot easier, and those pockets… the pockets and delightful prints make getting dressed for bedtime the best time of the day!

Adult Unisex Pajama Set: Holiday Limited Edition | 2-Piece Pajama Set: Limited Holiday Collection
Lark Adventurewear | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

K. Hall Studio

19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

Part of getting in the holiday spirit is making your home smell like Christmas. When buying a real tree isn’t an option (or you just don’t want to spend the holidays sweeping up tree needles), K. Hall Studio can help you set the tone for a festive season making it one of our favorite Christmas decor ideas.

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One of the best ways to get that vibe is with the Barr Co. Holiday Diffuser Kit. Reminiscent of spending the holidays with family and friends, sipping hot cider and curling up by the warm fireplace, this diffuser set is festively scented with cinnamon, apple cider and clove using only the highest quality essential oils and fragrance. If you like those same flavors, but prefer a candle, then you’ll love the Holiday Glass Tumbler Candle. This 20 oz candle is hand-poured with 100% natural soy and vegetable wax blend, and will burn for up to 120 hours. Finally, their Holiday Room Spray is the perfect way to fill any space with Barr Co’s favorite signature, high quality fragrance and transform your home with elegance and sophistication just in time for your upcoming holiday gathering. Your guests will feel as though they just stepped into a Hallmark Christmas movie.

Holiday Diffuser Kit | Holiday Glass Tumbler Candle | Holiday Room Spray
K. Hall Studio | Facebook | Instagram 

Honest Baby Clothing

19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

Christmas is right around the corner and it is time to cozy up next to a fire and tell stories near the Christmas tree. Whether you want matching sets for family photos are just because it’s just so darn cute, Honest Baby Clothing has festive holiday matching sets that are perfect for gifting or…as we said, just because!

Wrap your little ones (and yourselves or a whole family) in pajamas that are sustainable, incredibly adorable, and well-suited for all-day wear this holiday season. The 2-Piece Organic Cotton Holiday Pajama is made from 100% organic cotton. These super cute pajamas are available in many different colors for a wide range of fun, holiday-themed nights. 

Or, try out the Nordic Holiday 2-Piece holiday pajamas which are super soft for a night of sleep for the whole family -not too hot, not too cold. The deep blue of the pajamas is only rivaled by the fun designs of houses, trees, and little snowmen. If you prefer a simpler style, the Twinkle Star Red 2-Piece holiday pajama set is just perfect. All across the bright red of these pajamas are beautiful, bright white stars. The grey cuffs accent the red and white perfectly for a set of comfy pajamas that compliment the holiday season. 

The Holiday Matching Family Pajamas are made with 100% organic cotton and range from newborn to men’s XXL. Do not worry, there are also pajamas for your fur baby too! Everyone can now be a part of the family photo in comfortable, organic pajamas for the perfect holiday card family photo! 

The matching family pajamas are available in six different festive, holiday-themed patterns. The Falling Snowflakes are a beautiful array of white and blue with dark grey cuffs. These 100% organic cotton pajamas are elegant, warm, and soft enough to feel like clouds. Wrap every member, even your fur baby, in a holiday-themed pajama set and get those Christmas cards sent out. 

2-Piece Organic Cotton Holiday Pajama | Nordic Holiday | Holiday Matching Family PajamasFalling Snowflakes  
Honest Baby Clothing | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Holiday Haul Box

19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

Holiday Haul Box is the easiest way to not only get Christmas decor ideas but also learn some unique and trendy ways to display those decorations in your home. This subscription box service is geared exclusively towards the holidays of the year. Choose between a specific holiday or sign up to receive all 7 major holidays.

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The Christmas Box is the perfect package to add new pieces to your Christmas decor ideas collection. Each box includes 6-9 beautiful, boutique-quality decor items such as pillows, buntings, decorative signs, garlands, tableware, serving pieces, treats, linens, florals, and more. Keep for yourself or give as a gift to get friends and family in the holiday spirit!

Christmas Box
Holiday Haul Box | Facebook | Instagram| Pinterest


19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

Doing your part to protect the environment is now possible around the holidays. Rapt is a sustainable solution to wrapping presents by creating reusable cloth gift wrap that can be used year after year. Rapt starter sets are a bundle of gift wrap, ribbons, and gift tags that don’t require scissors, tape, or paper. Each set includes a variety of different-sized fabric sheets that can be tied around your gift box to showcase uniquely wrapped presents.

The Holiday Starter Set is the perfect kit to use for gift-giving this holiday season. And although these pieces are holiday colors, they aren’t thematic and are able to be used year-round for other occasions. The Holiday set includes:

  • 2 11.5” square smalls
  • 2 19” square mediums
  • 2 27” square large sheets
  • 1 39” square XL sheet
  • 6 matching Rapt unique accents
  • 2 yards of luxe ribbon
  • 7 paper gift tags

Holiday Starter Set
Rapt | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

Just in time for the holidays, JuJuBe has designed JuJuBe Jams for the entire family! Available in two adorable prints, these festive pajamas will make for the cutest family photos to celebrate the holidays. The West Coast Fair Isle print is a coastal take on a holiday design. Substitute pine trees for palm trees and you have this unique print that transports you to a sunny day at the beach for Christmas. Scattered amongst the print you’ll find the cutest gnomes, mushrooms, and snowflakes making this an unexpected twist on a traditional fair isle.

The MommyJams and DaddyJams let the parents in on the festive fun, showcasing the one-of-a-kind design. The KidJams is a matching top and bottom set while the ToddlerJams is a solid bottom with the printed long sleeve top. These family pajama sets are the perfect outfits to wear on Christmas Day as you enjoy opening presents and lounging during family time.

MommyJams | KidJams | ToddlerJams
JuJuBe | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Instacake Cards

19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

Sometimes, your day just calls for a celebration. We don’t think we’re biased when we suggest that, whether it’s a big or a small one, every celebration should be capped off with a cake and a candle. Help the ones you love to celebrate wins of every size with Instacake Cards! This unique gifting idea puts the all the sweetness we love about life into a pocket-sized package.

This season, always be prepared to give your friends some love with a Box Of 4 Cake Kits. These one-of-a-kind kits are created in peanut-free facilities from the highest quality ingredients including Madagascar Vanilla and real butter and eggs. Every card includes a pop-up baking case (no mess!), cake mix, mixing spoon, a water measurement tool, rainbow sprinkles, a celebratory topper, frosting, and a candle. All you have to bring is a delicious reason to celebrate.

19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

Some day soon, we all will be together. Until then, send some sweets through the mail! Send a Holiday Card straight from your computer. A vanilla cake with candy cane sprinkles will arrive in their mailbox and their celebration can commence with the click of a button. Simply choose the recipient and include a message, and your cake is on its way.

Box Of 4 Cake Kits | Holiday Card
Instacake Cards | Facebook | Instagram


19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

While you’re shopping for family and friends this holiday season, don’t forget to purchase a few gifts to thank all the people who may have supported your family during the year, including your kids’ teachers, coworkers, small businesses, clients, etc. Without these people, your year might not have been quite the same. As such, you want gifts that are memorable, but also something that they’ll actually want to use. Vistaprint has you covered!

While Vistaprint can certainly meet all your business needs throughout the year, we love their creative assortment of gift giving ideas that allow for all the customization you could want. For the family, give the gift of a photobook or canvas; and for your favorite coworker, a personalized coffee mug. We’ve even found that their array of holiday greeting cards are perfect for reconnecting with friends and sending words of encouragement.

Gift Ideas
Vistaprint | Facebook | Instagram | TwitterPinterest

Watermelon Apparel

19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home

The holiday spirit can be subtle and cute with something as simple as an oversized sweatshirt from Watermelon Apparel. The Santa Baby Sweatshirt is a red and green crewneck that looks great with leggings, sweatpants, and jeans. Made from super-soft material, this sweatshirt is perfect for layering and will keep you warm and cozy as you celebrate the holiday season. This limited-edition holiday print will be a staple in your Christmas wardrobe for years to come.

Santa Baby Sweatshirt
Watermelon Apparel | Instagram

Now that you are inspired to decorate for Christmas put the kids in those cute Christmas PJ’s perfect for photo ops, turn on some Christmas tunes, and spend time as a family as you trim the tree! While moms everywhere may spend the next month cleaning up pine needles, straightening ornaments, and trying to keep the cat from climbing the Christmas tree the memories we make during this season of joy are truly priceless and those that will in fact last a lifetime…Happy Holidays!

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19 Cozy, Comfy Christmas Pj’S & Christmas Decor Ideas For Celebrating The Season At Home



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